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Avatar m tn I just scheduled an EGD and colonoscopy for next week, the EGD for persistent nausea and the colonoscopy because of family history (I'm 54 and 14 years overdue) plus bleeding issues. My issue is that I need to have these exams done without sedation because of a previous bad experience with Versed in a dental procedure; the memory loss and nasty amnesia left me unwilling to undergo sedation again for any reason (I know that there are other agents, but I just can't do sedation).
Avatar n tn I am having and EGD/Colonoscopy on Tuesday at 1PM. I am to begin tomorrow the clear fluids. I started my period yesterday. Will they still continue with this testing or reschedule?
Avatar n tn I have to do EGD and colonoscopy, But I have seen several doctors in ut, all they only use sedation for my colonoscope and EGD. Anybody know a GI doc in UT supports colonoscopy sedation-free?
Avatar n tn I have recently had both an EGD and a Colonoscopy. They were a piece of cake. The EGD was done in an emergency setting, so I was already in a heightened state of anxiety. The relaxation medication and sedation medication did their jobs. I came "back" just a little bit before they had the scope out of my mouth, but it was not traumatic. Truly, the traumatic part is the "going in" part, not the coming out part. I was WAY gone for the going in part.
Avatar f tn Since July 2017 I have been having the following symptom: hemorrhoids, passing excessive mucus alone and also in my stool, blood shot eyes, ongoing abdominal pain, tired, diagnosed with an ulcer, Barrett's esophagus, hemangioma, and fatty liver. I have had a colonoscopy and EGD. Colonoscopy was fine. EDG diagnosed ulcer and Barrett's esophagus. Gall bladder HIDA scan was okay. Took Omeprazole for 90 days which I finished this week.
Avatar n tn hi, i just had a colonoscopy done and everything came back fine. now i had an egd procedure. throat came back good with them taking a biopsy to rule out eosinophilic esophagitis. found erythematous mucosa with no bleeding in gastric antrum. it said gastric mucosal abnormality characterized by erythema. what all does this mean?
Avatar f tn I've had both an EGD an colonoscopy done while unconscious, it was done with propofol via IV. I was knocked out and never knew a thing until it was over. Given that they discovered I had a twisted colon during the colonoscopy, I'm glad I was out cold for it. My GI doc prefers to do the procedures using propofol, the stuff wears off quick afterward, so you don't have a long recovery from sedation.
Avatar f tn Blood pressure and heart rate are normal. I have an upcoming EGD and Colonoscopy as well as a possible gallbladder surgery in December. I am concerned about feeling this way for so long and taking propofol for these procedures. My symptoms are so bad that I have been in bed for 6 weeks because the symptoms are overbearing. Would anyone be willing to share their experiences?
Avatar n tn I have had bloody diarrhea, nausea, and abdominal pain. My GI doc says I have an unknown of colitis, it has been slowly getting worse, then he said I was lactose intolerant, and then he said I was gluten intolerant. So fair nothing has worked. I have had a colonoscopy, EGD, 2 CT's, a small bowel series, and sonograms done along with blood work and he still has found nothing. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with me.
1391695 tn?1298139789 Hey all, I had a great find with the GI here, we are a small desert community, and the GP and GI here, both just stellar, lucky for a small town, so I am happy about that. He smiled and hugged me, didn't ask a lot of questions, just took alot of time with me and listened and answered my questions and said I would be a magnificent candidate for tx. He said he would see me through this. He is doing an EGD and Colonoscopy next week, and then we are going to tx. I guess I'll start in Sept.
Avatar f tn I had an upper endoscopy and colonoscopy last Monday (9/14). Colonoscopy was normal and endoscopy showed rings; biopsy showed eosinophilic esophagitis. Both procedures went smoothly and I felt okay the same day. However, after the medications wore off I started having throat pain. It hurt to swallow solid foods, so I stuck to liquids. Here I am almost two weeks later and my throat still REALLY fact, it seems worse.
Avatar m tn i recently had a post and was suggested a colonoscopy and egd i had many symptoms like dizzyness losing weight tired ext. also had inner hemorrhoid and fisure surgery,and inner hemorrhoids came back in less than a month. so i had them today and egd showed bad gerd which had caused corrsion and holes and called it perful something.and colonoscopy showed inner hemorrhoids.and yellow stains?but said it was ok.
Avatar f tn Have they done a colonoscopy or EGD on her, she could have something like Chrohn's or Diverticulitis or a polyp that is bothering her.
Avatar f tn I just had a colonoscopy and EGD with nothing; the colonoscopy was a total breeze and I don;t kow why anyone would want sedation for that. The EGD wasn't quite as easy; some gagging, but nothing major. If you have a doc whom you can trust; either exam is easy unsedated. If you go to a doc who runs an assembly line gastro clinic, find a better doc. Sedation isn't needed if you have a good doc.
Avatar m tn Persistent upper abdominal pain. EGD,HIDA,Colonoscopy,Gastric emptying, CT with contrast of entire torso including pelvic girdle all normal. Hurts when I eat anything.. Scared to eat. Have dropped 24 pounds in 6 months eosinophils High, neutrophils low. low MCV Antacids don't help. Sporadic diarrhea.. All watery. Abdominal exhaustion after bowel movements..Tried non gluten, non dairy diets.. Please help!
Avatar f tn Colonoscopy is normal, EGD shows the Peptic Duodenopathy and Intraepithelial Lymphocytosis Internist referred us to Pediatric Gastro, Dr Z. 10/23 We see Dr Z, who orders test for C Diff and H Pylori, gives my daughter 2 week PrevPac to take at home (Prevacid, Biaxin and Amoxcicillian) 11/13/08: My daughter was admitted to the hospital, due to uncontrollable abdominal pain. Running low grade temps @ night with headaches and nausea. (2 Lortab 5's at home every 6 hrs were not helping.
Avatar f tn Hello, I'm 30 yr. old female with no prior medical history.I'm hoping to find some possible answers to my medical problems I've been living with for almost a year. About a year ago I developed symptoms of LUQ discomfort and mild pain which was steadily progressing..
Avatar f tn Had my EGD today. Thank god it's over! Everything is normal. Whew!
1387175 tn?1326400997 Colonoscopy is much easier! Keep some vaseline on your bottom or it will get sore from going so much. Let me know what you find out. You'll be asleep before they even begin. Take care.
Avatar f tn Hi I have some burning and pain in my upper stomach I had a EGD and Colonoscopy four days ago and I thought I was just irritated but the pain is getting worse My dr. told me to try Maalox and it helps a little bit but my stomach is very sore after I eat. He's two hours away and he said if the pain gets worse to go see my dr. What would cause this I dont think he perforated me because I'm not passing any blood. but the pain is making me sweat once the Maalox wears off.
Avatar n tn i have had several tests including an EGD, ultrasound of the gallbladder, pancreas, liver, and spleen, an upper GI without contrast, an H. Pylori test, and a CT scan...everything has come out normal. My specialist removed my gallbladder in the hopes that the pain would go away. It has not. the pain started june of '08 originally to the immediate left of my naval. it would come and go for a couple of days at a time and then disappear, only to reappear later.
Avatar n tn I have not had an EGD done, and colonoscopy was normal. Are there many false negatives with having Celiac disease? Also if not Celiac disease any idea of what it might be? I am an RN who works 7pm to 7am three days a week.
494010 tn?1209479957 Maybe an EGD should be done. He could be having gallstones as well or an ulcer. But an EGD will show that. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I had and EGD and abdominal scan. EGD showed GERD and a small hiatal hernia. Abdominal and colonoscopy were normal. Liver function was normal. I am a very anxious person and worry almost constantly about what can be wrong. I take prilosec and zantac. Have used compazine for nausea but it doesn't do much. I have taken prescribed valium (usually 2.5 to 5 mg a day around 4 times a week) but I get anxious about becoming addicted. The anxiety is just a vicious cycle.
Avatar m tn EGD and colonoscopy. You need the EGD to check for Gluten Intolerance.Colonoscopy to check for microscopic colitis, etc.. let us know. good luck.
Avatar n tn Hi. I had a colonoscopy on the 10th and ended up with appendicitis. Had laparoscopy appendectomy on the 12th. I am soooo incredibly run-down. I am 41 years old and normally very active. Is this normal to feel this run down (I mean no energy....