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Avatar f tn Naghahanap po ako ng clinic or doctor for hepa B, yung malapit po sa Santa Rosa City Laguna? Another Question is how much po kaya ang magagastos at kung anu-anong tests ang kelangan for initial test and medication... Kahit estimation lang po? Thank you po sa makakapag bigay ng time para sumagot.
Avatar f tn I live west of Santa Rosa, CA, and am looking for a LLMD. Do you have any recommendations? Thank you!
Avatar f tn The sequence of events was an initial cataract surgery performed three years ago four hours north of Santa Rosa, followed by two retinal detachments. After the second detachment an ERM developed that was pulling on the retina, so it was removed last year. The retinal surgeries were performed by a woman retinal specialist in Santa Rosa whom my wife and I have a very high opinion of.
1094370 tn?1317134825 Here is a link to the notes from the lyme conference in Santa Rosa that Dr. Burascanno and Dr. Stricker (other docs too) spoke at. Hopefully you can open this and it doesn't get deleted.
163305 tn?1333668571 Police in Santa Rosa say they thought the replica firearm the teenager was carrying as he walked to a friend's house was real Hundreds of people marched through the northern Californian town of Santa Rosa on Wednesday night to demand justice for the death of a 13-year-old boy shot by police while carrying a pellet gun to his friend’s house. Andy Lopez was killed the day after a 12-year-old boy shot dead a maths teacher and himself at a school in the neighbouring state of Nevada.
Avatar f tn With ablations you need to be patient because it can take a couple of months for everything to settle down...i am just north of you up in Santa Rosa and my doc was from Marin County. He is an amazing doc and if you are looking for a second opinion you could give his office a call. His name is Dr. Steven Hao and he hails out of Greenbrae but like Jerry said it would help to know what type of ablation you had and for need to be a little more specific on what is going on with you...
Avatar f tn How about Rosa? Mia Rosa.
Avatar f tn t like dat so he came up with the name legacy but i dont like dat so i came up with a great idea 2 name her after my great grandmother rosa lee julious...i dont want to name her rose or rosa so i want to give her the middle name lee but i have no idea what goes with lee...we got Kimora lee, and a vanity lee already i need something unique....any ideas?
6383533 tn?1389724454 Zorah Rosa was born at 5:14 pm 1/31/2014. 7lbs 11oz. Went in on the 30th because my water broke at 4:18. 8 hours later I was only 2 cm so they put me on pitocin and gave me an epidural.
8222051 tn?1408285093 Korey . Kelsey. Keeley. Katie. Keeva . Kourtney . Kasey . Kate . Robyn . Ruby . Reagan. Rosa. Rachel.
Avatar f tn Just wondering how Rosa is doing and whether or not she had her baby yet! Would love an update!!!!!
722414 tn?1230835009 Thanks much for your advice. There is a holistic vet near us (in Santa Rosa, CA) If you know another nearby, please let me know. Thanks again -- we're going to give it a shot - if we can diminish or stop the tumor from growing Winston might be able to manage with this -- cause he is now --riight?
Avatar f tn My husband and I definitely want our daughter to believen Santa. We will say santa brought the gifts but one of the gifts she really wants will say from mom & dad.
Avatar f tn Hi, Colonic inertia is a condition in which the nerves and/or muscles of the colon do not work normally. As a result, the contents of the colon are not propelled through the colon normally. The cause of colonic inertia is unclear. In some cases, the muscles or nerves of the colon are diseased. Colonic inertia also may be the result of the chronic use of stimulant laxatives .Please consult a neurologist for the review of the EMG results and get a nerve conduction study done .
Avatar n tn There is no clear cut association between hysterectomy and colonic inertia. Some of the causes of colonic inertia include inadequate water intake, inadequate fiber, lack of physical activity, increased stress, hypothyroidism, eating large amounts of dairy products, irritable bowel syndrome, neurological diseases and depression. Avoiding dairy products, warm liquids, fruits and vegetables and drnking plenty of water helps.
118225 tn?1278654940 They hear things at school and they pay more attention to things going on at the house (like the hidden presents). They will start to ask you if Santa is real. That's when you have to decide if you really think they're ready to hear the truth. You can kind of tell when they're ready. When my son asked, he was around 7 or 8 and we told him the truth and he cried! We felt just awful and wondered if he really wasn't ready yet.
Avatar f tn I have been told that regular colonic hydration is good for cleaning out the diverticula in a person with diverticulosis. How accurate is that? I have been wanting to go to a CCT, but was worried about it. Has anyone out there tried it? What was it like, and did it work?
Avatar f tn When I went to pick up my son this morning he was rambling about visiting the north pole with his father, seeing elves, delivering presents and other strange things. He believes his father is the real Santa Claus. My son says the real Santa fell off the roof and now his dad is Santa. He talks about flying with reindeer and riding in a sleigh and other really weird things. My son won't stop talking about it.
Avatar f tn I am 50 years old and my surgeons which i have seen 2 and my family doctor say i have a classic case of colonic inertia. They want to do sugery in August. They will remove 80% of my colon. I have a slow moving digestive system and muscles that dobn't work in my colon. Any-one have anything similar. It is a life ultering treatment. I just want to feel normal again. Not bloat up every time I eat, and have tons of gas all the time.