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1506428 tn?1290113504 People who develop colon cancer at a young age like yourself usually have an hereditary colon disease in the family like FAP ( Familial Adenomatous Polyposis). There are two forms, one is where thousands of polyps develop in the colon between the age of 8 and the teen years. With the attenuated form, polyps develop slowly and just a few at a time. With one cancer develops by their late 30's, the other by their 40's. It is very rare for one your age to develop polyps.
Avatar n tn Im 25 years old and also having a hard time finding info on colon polyps in young people. I have no family history of polyps or other digestive problems mentioned on this board. Recently, i had a colonoscopy and ultrasound performed for abdominal cramping/hot flash/feverish feeling/ and consistently abnormal bowels over a 6 month timespan. The ultrasound revealed I have a 1cm polyp in my gallbladder (so i will get it removed soon) and, much to my Dr.
280234 tn?1532986249 I was wondering if any other young adults have been diagnosed with colon polyps? I'm a 34/f who was recently diagnosed with a 1.1 cm "Tubulovillous adenoma" during a colonoscopy (was seeing blood/mucous in stool for about 6 months). The lab report came back that it was benign, and my GI doctor said follow up with him in 3 years. From what my GI doctor told me, and what I've read about these, they are considered precancerous. Following up in 3 years makes me nervous.
Avatar f tn Familial Adenomatous Polyposis is an hereditary colon disease. It usually presents with polyps in the colon starting at the age of 10, and depending on the type of FAP the polyps do turn cancerous either in the 30's or late 40's. It's extremely rare to develop colon cancer at your age even when this disease is in the family. The three of you need to meet with a Gastroenterologist to determine if this is what is in your family.
Avatar m tn But as a side finding the doctor found two (6mm and 7mm) sessile serrated polyps in my transverse colon. I am terrified. Does this put at super high risk of colon cancer since I am so young and there were two? She said I should come back in 3 years for another colonoscopy, but I am concerned that I should come back sooner. My paternal grandmother had colon cancer in her 70s and had some of her colon removed and then lived to 86.
Avatar m tn Your GI doctor should have suspected this right away. Have you had a parent develop colon cancer at a young age? You need to have FAP ruled out because there are many facets to it that you need to be aware of. Supernumerary teeth can be a symptom, also what they call "bear tracks" which are tiny brown spots found behind the eye. You may have "osteomas" which are bony tumors of the head, wrists, hand, or head.
Avatar n tn You need to ask your doctor if this is FAP. It's an hereditary colon disease that causes up to thousands of polyps to develop in the colon. You don't state your age but polyps usually start to develop as young as 10. Have you ever lost a family member at a young age to colon cancer?
Avatar m tn At your age, I seriously doubt you have cancer and this would have shown up for sure in your colonoscopy. There are other causes for bleeding, and I would get a second opinion on this. I don't feel your current GI doctor is doing you any good, this is creating a lot of worry with you, and you don't deserve to not have answers. Get a second opinion, it can make a world or difference! I wish you all the best and take care.
Avatar f tn I have the same question regarding a colonoscopy being done? They need to check for polyps in his colon as well. Were his polyps removed? He's very young to have polyps and this needs to be addressed as well as there is a colon disease that is hereditary which presents with polyps at a young age. Keep Vaseline (petroleum jelly) on his anus at all times to keep it from being sore and irritated. Did the GI say what was causing the redness in the stomach?
Avatar m tn I am 36 years old. Long history of chronic diarrhea, abdominal pain and other IBD type symptoms. Currently being tested to rule out Crohn's. Had colonoscopy a couple days ago, and while my doctor didn't find evidence of Crohn's/IBD, he found two polyps in my left (descending?) colon. He said they were approx the size of the bed of his finger nail...(1 cm?) or so...and he removed them and sent them to pathology.
Avatar n tn t even know the disease is in the family until they develop colon cancer at a young age. If it is, I would like to share some information and experiences with you, and things to expect. My son is a marathoner, ultrathoner, mountain biker, speed hiker, and competes in jujitsu, so you see you can have a normal life. But he and his wife have chosen to not have children due to the risks involved.
Avatar m tn At age 29 you are very young to have developed colon cancer although very occasionally it can be demonstrated below the usual age range 40/50+. You should seek medical advice preferably from a G.I. specialist and, unless the doctor can definitely assure you that the cause is minor (e.g. anal fissure, hamemorrhoids etc) I suggest that you request a colonoscopy - and maybe also at the same time - an endoscopy.
160332 tn?1207762545 My great grandma died of colon cancer... and other colon problems run in the family, like IBS and polyps. And of course everyone in my family that has had these problems were much much older than I. I'm 27/M in great shape, I lift weights, going to college, raising my son, very busy! Anyway I have had bowel problems IBS for a long time, but I have noticed over the past year an increase in a slight amount of blood when im at the end of my "wipe".
Avatar f tn okay, I am a 23 yr old female. My father passed away with colon cancer at the age of 51 so this subject is touchy and very scarey for me. For months now.I have been having colon spams..PAINFUL PAINFUL colon spasms..I was actually up all nite friday nite crying because I was hurting lower front and then of course the sharp pain in lower section as well. I have been to the GI doctor..the same one my father seen at that.
Avatar f tn It could literally be any of these. At your age, I doubt the Colon Cancer or Polyps, unless you have a family history of it, which then it is still unlikely at that age. Either way, do yourself a favor, to prevent stress and anxiety and go get checked out by a doctor. They may take one look, see some hemorrhoids, prescribe you some cream and you'll be on your way.
Avatar n tn a new study shows that eating three servings of fish per week appears to cut the risk of developing colon polyps that could lead to cancer. Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health and Vanderbilt University in Tennessee surveyed more than 5,300 individuals about their eating habits. All of those surveyed also had colonoscopies.
Avatar n tn Hi, I don't want to worry you, but do you have a history of colon cancer in your family? I ask this because we do, and the first symptom were mutliple polyps in the colon. BUT with our disease the polyps don't appear until around age 10 and through puberty. Polyps always start out benign and can, not always, turn malignant. The disease in our family is FAP, and my children were being scoped yearly for this. They were found in both my sons at ages 12 & 16, and my grandson @ 10.
Avatar f tn Only my grandma, nobody else even polyps. My parents who are over 50 both got colonoscapes, neither one of them had any polyps. Diet. Colon cancer and rectal cancer may be associated with a diet low in fiber and high in fat and calories: Probably A sedentary lifestyle: Yeah, but do try to get at least a little bit of exercise each day. Diabetes: Nope Obesity: I'm only 135 pounds Smoking. I don't smoke Alcohol: I don't drink Growth hormone disorder: I don't think so.
Avatar f tn Only my grandma, nobody else even polyps. My parents who are over 50 both got colonoscapes, neither one of them had any polyps. Diet. Colon cancer and rectal cancer may be associated with a diet low in fiber and high in fat and calories: Probably A sedentary lifestyle: Yeah, but do try to get at least a little bit of exercise each day. Diabetes: Nope Obesity: I'm only 135 pounds Smoking. I don't smoke Alcohol: I don't drink Growth hormone disorder: I don't think so.
Avatar m tn I've had two colonscopies since age 50, my first colonoscopy found a pre-cancerous polyp (had a more dangerous figure, I was told) along with other benign polyps that was which was removed (had no side effects after) I did a follow up colonscopy the year after and another pre-cancerous polyp (except to a lesser degree) was found and removed along with other benign polyps around the same area, the 2nd colonoscopy from a different surgeon I had a lot of stomach pain after.
Avatar m tn Their is a condition known as FAP (Familial Adenomatosis Polyposis) there are two forms one is where you develop thousands of polyps within the colon, the other is the attenuated form where you slowly develop one to several through the years, which will turn cancerous. This is an hereditary disease, although it can happen sporadically. If inherited one of your parents would be affected.
Avatar m tn Colon cancer is very rare at your age, and there would be bleeding. Polyps are also rare at your age unless there is an hereditary colon disease in your family. If you haven't had any family member diagnosed at an early age with colon cancer.....I wouldn't worry that it's cancer. I know we tend to think the worst, but there are other things that can cause this.
577395 tn?1277401364 Hi....finding multiple polyps in one this age is common and that's why they tell us to start getting scoped at 50, so this is not unusual for your dad. They always biopsy the polyps when removed and unless he's been having bleeding or pain, I feel they'll come back okay. Hepatic Flexure is the area of the colon that lies between the liver and pancreas and that is how it gets it's name.
Avatar m tn I would suggest that you not use the charcoal regularly. It can cause your body to not be able to absorb the nutrients you need. Your other choices for treatment are good choices for people with IBS, especially if your IBS tends toward constipation more than diarrhea. Yes, fast food does tend to irritate IBS, regardless of whether it tends toward diarrhea or constipation. I get nauseous if I eat something that I know irritates my IBS, then I get constipated.
Avatar f tn I'm no expert, just family who have experienced colon cancer. Most of the time, you'll get unusual digestive symptoms and often blood if there's colon cancer. Your husband didn't have blood in his stool samples, so that's good, and he hasn't experienced digestive problems, so that's also good. The whole idea is to catch colon cancer early, better prognosis, and that's why they push these colonoscopies.
Avatar m tn These are both very accurate. Fecal Occult Blood Tests are done to determine if you have a bleed that may be higher up that you wouldn't see in your stool. The very best way to view the colon is with a colonoscopy, this allows them to go in and look directly at your colon. If you are concerned then I would have this done for your peace of mind. Has anyone developed colon cancer at a fairly young age in your family like 30-40's?
Avatar m tn You were extremely young to have polyps, are they keeping a close eye on this? I know your recent tests were fine, but there are other conditions that present with polyps between 8-10 years of age. Like I said in my last post, I think it's your gallbladder as inflammation of it would not show up in the tests they ran. Hopefully someone else can be of more help. Take care.