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Avatar f tn Hello to all... I am a 35 year old mother of two suffering from Colonic Inertia for as long as I could remember. I need to have my large intestine removed and my small intestine will be attached to my rectum, but I'm afraid that I might not be making the right deicison. I am weak and tired every day and can't even make it up the stairs without feeling like falling over.
Avatar n tn My primary care doctor told me to change my diet, which I changed it to organic foods. I eat mostly fruit, fiber vegatbles, and dairy product such as yogurt to help me with my constipation problems. I also avoid bloating related foods such as beans and caffeine. Bloating could be related to constipation, but every since I changed by diet to high fiber, my bloating and hard stomach has not gone away at all. After I eat, my stomach hurts and extends.
7697210 tn?1393875868 Anybody else addicted to yogurt?OmG the harvest peach is my ultimate flavor.I dont like milk other than drinking it with my cereal so i have to get calcium in other ways.Its crazy because before my pregnancy i couldn't stand the texture or tast of yogurt and now i eat about two a day.
2028793 tn?1358874905 Is it true your not supposed to eat yogurt while you are pregnant??
403311 tn?1205951286 , My chocolate lab loves yogurt, she has yogurt with me all the time or I put some in a Kong and freeze it, she loves it, it this good for her or not?
Avatar f tn This might be a dumb question but is it safe to eat yogurt while prego?
Avatar m tn I had a laproscopic subtotal colectomy due to colonic inertia and chronic constipation. I have anal and rectal soreness from going to the bathroom 6-8 times a day, Ive tried creams and wiping with baby wipes, but nothing seems to help, does anyone have any suggestions that have had a colectomy?
Avatar f tn Hi, Colonic inertia is a condition in which the nerves and/or muscles of the colon do not work normally. As a result, the contents of the colon are not propelled through the colon normally. The cause of colonic inertia is unclear. In some cases, the muscles or nerves of the colon are diseased. Colonic inertia also may be the result of the chronic use of stimulant laxatives .Please consult a neurologist for the review of the EMG results and get a nerve conduction study done .
Avatar n tn There is no clear cut association between hysterectomy and colonic inertia. Some of the causes of colonic inertia include inadequate water intake, inadequate fiber, lack of physical activity, increased stress, hypothyroidism, eating large amounts of dairy products, irritable bowel syndrome, neurological diseases and depression. Avoiding dairy products, warm liquids, fruits and vegetables and drnking plenty of water helps.
Avatar f tn I have been told that regular colonic hydration is good for cleaning out the diverticula in a person with diverticulosis. How accurate is that? I have been wanting to go to a CCT, but was worried about it. Has anyone out there tried it? What was it like, and did it work?
Avatar f tn I am 50 years old and my surgeons which i have seen 2 and my family doctor say i have a classic case of colonic inertia. They want to do sugery in August. They will remove 80% of my colon. I have a slow moving digestive system and muscles that dobn't work in my colon. Any-one have anything similar. It is a life ultering treatment. I just want to feel normal again. Not bloat up every time I eat, and have tons of gas all the time.
5153051 tn?1364441441 I am a 28 year old female who has never been pregnant, but who has had a long battle with constipation. After having some real problems with constipation in early February, I have been diagnosed with pelvic organ prolapse including a moderately large rectocele and enterocele seen during defecography. The enterocele actually causes the colon/rectum to collapse, obstructing complete defecation.
Avatar n tn Hello first I apologize if my English is not good I just moved in USA. I have had problems with constipation since I can remember my self.
Avatar f tn hi, i have resently been diagnosed with colonic inertia. i had the sitz mark test and my colon still had all of rings in at the end of the test. now my gastro is sending me to a colonectomy surgeon this thursday. my biggest fear is i do not want to have a colostomy. i have had a constipation problem all my life but its getting worse. my gastro dr. told me the older i get the worse this is going to get. i need help from anyone who is going through this and what i can expect.
1704915 tn?1357601254 Well I have been officially diagnosed with colonic inertia. The sitz marker xrays show that my stomach and small intestine are working but my large intestine is not.It is slow and sluggish which is causing the constipation and could have been the cause of why my colon has now become tortuous ( long and "loopy"). From the xrays they showed the rings passed through everything then stayed in the large intestine.
Avatar n tn I had a colonoscopy a month ago and they said i had IBS or possible colonic inertia. They said to take 17g. of Miralax 2tmes daily. I have been butr with no luck and i keep gaining weight due to no bowel movements. I am suppossed to go back to doctor in feb. To see how miralax is working. Should i call now. i also have had a severe chronic pain in my right side under rib cage since before colonoscopy. Any ideas on what to due. i am very depressed over this and irritable.
621803 tn?1302888341 Anyone know the difference between the baby yogurt and normal yogurt? Is there a difference at all? I know there's a difference in price, and for some reason the baby yogurt isn't refridgerated, but that's all I can find. Is it ok to give my son the normal yogurt? He's 8 1/2 months old, and eating finger foods, and stage 3 baby food.
Avatar n tn Thanks again. How is she now? Did only colonic irrigation helped her and how many sessions she underwent?
Avatar n tn Not sure why you think you have colonic inertia because your doctor had a hard time performing a colonoscopy. Colonic inertia is extremely rare and indicates that the muscles of the colon do not function. It has nothing to do with the shape of the colon. You also do not develop this as a complication of surgery. I have colonic inertia and had my colon removed because of this 6 days ago. I am sitting in my hospital room as we speak.
Avatar n tn Recently read that one risk factor for getting recurrent C.Diff. infection is impaired colonic resistance from bowel evac preparation for colonoscopy test. The good-bad bacteria balance in people prone to C.Diff. infection gets out of wack from the prep, just like it can by taking certain antibiotics. Had C.Diff. and couple of rounds of treatment (Oct. 2008-Jan. 2009), and my Mom had it from Aug. 2008-April 2009), but never heard about this before.