Colonic lymphoid hyperplasia

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Avatar f tn fragments of benign colonic mucosa with reactive/hyper plastic changes and focal lymphoid aggregates. Biopsy shows benign colonic mucosa with preserved crypt architecture, however mild focal crept regenerative changes noted.
Avatar f tn fragments of benign colonic mucosa with reactive/hyper plastic changes and focal lymphoid aggregates. Biopsy shows benign colonic mucosa with preserved crypt architecture, however mild focal crept regenerative changes noted.
7584265 tn?1392247037 The squamous mucosa shows reactive features including basal layer hyperplasia and elongation of the submucosa papillae. Patchy chronic inflammation is seen. The features are those of reflux esophagitis. There is intestinal metaplasia C: Sections from the second portion of duodenum show portions of duodenal mucosa with a normal villous architecture. There is moderate edema and mild chronic inflammation of the lamina propria. The inflammation is non-specific.
Avatar f tn My concern is the appendicitis was due to lymphoid hyperplasia (swollen lymph tissue) caused from a viral infection (HIV) given it occurred so soon after exposure. It seems a bit out there to consider them related however I do see it as a possibility, but was unable to find any studies to confirm.
Avatar m tn reactive lymphoid follicular hyperplasia. Doctor put me on doxcylian for 6 weeks. I have been off antibiotics for two weeks now, lymph nodes have stayed the same in size and are still present. Anyone else been through this? Any suggestions to what to do next?
Avatar f tn Quick and easy way to start is to use google as a search engine, type in Colonic Lymphonodular hyperplasia and go to the 'scholar' function - should be on the top (may have to use 'more' to find it). It will take you to a series of papers. Note the 1st authors names and you should be able to search further using that information. You can also use and 'colonic lymphonudular hyperplasia' to be able to successfully search.
439464 tn?1213827634 Hi DeeCee257, Lymphoid follicles are related to immunity. When our body is exposed to antigens, the cells in them multiply to tackle the antigen/organism resulting in enlargement of these follicles. This is called reactive follicular hyperplasia. The reactive follicles in the gut may protrude into the lumen causing bleeding intermittently. ================================================================ The information provided is for patients’ education only and is not a medical advice.
Avatar n tn ve noticed since I got my dog from the humane society that some days his eyes are more red than others, specifically his left eye and almost every morning he has discharge coming from both eyes. I recently took him to the vet for this problem and he was diagnosed with follicular hyperplasia which is apparently where something gets caught under his third eye lid, irritates it and then nodules/small bumps grow underneath causing redness/discharge/discomfort.
Avatar f tn In all eight patients the cytologic smears showed a mixed population of lymphoid cells. Cytologic diagnosis of thymic hyperplasia was confirmed by immunophenotyping in three patients and by follow-up studies in all of them (median, 68 months; range, 8-113) ..... Can you bring this to your next appointment with your doctor and ask him about the details? It doesn't seem like you should be concerned about. It would be a courteous and respectful for your doctor to explain it to you....
19247582 tn?1474564537 Small bowel mucosa with underlying lymphoid aggregate. D. colon, random biopsies: Colonic mucosa within normal limits. These findings may be seen in the setting of celiac disease (sprue) among other entities, clinical and possibly serological corrleation is recommended..... After I had blood work done, the whole celiac panel, and it was all negative. My PCP does NOT think it is celiac, while my GI does. My son was diagnosed at the age of 6, and has been living a GF lifestyle ever since.
Avatar n tn I am 49 and had a biopsy on my left parotid gland done on april 30 as I had swelling for 6 weeks on the left side of my cheek and antibiotics did not help, it came back saying it was an "intraparenchymal lymph node with lymphoid hyperplasia". It has now been about 11 weeks and the left side still feels swollen from my cheek up to my ear expecially when I eat or drink or I am in the a/c.
Avatar m tn G/I conditions are associated with enlarged/prominent gastric folds, such as Chronic Gastritis (most common), Benign tumors, Lymphoid hyperplasia and Gastric malignancy. Such impressions are frequently associated with H. pylori infection, which should be ruled out! The cardiac level is likely in ref.
Avatar n tn Hello, Adenoids hyperplasia can cause obstructive sleep apnea and mouth breathing,but it causing gag reflex in adults is unheard.Causes of hyperactive gag reflex may be postnasal drip or cranial nerve compression esp glossopharyngeal and vagus nerve.It can also occur in in muscle diseases such as severe myasthenia gravis, or as a temporary result of anesthesia. Pls discuss these possibilities with your doctor. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep us posted on how you are doing.
Avatar f tn Also polyclonal hypergammaglobulinemia on labs, but not much else after many tests. Biopsy was of just one 1.5 cm node, showed only reactive lymphoid hyperplasia and I was sent home. Several weeks after the biopsy, some tight cords on the breast (left) several inches under the incision have appeared, the breast is a little puffy between them, and I have occasional mild breast pain. The left breast used to be smaller than my right, is now a little larger.
Avatar m tn I received the results of my FN aspirations on the neck. It said that I have polymorphous lymphoid hyperplasia with scattered tingeable macrophages. What does this mean? My doc is on holiday and no one can answer my this. It appears that both sides of cervical nodes contain this. My groin where there is a 4 cm node wasn't biopsied. Please help. Many thanks!
Avatar m tn All three biopsies came out as reactive lymphoid hyperplasia, and 2 anaerobic bacteria Veillonella sp and peptostreptococcus sp were detected in 2 of them. I have a rash not going away in my right armpit and a hard movable mass in the inner side of my left knee that is only palpable when I bend the joint. Itching in skin. Keep having night sweats specially in the back of my knee and neck. Please, help, what could it be?
Avatar m tn when i stand up i see the swollen lymphoid in the groin and when i lay down the lymphoid disappear even when i search with the hand i am not able to find the lymphoid . when i apply pressure from the stomach the lymphoid appear .