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Avatar n tn Small polyps can be missed in the first colonoscopy. Also, it depends on whether you've been eating healthy (red meat and low vitamin D speed the growth). Finally, you might ask your doctor to do a genetic testing if they keep growing in large numbers. You also didn't mention where the polyps were found. Sigmoid colon polyps are more likely associated with nutrition status, whereas ascending colon polyps are more likely to be genetic. Take care & good luck!
12587011 tn?1426103698 Then i end up going back to Scripps and getting a totally new Dr thinking that my original Scripps Dr missed that 12mm polyp. Anyways i had that 3rd colonoscopy done this morning and they found another 5 polyps. one of them 5mm. Im pretty freaked out that in 14 months i could get another 5 polyps one being that big already. So now im in my head that maybe that initial 12mm polyp grew in that short 4 month window between my 1st and 2nd colonoscopy. Ive always thought Polyps grew really slow.
1141557 tn?1261032096 I just had a colonoscopy done today. They removed polyps. What are they and what are the symptoms? Can they cause severe abdominal bloating and pain? Please someone answer these questions.
Avatar n tn I had a colonoscopy and I had three precancerous polyps removed. can someone explain what the different types of polyps are and since I have had these what precautions that i need to take so these dont come back again. my dr said I just need another colonoscopy in 5 yrs instead of the usual 10.
Avatar n tn I am 20 yr old male, I had a colonoscopy approximately 2 to 3 years ago showing no abnormalities. For the past two days I Have been experiencing bright red blood on the outside of my stool and in the toilet. One time it turned the water red. My question is wouldnt it be highly unlikely to be polyps causing this problem? This recently just started happening on Wed. I am making an apt with the doctor today so hopefully i can get this all cleared up.
Avatar f tn i had fap many years ago,my daughter has the gene she had endoscopy and colonoscopy yesterday with it resulting with her having lots n lots of polyps on bowel and stomach we have to go see doc in few weeks any ideaa what her options will be thanks x
Avatar n tn The good thing about colonic polyps is that they're very slow growing and they take a long time to turn cancerous, if indeed they are malignant. Most polyps are benign. I'm very glad that your polyps were removed early and I'm betting that the prognosis will be good! My brother had two polyps removed last year after he had rectal bleeding for a year. His were benign and he's in good shape. I wish the same for you!
Avatar n tn rectum etc in this test. They found 7 polyps and i am only 22. Some were really small, and all but 2 were not what is described as mushroom like or on a stalk the others were flat . One of them bled badly another one looked abit rough So i have a few questions. As i am only 22 what are the cahnces that when they do the full colonoscopy which is in 3 days now that there weill be more? If there are anymore do you think in this case there is potential that i may need surgery again?
Avatar m tn Do all polyps in the colon have to be removed? Had procedure and was told had over 30 sissel type polyps. So was wondering how they could take all of them out.
Avatar n tn I am due for a colonoscopy and am stressing about more polyps. Also have anxiety and that's flaring up because of the colonoscopy. Should I be concerned? Thank you!
Avatar m tn I just completed my 5-year colonoscopy due to (1) my 3mm epithelial hyperplasic polyp of 5 years ago and, (2) my mother's previous GI polyps. However, the prep was bad, so the doctor only was able to examine only 75% of the colon but did get to the end of the colon. He said - no large polyps were found, no cancers; but that I need to come back in 1 year so he can check the entire colon for small polyps, etc. Question: Is it a good (unhealthy) idea to wait 1-year before checking again?
Avatar n tn I had a colonoscopy (my second) two dys ago and neither was able to be completed because of a tortuous colon. My Dr. now suggests a barium enema. Can they see poylps in the colon using the barium? It was very painful even with sedation and I doubt I'll have another one.
Avatar m tn I have been having some cramping and associated pain and they suspect IBS or Colitis. I am 49 and would have been looking at a routine screening in a year or so anyhow. I am prone to skin tags...does this mean that I would have an increased probablility of them finding polyps at the same time? How much discomfort can I expect?
3287038 tn?1398426027 The inflammation in the peri-appendiceal area is often referred to as a cecal patch and typically is asymptomatic and does not warrant additional treatment. The reason to have a surveillance colonoscopy periodically is to check for polyps and dysplasia which is the earliest sign of cancer. Random colon biopsies are obtained to check for dysplasia. I hope this helps.
Avatar m tn 8 ) ( size 0.8x0.8x0.8 ) Again benign and the last one in January 2007. One polyp was removed. very small and again benign. How often am I supposed to repeat the test?
Avatar n tn I had my first colonoscopy last week. Two polyps were removed and 1 precancerous polyp was removed. Dr. called week later saying two polyps okay; howver, other larger one was precancerous. He has to schedule another colonoscopy @ 6 weeks from now because he wants to make sure he got the entire polyp. Biopsy criteria showed that he may not have gone deep enough. The remaining tissue/polyp, is that precancerous since it is part of polyp removed? I am @ 65, female}. Very upset.
Avatar f tn Hello A rectal erythema usually means the sides of the colon walls are red and inflamed, can be due to polyps, ulcers, etc. I would ask your doctor what was found and the meaning of it.
Avatar n tn Had the colonoscopy and was not bad at all. As everyone had said the prep is the only bad part about it. They found three polyps and removed them. They were ok (benign) They were located in exactly the area I was having the discomfort. I am still experiencing some discomfort in one of the spots. I was curious if anyone out there who has had polyps removed had any tenderness or discomfort when they had polyps removed. I know they remove cut(for no better term)them out and there is some bleeding.
1949068 tn?1449632119 I would recommend talking to your doctor/a gastroenterologist to decide if you should get a colonoscopy. They will most likely automatically check for polyps and cancer during the colonoscopy.
Avatar f tn I had a colonoscopy today and my GI specialist could not past the first 20cm of my colon where there was a sharp bend. She said she had resistance and is now sending me for a CT of my pelvis and abdomen just to check everything. I have had two prior colonoscopies which were perfectly normal. The last one I had was 4 years ago. I have no family history of colon cancer. I have had no pain or problems and just had a series of blood tests including a chemistry, cbc with diff.
Avatar m tn I am 53yrs. old male and had a colonoscopy 3 yrs. ago. They found 3 non-cancerous poylops, which they removed. My GI doctor sent me a letter two weeks ago saying, its time for a follow-up. Do I need a follow-up colonoscopy after just 3 yrs. ? I thought it was 5 yrs. He did tell me that I also had IBS. Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn I have had blood in my stool samples and the doctor recommended a colonoscopy but I have had to use fiber and stool softeners because of constipation and hemorraids.
Avatar f tn I had a Colonoscopy done and a Polyp 8mm was removed in the transverse colo. Is a 8mm polyp very big? a clip was placed in the upper/lowe GI tract to control bleeding. I'm scared, is it a sign of cancer?
Avatar f tn okay maybe thats why i all of sudden was having pain all types of bowel trouble and pain the pathologist determined that pulps removed were adenomas,then Dr wrote in report that twisted colon mite been from,should i see my primary and ask for cat scan for further pulps,and could this be the cause of alot upper pain bowel 3days next i mite pooh alday or loose or narrow with light stools,bloating,all my life up til 3years ago my bowel habit was 1st getting up every morning never missed and things
Avatar n tn hi, i had a colonoscopy today. I had no colon polyps but he told my wife after that my small intestine looked irritated or something to that fact. He said he took a piece for a biopsy. My question is i think i might be having problems with yeast overgrowth. would the biopsy detect that? I wasn't able to ask him because i was out of it.
Avatar f tn Hi, Has anyone had a colonoscopy and experienced pain during the procedure? i just had one done (along with an upper endoscopy) and though I did not remember the tube being put down my throat, thank goodness, i remember experiencing alot of pain and discomfort when my doc performed the colonoscopy. I remember crying out when I was drugged and woke up with tears. One of my co-workers had this done, and said that she woke up without feeling anything. Do i have a masochistic doc or is this common?
Avatar f tn I have to schedule another colonoscopy for February; the last one three years ago found six polyps and two adenomas, so they want to take another peek. I was very much alert during my last procedure, although I didn’t experience discomfort. I was able to keep track of the polyp count, and was talking to the doctor throughout the procedure. The camera was rolling, and I was watching the action: “Hey, big guy, I’m lost; where are we now?
568565 tn?1216788785 Had the colonoscopy and had some pollips removed. I have another in 5 years. Also got a HEPc diagnosis, treated that last year, and cleared, currently SVR. ( totally unrelated but was found as a result of some blood work ). Dont' sweat the exam. They give you these killer drugs. One minute they're starting the procedure, the next minute your done, but 45 minutes have gone off the clock.
Avatar n tn Hi, Just wanted to say that if you do need a colonoscopy that are not bad at all. I had blood in the stool also and they recommended me to have this test done. I was extremley nervous about it but it was a breeze they give you a little medicine to make you sleepy and the next thing you know you are done. I dont know if you will get this procedure done but it is not one to be scared of.
Avatar m tn Then after a month, I end up going to the ER with nausea/bleeding/anemia and then GI tells me that indeed colonoscopy can be done without sedation and that they do them unsedated when required. The problem is that the same doctor that told me that sedation is absolutely reuired a month ago is now telling me that it really isn't required. This would be fine, but now I don't trust her, especially when the procedural consent includes a consent for sedation.