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Avatar m tn t go now his body will force him to go eventually and it may be too late. By nipping things in the bud we can prevent any serious problems in the future. You should also get him on probiotics either a supplement or yogurt enriched with it. We are more apt to develop polyps after the age of 50 and that's why they suggest we start having colonoscopies at age 50.
Avatar f tn Naturally, she has a new doctor and a physical and blood work were performed including a CEA test. Upon the return visit for test results the doctor noted that the CEA results were elevated (10.0A) and suggested we visit an oncologist. I was concerned but was told that it was just precautionary measure. I don't understand. Why does she need an oncologist if she doesn't have cancer? My father died of colon cancer a year before she was diagnosed.
Avatar f tn He offered help me to sweep the floor/yard. Hanging and picking up the clothes. He also concentrated on the weather make sure he picked up the clothes before it rained. He'll miss if he slept all the day long! LOL. He liked sleep (usually longer hour than us). He said to me, when getting old all the bones shrink, so can feel the body aching. He said exercise is important. Even he was on the bed, he also moving his toes and fingers a lot.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have a twisted colon on the left side of my lower bowel. For the past 4 months I have had burning sensations and throbbing pain in that part of my colon, and in my lower left pelvic region as well. I also have had a UTI those 4 months, which will not go away. I'm doing everything I can possibly do (water, cranberry pills, DanActive) and I've been taking a medicine called Nitrofurantoin for about 2 months which seems to make the symptoms worse.
Avatar m tn Those symptoms can be a sign of things other than colon cancer such as IBS, Crohns, or ulcerative colitis. The bump on the abdomen definatly should be checked out. Keep us posted on how she's doing!
Avatar m tn My appetite is good and other than the change in boewl habits during the last few weeks i have no other symptoms that could be considered colon cancer like. I have a family history of cancer and i am scared. Do i need another colonscopy ?
Avatar f tn Hi I'm 21 and have polyasytic ovaries and when I'm on my period and I have a BM or when I'm just gassy it hurts extremely bad in my colon like a knife is being twisted around. My endometrium increases to 8mm thick when I'm menstrating. Also it is very difficult to put a tampon in I have to push under and around a wall. If u have any information it would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn All of which is making it almost impossible for her to maintain the schedule of changing and cleaning of the appliance. Do all elderly colostomates end up in nursing homes just to have someone take care of the colostomy when they no longer can? She now has occasional skin irritation and bleeding from too frequent changings. She changes so much because of recent leakage problems and she is still very self-conscious of odor and visible ballooning of the pouch from gas.
Avatar f tn Ballooning is done in many areas of the body - including the trachea and the esophagus when people have problems with those tubes. When the procedure is done in skilled hands, it's a relatively easy procedure. As long as you don't have a 'thinner' section than normal that you're dealing with - and you shouldn't based on what you're saying - the stretching should go well.
Avatar m tn I'm having pain down the right side of my body in what seems like the whole of the ascending colon. It's hard to explain, there's also a pulse like pain that starts around my hip bone or the end of the ascending colon that travels up the ascending colon. I'm very uncomfortable after a meal and I can feel a little relief after I been to the toilet.
Avatar n tn We were scared for him, being so old and all but it turned out to be the best thing in the world for him. He is more mentally alert, not sleeping all the time, and actually sleeping better at night. It has totally turned his life around. He has really become his active former self, a real pleasure to be around. i would have him heart-monitored and see what his heart is really doing.
Avatar n tn I had a pain to my right side under the ribs over two years. I did all tests, US, x-rays,gold bladder, etc. to find why I have a pain every day. I couldn't slep on my left side due to pain. I couldn't sit longer....Every day pain, pain, pain My pain come in after car accident where I was sitting as a passenger and the crush was from my R side. All doctor's said because of your accident..... Finally 3 years after car accident I decided do colonoscopy.
Avatar n tn To answer your questions: 1) Atelectasis is collapse of part of the lung. 2) This refers to the end of the esophagus having thicker than normal walls. Inflammation in this area can be a possible cause. 3) This means the small bowel is bigger than normal. 4) Thickening of the colon in this case is hypothesized to be due to the fact that the colon was not "inflated" at that point, so it appears to be folded upon itself.
144586 tn?1284666164 I see ninety ounces of fluid recommended for a hundred pound female. In an elderly patient you are lucky to get 28-32 ounces in them in the course of a day, even if you try youe best. Lack of hydration causes bowel impaction and increases the probability of a stroke, among other problems. So it is extremely important. One of my little girls is a hundred and eight years old. The super-elderly require care that is beyond the abilities of the average run-of-the-mill caregiver.
144586 tn?1284666164 Usually they try for the easiest vein, which is the left or right medial antecubital (in the crook of the elbow). What you don't know is that many (but not all) hospitals throw away the blood drawn by the paramedics and remove the line and start another even if the line is perfectly good. The reason provided is "insurance liability". Thus we start another line and waste another vein. There are only so many good veins available.
Avatar n tn Colostomy irrigation is a way to regulate bowel movements by emptying the colon at a scheduled time. The process involves infusing water into the colon through the stoma. This stimulates the colon to empty. By repeating this process regularly -- once a day or once every second day -- the colon can be trained to empty with no spillage of waste in between irrigation. Colostomy irrigation also can help you avoid constipation. Colostomy irrigation is a personal decision.
Avatar n tn Colon cancer is slow growing and that is why screenings are important because it allows it to be caught in treatable stages. The family history you have has already been taken into consideration. I would think a question for the doctor would be if the insurance company was not an issue, would they think you needed a colonoscopy right now? There is an alternative to the coloscopy called Cologuard Here is some information on it https://www.webmd.
7003050 tn?1390124013 If you are a smaller person you can actually feel your stool in the right ascending colon. Once the stool moved to the transverse colon it's harder to feel. Going to the bathroom and your normal colonic movement will move the stool along. Sometimes women notice it after pregnancy as we get more in tune/focussed on our abdomen. So totally normal.
Avatar m tn What people do not realize about GERD and proton pump inhibitors is that the drugs do not stop GERD, they merely decrease the amount of stomach acid produced (which can have other not-so-good effects over the long term, particularly in the elderly). If, as frequently happens with GERD, it is caused by a weak lower esophageal sphincter, then you are going to get some reflux particularly at night lying down..
Avatar n tn there could be loads of different reasons for the above and i am sure all treatable but i would think if u have not been a trip to your doc would be in order.
Avatar n tn I have told my doctor many times, that it feels like my descending colon (the last part of the colon before reaching the rectum) is paralyzed. It seems like the stool isn't being moved along like it should be. I have to take MiraLax every other night. This is not recommended as a regular softener. LOTS of fiber and drinking WARM water is very helpful. You really should request an appointment to see a gastro specialist. Something needs to be changed....
1701959 tn?1488551541 I am really freaking out over it. I will make an appointment to see my doctor in the morning but of course the first thing that comes to mind is Colon Cancer... I have no other symptoms, has anyone else ever experienced this? Thank you....
Avatar f tn The doctor seemed alittle lost and said she has never seen that before just wanted to make sure it isnt dangerous