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Avatar f tn fragments of benign colonic mucosa with reactive/hyper plastic changes and focal lymphoid aggregates. Biopsy shows benign colonic mucosa with preserved crypt architecture, however mild focal crept regenerative changes noted.
Avatar f tn fragments of benign colonic mucosa with reactive/hyper plastic changes and focal lymphoid aggregates. Biopsy shows benign colonic mucosa with preserved crypt architecture, however mild focal crept regenerative changes noted.
Avatar m tn There were presence of multiple patchy areas of ulceration seen in the colonic mucosa from rectum to hepatic flexure. The ulcers size ranged from 3 to 7 mm with surrounding erythema. The ascending colon, caecum, IC valve and 10 cm of the terminal ileum were normal. Impression - Infective colitis. The doctor also did biopsy & sent the sample to histopathology department for further analysis. Will get the reports in 4-5 working days. Once I get it, will update.
19247582 tn?1474564537 Colonic mucosa within normal limits. These findings may be seen in the setting of celiac disease (sprue) among other entities, clinical and possibly serological corrleation is recommended..... After I had blood work done, the whole celiac panel, and it was all negative. My PCP does NOT think it is celiac, while my GI does. My son was diagnosed at the age of 6, and has been living a GF lifestyle ever since. I travel a lot, with frequent work/lunch meetings, making it harder to be GF.
7584265 tn?1392247037 Sections from the distal esophagus show portions of squamous and glandular mucosa. The glandular mucosa shows features of gastric mucosa. The squamous mucosa shows reactive features including basal layer hyperplasia and elongation of the submucosa papillae. Patchy chronic inflammation is seen. The features are those of reflux esophagitis. There is intestinal metaplasia C: Sections from the second portion of duodenum show portions of duodenal mucosa with a normal villous architecture.
Avatar f tn Fragments of colonic mucosa focallt shoeing mildly increased number of chronic inflammatory cells and occasional small benign lymphoid aggregates. No evidence of cryptitis, granulomas, or dysphasia. I was diagnosed with limited scleroderma when I was 12 and I am 27 now. I’ve never had GI issues until March. I’ve lost 12 pounds since June and I feel like I am starving to death. Totally turned off by food.
Avatar m tn Terminal ileum - ileocolonic mucosa with no significant pathologic alteration Random colon, biopsy - Colonic muscosa with nonspecific focal active colitis - negative for granulomata, dysplasia, or features of chronicity Duodenum - duodenal mucosa with no significant pathologic alteration Thanks!
Avatar f tn The tissue consists of polypoid sections of colonic mucosa having a tubular and adenomatous configuration of the glands. There are areas of mild to severe epithelial dysplastic alterations No malignancy was identified. My question is, does it seem like something to worry about in the future? Will this come back again? Was this really something that would have turned to cancer if i would have waited longer? Is this pretty common in people my age?
Avatar f tn Hi - I do beg to differ with some respects. Ulcerative Colitis cannot be ameliorated by dietary changes, nor cured - it is a serious, sometimes life threatening auto-immune inflammatory bowel disease. Your sister should be guided by her gastroenterologist and a qualified IBD nutritionist before she changes her diet. If she has been diagnosed with UC, I would hope thyroid problems have been ruled out.
Avatar f tn Hi, Colonic inertia is a condition in which the nerves and/or muscles of the colon do not work normally. As a result, the contents of the colon are not propelled through the colon normally. The cause of colonic inertia is unclear. In some cases, the muscles or nerves of the colon are diseased. Colonic inertia also may be the result of the chronic use of stimulant laxatives .Please consult a neurologist for the review of the EMG results and get a nerve conduction study done .
Avatar n tn There is no clear cut association between hysterectomy and colonic inertia. Some of the causes of colonic inertia include inadequate water intake, inadequate fiber, lack of physical activity, increased stress, hypothyroidism, eating large amounts of dairy products, irritable bowel syndrome, neurological diseases and depression. Avoiding dairy products, warm liquids, fruits and vegetables and drnking plenty of water helps.
203342 tn?1328737207 Localized mildly erythematous mucosa without active bleeding and with no stigmata of bleeding was found in the duodenal bulb. The terminal ileum contained a few 6mm ulcers. No bleeding was present. There was evidence of patent end-to-side ileo-colonic anastomosis in the ascending colon. This was characterized by erosion. A 6mm Sessile polyp was found in the ascending colon.
Avatar f tn I have been told that regular colonic hydration is good for cleaning out the diverticula in a person with diverticulosis. How accurate is that? I have been wanting to go to a CCT, but was worried about it. Has anyone out there tried it? What was it like, and did it work?
Avatar f tn I am 50 years old and my surgeons which i have seen 2 and my family doctor say i have a classic case of colonic inertia. They want to do sugery in August. They will remove 80% of my colon. I have a slow moving digestive system and muscles that dobn't work in my colon. Any-one have anything similar. It is a life ultering treatment. I just want to feel normal again. Not bloat up every time I eat, and have tons of gas all the time.
5153051 tn?1364441441 I am a 28 year old female who has never been pregnant, but who has had a long battle with constipation. After having some real problems with constipation in early February, I have been diagnosed with pelvic organ prolapse including a moderately large rectocele and enterocele seen during defecography. The enterocele actually causes the colon/rectum to collapse, obstructing complete defecation.
Avatar n tn Hello first I apologize if my English is not good I just moved in USA. I have had problems with constipation since I can remember my self.
Avatar f tn hi, i have resently been diagnosed with colonic inertia. i had the sitz mark test and my colon still had all of rings in at the end of the test. now my gastro is sending me to a colonectomy surgeon this thursday. my biggest fear is i do not want to have a colostomy. i have had a constipation problem all my life but its getting worse. my gastro dr. told me the older i get the worse this is going to get. i need help from anyone who is going through this and what i can expect.
Avatar f tn I just got my biopsy results stating Antral and oxyntic mucosa with mild chronic inactive gastritis for the stomach and this for the Gastroesophageal junction, biopsy: - Oxyntocardiac mucosa with chronic inflammation. - Squamous mucosa with reactive changes. I don’t know what this means and if I should be worried.