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Avatar m tn They resected my colon and removed the entire rectum. They were able to reconnect the colon so I did not have to have a colostomy. But now I have a constant feeling that I have to have a bowel movement. I take 3-4 Imodium per day. I need to get back to work but worry I may have problems. My work is very physicial for 8 straight hours.
Avatar n tn there could be loads of different reasons for the above and i am sure all treatable but i would think if u have not been a trip to your doc would be in order.
Avatar f tn Digested and undigested food that remains in your intestines, primarily, your large intestines for two weeks can be somewhat toxic to your intestinal lining. Companies that advertise colon washes do not inform you that your necessary electrolytes that regulates your heart rhythms can be washed away from chemical colon washes. The greater damage might be that your bowels are less hydrated on a daily basis, and the bowels can solidify and become hard to expell.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm a nutritionist who has been suffering from chronic bowel problems my entire life. As a result I've learned a great deal about them. I hope I can help you. First of all, are you on a high fiber, low animal fat diet? (Be honest with yourself) In other words, do you eat lots of whole grains like..brown rice, whole wheat bread, oatmeal,etc..and raw vegetable salads, raw fruit, and beans?
Avatar f tn what means? mise d'une sonde endo-rectale et opacification retrograde de produit de contraste baryte, progression normale du produit dans le rectum, le colon jusqu'au bas fond coecal avec passage de produit de contraste dans le grele spasme coliques diffuse sans lesion suspecte visible de soustraction ( tumeur ) ou lesion d'addition ( diverticule ou ulcere ).
Avatar f tn e. inertia of colon (motility disorder) I feel leaving some part of rectum/ colon would be wise coz it will make the surgery easy/ less of fecal soiling problem lateron/ less chances of leak from anastomosis.
Avatar n tn In the following days when I was back at home I found myself having to deal with large amounts of mucus continually being discharged from my rectum. I am aware that with the large colon still intact the colon naturally produces a small amount of mucus, just as it did for the first 18 months after I was originally given the illeostomy. However this time the mucus levels were un-manageable, over ten times more in volume.
Avatar n tn had sex before the doctor looked inside the rectum had no problems on the outside it was all inside the rectum sex jan 13th while still hurting then exam was jan 15th
Avatar n tn I have told my doctor many times, that it feels like my descending colon (the last part of the colon before reaching the rectum) is paralyzed. It seems like the stool isn't being moved along like it should be. I have to take MiraLax every other night. This is not recommended as a regular softener. LOTS of fiber and drinking WARM water is very helpful. You really should request an appointment to see a gastro specialist. Something needs to be changed....
Avatar n tn s they may be able to either connect his small bowel to his rectum or, if his rectum is diseased, create a new rectum out of his small bowel and sew it into his rectal muscles (J-Pouch surgery). With Crohn's they won't do the J-Pouch as the disease may reoccur in the small bowel and you can't afford to lose any of it to the J-Pouch surgery.
Avatar f tn I am 30 years old female and ever since i was a baby i had real bad constipation problems, they were so bad at time that my mother had to take me to the doctor to get the stool out with some special tools they had. All my life i've seen strides of bright red blood on my stool which was explain to me as normal due to my condition. It will get good at times usually with my three pregnancies i would not have any constipation for the entire pregnancies.
Avatar n tn Ulcerative colitis is a disease that causes inflammation and sores, called ulcers, in the lining of the rectum and colon. Ulcers form where inflammation has killed the cells that usually line the colon, then bleed and produce pus. Inflammation in the colon also causes the colon to empty frequently, causing diarrhea. When the inflammation occurs in the rectum and lower part of the colon it is called ulcerative proctitis. If the entire colon is affected it is called pancolitis.
Avatar f tn So the only way to bring the chance of recurrent diverticulitis down to zero is to perform an abdominal colectomy with ileoproctostomy. This removes all of the colon down to the rectum and attaches the small intestine to the rectum. This was traditionally done for familial polyposis and typically results in 5 or 6 stools daily. What has been a much better compromise has been to remove the sigmoid colon when this has been the focus of the diverticulitis.
Avatar n tn She began taking a digestive enzyme, and believes this injured, and burned her colon and rectum. She was greatly concerned so went to her Dr. and scheduled an appt. for a colonoscopy and had some biopsies taken. The results came back normal. She has now been experiencing severe pain and burning in her rectum all day long. It even wakes her up in the middle of the night. It has been over 6 weeks since these biopsies. Her doctor told her there is nothing wrong, she should be fine. The Dr.
Avatar m tn told me that he wanted both colon and rectum removed based on 2010 colonoscopy and previous pathology reports and he was stunned that i had only been monitored every two years, he says if i don't have the surgery, i will get cancer. i guess they are worried that some of my polyps are already 10 yrs old, they just kept multiplying i guess because they were not all being taken out 10 yrs ago.
Avatar m tn i had problems in digestion and any food make great amount of gases and my colon i think it is not stable and i feel my intestine moving in different directions and making noise and sound and in the morning i always feel that my stomatch is not well like i will vomit if i eat any normal food but the great problem is that these great amount of gases i cant prevent them for long time so they are moving quickly from the colon to the anal place and making sounds from the anal but they dont go out al
Avatar m tn Hi i had surgery last year which was removal of the whole large bowl because of UC but my surgeon left the rectum and a bit of the large colon for the future chance of a reversal. A few months later my ileostomy is fine but i started bleeding from the bottom end again i have been put on prednisolone and sulphurzalasine suppositeries but nothing has helped i had a endoscopy and it the results where that i had UC again in the large bit of colon and my rectum may have proctitis.
Avatar f tn On the other hand, colonoscopy evaluates only rectum, sigmoid colon, descending colon, transverse colon, ascending colon, and terminal ileum (very end of small bowel).
Avatar m tn This tells is your rectum is working or not. Sometimes your colon can be working just fine but your rectum is not emptying fully. I've had all these tests (and more). They are not as bad as they sound. They will find the cause of your problems. Just hang there. But do see a GI doctor. A problem like this could get worse if untreated. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Absolutely four months is enough time. I had UC and 16 yrs ago had my colon and rectum removed, small intestines refashioned into a rectum or what's called a J pouch. I could have had the reconnection surgery in 3 months but I put it off for 6 as I just wasn't ready for another surgery mentally. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I had ulcerative colitis and had to have my colon and rectum removed. I have something called a J-pouch to replace my rectum and generally everything works well! Several times I had motility issues with my small intestine but it was medication related (anethesia from surgeries close together, anti-diarheaa) and improved within 2 weeks.
Avatar n tn Hi Doc..I have 3 questions to ask you (I hope you don't mind). First of all, 17 years ago I developed chronic, daily, constipation. Because I have IBS, being constipated was very painful. So, I took laxatives every day to get relief. After about 11 years of that, I needed to use Ducalax rectal suppositories as well as the laxatives to expell the fecal matter. Then, about 2 years ago, the rectal suppositories stopped working.
Avatar f tn I am a female in my 60's and back in November 2012 I had my Colon n Rectum removed. I 'd like to know what is the best thing to wear to go swimming and where to buy It.
Avatar m tn Dear Mike, It could be a rectal polyp/ or grade II piles. Colonoscopy is not good for rectum (it is or colon) if doctor is not very careful, ur problem is in rectum. Consult a surgeon or a gastroenterologist and ask for "proctoscopy".
Avatar m tn If it is, your lucky because that would mean that even though your colon is dead, your rectum is not. That means that you could have your colon removed and they could hook your small intestine up with your rectum. You would be able to go to the bathroom normally. You would not have to wear a bag. If you wait, and you keep dealing with this problem for years on end like I did, your rectum will weaken and it too will have to be removed. Your pelvic floor will also become very weak.
Avatar f tn t the best test for GI problems; at least not the colon. If the problem seems to be purely colon related, a colonscopy would be the best diagnostic test. If you have a weak rectal sphincter, and lots of stool on that side (left), your rectum would hurt; maybe even if the sphincter is normal. Maybe there are internal hemorrhoids (though those should be found on rectal exam). Have you had a flexible sigmoidoscopy?