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Avatar m tn In my case an ileal pouch (J-pouch) was created out of my small bowel and attached into my rectal muscles to create a new rectum. I have been this way for 17 years and have a fantastic quality of life.
Avatar f tn If you have gotten a "defacting proctogram" (and if not, you need to) and it has showed that your rectum is working just fine, then when they take your colon out they can attach your small intestine to your rectum. You will not have any more constipation. You will be able to go to the bathroom normally. And you will never have to worry about wearing "a bag" except maybe the first 3 months after surgery while the incision inside of you heals.
Avatar n tn of the J pouch?? Can they carry out the colectomy without creating the J pouch? Just what are the consequences of limiting the surgery to the colectomy? Subsequent to the a colectomy only, if you are still in a state of discomfort can the J pouch be created later? I don't know much about J pouches but I would have thought that progress must have been made to minimise the nuisance/discomfort and that sound medical advice must be offered to those patients who have the J pouch.
Avatar m tn Now my colon and my rectum have to be removed so they must make a fake rectum called a J pouch. These work well for most people but not for people getting them due to constipation problems because our pelvic floors are too weak for them to work well. So, I will most likely end up having to wear a bag. So please, don't be like me. Get the Defocating Proctogram test and if it is normal, consider getting the surgery NOW.
Avatar f tn I had my j-pouch surgery a year ago. Things have been great. Lately, I have noticed my BMs have a really bad odor--what could be causing this?
Avatar m tn hi mate i know how u feel im constantly having flare ups with my uc! and i often wonder if i have chrons is well? im currently on pentasa/azathioprine 100mg a day/ i often wonder what to do for the best sometimes? what kind of symptons do u have?? be nice to share what other people go threw ??
Avatar f tn I am sorry to hear about your medical problems. An urgency to pass stool repeatedly after a J-pouch (ileao-anal pouch) could be due to a more fibrous diet like green leafy vegetables, pulses, raw vegetables, salads, fruits with fiber like orange etc. Spicy foods, alcohol and caffeine can also cause increased urgency to pass stools. Urgency to pass stool can also be due to pouchitis, which can also cause diarrhea (with or without blood) and pain.
Avatar f tn For the past month I have had severe pains in my pouch which is very painful when I go to the loo.I used to have good j-pouch capacity but now I am going to the loo constantly and can hardly walk at times. I will be talking to my surgeon next week but does anyone know what this could be?
Avatar f tn However, my Defacting Proctogram test was not normal and I do have PVD (very common with people who have chronic constipation). So, my rectum must be removed and they must make a fake rectum called a J pouch. J pouches work well for people who DO NOT have PVD. I do. So I have been told that I may end up having to wear a bag the rest of my life. Even that would be better than what I'm going through. As I'm sure you understand.
Avatar n tn i am really unsure of what to except they said they would join the small one up to some pouch is that the j pouch you mentioned?? i belive for myself this is the best suggestion cause they can never remove the lot of them at once and they just keep growing and im always at risk of cancer. i have had a stoma before and do you know if this op is likey to have the same outcome or is it just if things go wrong again, i really need to talk to the doctor again i know.
383882 tn?1254921985 My partner had J-pouch surgery on Feb and is having a reversal to reconnect and close his ostomy this weekend. During the time he's had the ileostomy pouch he's dehydrated twice. I'm wondering what are the chances of that after the surgery is complete.
Avatar f tn Hi - I do beg to differ with some respects. Ulcerative Colitis cannot be ameliorated by dietary changes, nor cured - it is a serious, sometimes life threatening auto-immune inflammatory bowel disease. Your sister should be guided by her gastroenterologist and a qualified IBD nutritionist before she changes her diet. If she has been diagnosed with UC, I would hope thyroid problems have been ruled out.
Avatar f tn My doctor has suggested, for the second time, that I would have a much better quality of life if I would just give up my j-pouch and go for an ileostomy. There is no chance of my pouch ever healing and I can't live without the cipro and 6 imodium a day. There are several reasons to say it's time to pull the plug and few to say no, but I am scared and need convincing that it's a good option.
Avatar f tn i j pouch is in the jejenum??? so now they r moving fuirther down to the ileum??
Avatar m tn // One thing that can happen after this surgery is immflamation of the area by the pouch. You would need to be evaluated to see if this is going on. Nighttime issues with a J pouch are not uncommon and this is why they recommend to not eat late, to not take anti diarrhea medication at night and to eat binding food at dinner time.
1288945 tn?1271972452 In 1990 I underwent a surgery called the J-pouch in which my colon was removed and an internal pouch was created so I would not have to wear a ostomy bag. The surgery was very successful but what I don't understand is why more people with UC don't undergo this surgery? I see an ad on TV for a medication for the disease yet once a person undergoes this surgery they are off all medications and can live a normal pain free life.
Avatar f tn I had a colectomy and was given a j pouch. I had a 'bag' for 6 months, but have not have it for 5 years. If j pouch is an option, it can be a great one. Do your research on your surgeon. I've seen plenty of patients with nasty scars and complications due to a poorly done surgery. Get somebody who specializes in colorectal surgery.
Avatar n tn My surgeon was able to perform a Restorative Proctocolectomy, so I have an internal J-Pouch. Life with the J-Pouch has been tons better than with the rogue colon, but it has never been 100%. My doctor and I have tried all kinds of medications to get it to calm down, Flagyl, Amitriptylin, Glycopyrrolate, Xiflaxin. The only thing that has seemed to help was Ciprofloxacn, which then stopped working after a time and now works again in combination with Tindamax.
Avatar n tn However there are people that have had a j pouch surgery, that now function more or less as a normal person. Let me know if you have any questions.
Avatar f tn I am a 46 year old desperate to save my j- pouch!16 years age I was diagonsed with ulcerative colitis. My entire colon was removed . I had a temporary iliostomy then 3 months later experienced a successful reversal. Today I am recovering from a ruptured bowel, I once again have an iliostomy, and have been diagonsed with Crohn's disease. The first line of treatment was 4 weeks on Pentasa and Rowasa.
Avatar n tn My daughter, 15, had j-pouch reversal surgery last week. She is still in a lot of pain while using the toilet. she is very sore and she uses the toilet roughly 20 times a day. How long does it take to physically recover and will the amount of times she has to use the toilet reduce soon? What can she expect? This discussion is related to <a href=''>J-Pouch reversal</a>.
Avatar n tn s they may be able to either connect his small bowel to his rectum or, if his rectum is diseased, create a new rectum out of his small bowel and sew it into his rectal muscles (J-Pouch surgery). With Crohn's they won't do the J-Pouch as the disease may reoccur in the small bowel and you can't afford to lose any of it to the J-Pouch surgery.
Avatar n tn I've have been living with a j-pouch for the past four years and although life is much better than living with UC I would like to improve the function of my pouch if possiable. I have 10 to 20 bowel movements in a 24 hour period. Stools range from soft to water and never have immediate urge to go loke with UC. Naturaly what I eat and how much I eat has a big effect how much I go, but because I'am a endurance cyclists riding as much as 100 miles a day I burn a lot of calories.
Avatar n tn I'm @ 8 mos post j-pouch takedown and am still having problems with nausea, diarrhea, cramps etc.. I ,m taking lomotil and metamucil and still go 16x's /day. I had a recent bout with pouchitis and took Cipro and Flagyl (and yogurt) . The Cipro made me feel normal again and reduced frequency to 5-7 x's a day- I felt good! When I came off the Cipro the high frequency diarrhea problem returned. I go every 6 hrs at about 4 trips per.
Avatar f tn Hello, I completed Chemo in January of 2010 and had my iliostomy taken down for use of a j-pouch. I had my colon removed in July of 2009 and a j-pouch was built. I was wondering why so many of the meds or even foods increase the numbing in my feet, hands and even at my j-pouch. I am currently using Zantac 75 to reduce the acid and relieve the burning from my pouch. It creates a tingling and numbness in my feet and hands, but does appear to help with the digestive burning.