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Avatar f tn I was diagnosed yesterday with redundant and floppy colon. I found some info, but nothing on floppy. Please help me learn what is wrong and how to fix it!! PLEASE!!!
Avatar f tn It could be mechanical, but have you checked to make sure that your pancreatic enzyme levels are normal? If you've vomiting, was the end of the stomach with the pylori sphincter (the muscular opening at the end of the stomach) removed? If that was removed, it can be difficult to prevent the reflux of the contents of the duodenum back into the stomach.
Avatar m tn I had an abdominal operation 18 months ago which involved removing a length of large colon (due to volvulus). Now, I get quite frequent (typically one every 2-3 months) severe stomach upsets. I tend to wake up feeling fired and not myself. Gradually I get stomach pains, then eventually painful cramps. I feel extremely ill, nauseus and faint and wake up every 1-2 hours to be sick. I bring up clear gastric juices and finally a large amount (over a pint!
Avatar n tn My brother in law jsut had Colon Surgery to remove a portion of his colon. He is only 22 years old and he had diverticulosis. After a few days he had pain and started vomiting. His surgeon tells us that his intestine has healed to the Colon.... he has been in the hospital for 3 day. They drained his stomach and the surgeon thinks it will detach on its own. It has formed a partial blockage of the colon. Does this sound right? Will it heal itself? Should I get a 2nd opinion?
Avatar m tn I have had a long history of bowel and digestive disorders, and have suffered silently for over a year with severe pain,bloating, distention and vomiting while having a bowel movement. The vomiting during bowel movements have happened with more and more increasing frequency over the last three months. Most recently it has happened for two or three days in a row during every bowel movement and then stops for a about a week and happens again.
Avatar n tn I had my gallbladder removed 2 years ago, a few weeks after I had to have an ercp, bedause I had gallstones in my bile duct. Recently I began vomiting bile, having bile in my diarehea and pain in my lower right hip, around my bellybutton, and where my gallbladder was. I have not been able to eat for a month now, I can only drink meal replacement drinks, and I am still vomiting frequently and have bad diahrea. I am starting to become really week and dizzy from not eating.
Avatar f tn 5 years before and was found to have one small hyperplastic polyp in his sigmoid colon (lower colon) In Jan. of 2009 he started having right rib area pain that came and went, but returned over a two week period more intensely. He went to the hospital and was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer with the primary tumor in the hepatic flexure (where colon lies close to the liver). He died in 8/2009.
Avatar n tn s way up to just beneath my sternum. Once it moves up to my stomach area is when I begin vomiting green bile. I had my gall bladder removed a few years ago and began having similar stomach aches at that time but no vomiting. I was also diagnosed with Crohn's disease last February however have never had such symptoms previously and know that I had Crohn's disease for many years before being diagnosed.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm 21 and have polyasytic ovaries and when I'm on my period and I have a BM or when I'm just gassy it hurts extremely bad in my colon like a knife is being twisted around. My endometrium increases to 8mm thick when I'm menstrating. Also it is very difficult to put a tampon in I have to push under and around a wall. If u have any information it would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn In the following days when I was back at home I found myself having to deal with large amounts of mucus continually being discharged from my rectum. I am aware that with the large colon still intact the colon naturally produces a small amount of mucus, just as it did for the first 18 months after I was originally given the illeostomy. However this time the mucus levels were un-manageable, over ten times more in volume.
Avatar m tn now about 1 or 2 times a year food gets caught i have cramping vomiting some times last couple days last time i ate steamed carrots.
Avatar f tn Starting back on June 14th 2014 I ended up in the ER with abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting ,weight loss & stomach cramps..results =dr said it was just constipation lol 2nd ER visit = vomiting, stomach problems, sores (reddish blister like) all over face arms & body, fever, chills, fatigue Results = staph skin infection.. Antibiotic July 15 - colonoscopy = multiple ulcers & erosive gastritis .. Treatment = phenergan & Prilosec ...
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with diverticulosis April of 2016. No problems except occasional constipation.Then June of 2017, I had become constipated and I went to my Family Doctor and she stated my diverticulosis was acting up, so she gave me prescriptions of, Cipro and Flagyl. I took them for 4 days and my bowels seemed fine..but a few days later..I developed severe vomiting and diarrhea with cold lasted 3 hours.I felt a little better next day, but queasy.. Two days later, I was vomiting..
Avatar f tn Hi. I had 7 inches of my sigmoid colon removed last January. I can tell you that I experienced pain for quite awhile. I would say that I am starting to feel "normal" now. From reading through various posts here, I feel that it is all different for everyone. You can check out another thread called "problems after colon resection" and you will find others who have had the same surgery. I did not experience nausea but kept complaining about pain.
573777 tn?1217293468 Update: The colon cleansing was too good (phosphosoda). It removed too much bacteria. So I was prescribed "Align" which is a probiotic. Each capsule has 1 Billion bacteria.!! The Doc gave me a 2 week sample supply. The pain is gone and the distention is starting to subside. This in the past 10 days. I really hope this helps someone else.
Avatar m tn At 4 weeks recovering from a bout of vomiting and pink peeing my 12 year old schnauzer mix vomited last night undigested rice and chicken along with the cushions disease med the vet put him on. He had been recovering and this is a major setback. He is lethargic and falls if he tries to walk, has trouble using back legs. Stomach is not bloated but vibrates. A month ago X-rays, blood work, urine tests were done to the tune of $700+, they were trying to see if he had a stone, blockage, etc.
Avatar m tn I'm having pain down the right side of my body in what seems like the whole of the ascending colon. It's hard to explain, there's also a pulse like pain that starts around my hip bone or the end of the ascending colon that travels up the ascending colon. I'm very uncomfortable after a meal and I can feel a little relief after I been to the toilet.
785188 tn?1279928405 The cancer was attached to the colon and rectum so they werent able to take everything out. After surgery, she was back in the hospital with a bowel obstruction. She had her first chemo treatment 3/26 (Carboplatin and Paclitaxel). Came home on the 27th and has been sick ever since (vomiting and diarhea). Took her back to the ER on April 3rd - she was completely dehydrated and needed 2 bags of potasium. She is now is the hospital with them wondering what to do.
Avatar n tn My 62 yr old mother has had her second chemo treatment for stage iv colon cancer. She suffers from bipolar disorder as well as rheumatoid arthritis. She has taken lithium for 30 years, plus prozac with great results and no problems with mood swings. We began noticing mania symptoms about 3 days after beginning first treatment ( Folfuri 46 hours on take home infusion pump). That was almost 3 wks ago. Had her 2nd tx 4 days ago.
Avatar n tn In 2001 I had colorectal cancer and 18 inches of my colon was removed. I took chemo and radiation and was considered cancer free after the treatments. I would have a bowel movement after each meal and two to three a day is "normal" for me. About a year after my surgery and treatment I was vomiting every 6-8 weeks and get tired, dehydrated and nauseated which would last a day and the next day I would be fine. Just a little sore.
114870 tn?1210298346 My Mom had her gallbladder removed almost 2 months ago then 2 weeks after the surgery she began having terrible upper right abdomen pain with vomiting. The past two months we've been at the hospital twice each 1 weeks stay with numerous GI tests. Her CT scans show that Gemzar was nolonger helping and disease has progressed but not much, no major organs involved. They did find pleural effusion in moderate to large size and claimed that all her problems are from the effusion.
Avatar f tn She has had 2 separate colon and liver resections and has recently had surgery for a fistula and blockages in the colon resulting in a permanent ileostomy. The cancer has spread to 3 spots on her liver, 1 on her lung and is scattered through her pelvic region.
1100983 tn?1257702113 My 6 year old daughter has finally gotten a diagnoses of eosinophilic gastroenteris and eosinophilic esophogitis. She has been vomiting since the day she was born. Being a military family and living overseas we didn't always have specialists at our disposal and thus that has delayed her getting a correct diagnoses well that along with the stupidity of some doctors who actually believed that as an infant she was making herself vomit.
Avatar m tn My husband's 1st wife had colon cancer. It was discovered too late, & she passed away at the age of 24 saddly. Your symptoms don't sound like what my husband told me she had. She started having symptoms in her late teens... chronic constipation, stomach pain, etc. One day while she was away at college, she started throwing up really hard & thought she had a virus. She was staying really tired & just couldn't shake it.
Avatar n tn I had a pain to my right side under the ribs over two years. I did all tests, US, x-rays,gold bladder, etc. to find why I have a pain every day. I couldn't slep on my left side due to pain. I couldn't sit longer....Every day pain, pain, pain My pain come in after car accident where I was sitting as a passenger and the crush was from my R side. All doctor's said because of your accident..... Finally 3 years after car accident I decided do colonoscopy.