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344205 tn?1196933338 I recently had a stent placed in my lower colon for stricture related constipation.I was told there would be no pain associated with this device!! However,I not only have the pain,but a nagging foriegn body sensation! Does any one else know about or have one of these devices??If so,is this normal? It drives me nuts!!!
Avatar m tn I have a healthy liver but I suffer from idiopathic colonic varicies, has anyone had the tips procedure with a healthy liver or has anyone had the tips (liver stent) for a good length of time more than 3 or 4 years.
Avatar n tn Appreciate your concern for your friend. Colonic carcinoma is usually treated based on the stage of the disease and the location of the tumour with which patient presents. With your brief post, it is assumed that he had undergone curative or palliative surgery and at the end of the surgery colostomy was done.
581790 tn?1218023957 I have done whole abdomen CT Scan, Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, Upper GI biopsy, colonic biopsy, pH monitoring, ecg, etc. and are normal. I am totally confused what diseases I am having and what treatment am i going to take in the future!!
Avatar f tn Had an angiogram,angiplasty, and a bare metal stent placed in the LAD artery which was 70% blocked. I ended up being allergic to all 3 drugs I was placed on tho the plavix was kept on my regimen at the lowest possible dosage. My cholesterol spiked as well but my doc is starting an alternative treatment he's had good luck with. My blood pressure drops like a stone. Just to make life interesting I developed gardner-diamond syndrome as well and i cannot tell you how much that hurts.
Avatar f tn Hi Sheila, it's always good to see you pop through but I sure wish it was with better news. I think what you are describing may be colonic inertia - eventually the bowels do move but without the urges normally plumbed people will sense. But then again it may be called something else. No matter the label, you have to be miserable. I just wish there was something to make you feel better.
Avatar n tn I went back to ER week after surgery with severe pain and had ultrasound, xray and CT and finally the HIDA scan showed the leak. They immediately did ERCP to place stent in bile duct and went in back in 6 weeks later to take it out. I had no complications. Just like any procedure there are complications. I just had my entire colon removed this week. Talk about complications.
347922 tn?1221835705 But I do not want to be incontinent either,so I guess dealing with enemas is better then a hernia that hurts like aSOB or feeling like someone took a cheesegrater to your colon.I have a stent in my sigmoid colon,and they think that may have an impact on the slow transit,as it seems to be stimulating it to want to move LOL!! I had a bad stricture in the lower colon,that is why the stent is there now. But I am definately looking forward to surgery in january!!! NO MORE BAG!!!!! HURRAY!!!
Avatar f tn After my persistence and 24 doctors later I found a colon doctor that did another colonoscopy and ordered an MRA for my blood vessels and I had a 99% blockage of my celiac artery. Had a stent put in but very little relief. My doctor put me on a medication called Linzess, well let me tell you it cleaned me out every morning but who can live on a toilet.. I did this for 30 days and am back to abdominal pain galore, can't exercise because of extreme pain.