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Avatar n tn Finally, you might ask your doctor to do a genetic testing if they keep growing in large numbers. You also didn't mention where the polyps were found. Sigmoid colon polyps are more likely associated with nutrition status, whereas ascending colon polyps are more likely to be genetic. Take care & good luck!
Avatar n tn No it cant be from the stomach. Sigmoid colon is the most common area where polyps arise. Only after seeing the biopsy report anything can be told about the nature of the polyp.
Avatar n tn I had a screening colonoscopy in Aug and to confirm a resected polyp was complete an EUS was done in Nov. Resected polyp OK but "multiple 5mm polyps were noted throughout the colon". How unusual is this? Only a couple in Aug and then many in Nov!!
Avatar m tn I am curious why only the sigmoid colon was respected. This is a relatively new syndrome. Hyperplastic polyps have previously been viewed as merely inflammatory with little, if any, malignant potential but patients with hyper plastic polyposis syndrome clearly have an increased risk. Close surveillance is the recommended course with resection if this is not feasible. Resection in this situation typically means an abdominal colectomy.
Avatar f tn Hi smilie114, Sigmoid is part of colon. Sigmoid polyps can be 1. Benigh lesion (which is not dangerous) or a cancerous lesion 2. A simple biopsy and histopathological examination will tell you whether it is benign or cancerous. You have not mentioned -- 1. The reasons for undergoing Upper GI endo and colonoscopy 2. Any family history of colonic cancer 3. Any blood or mucus in stools 4. Weight loss The histopathological report will tell you more. Any biopsy taken from the polyp?
Avatar n tn pANCA positive (34) although colonoscopy biopsy results show focal active colitis with tissue eosinophilia in rectum, sigmoid, and descending colon, and mild eosinophilia in Ileum and moderate eosinophilia in Cecum. CT scan normal except for a targetoid soft tissue density involving the proximal small bowel most compatible with transient intussusception. Capsule endoscopy showed one area of aphthous ulceration in the distal jejunem/proximal ileum.
Avatar m tn I was really hoping to wake up to good news and a clean bill of health. Instead, he found 20 small polyps. My heart sank. 16 of these were in the ascending colon. I was still groggy, and I need to have a follow up visit after the biopsies come back, but he said it’s possible I may have to have that part of the colon removed somewhere down the line. Has anyone else had a problem with polyps like this? I am at the very beginning of researching this.
Avatar n tn The cause of the bleeding would partially depend on the answers to the questions above. Bright red blood in the stool would usually indicate the bleeding from the rectum, anus or sigmoid colon. Maroon colored blood would have its etiology at the transverse and right colon, while black and tarry stools would most likely indicate bleeding from the upper gastrointestinal tract.
Avatar n tn I have had colon surgery wherein 2 feet of my colon was removed. It was removed because there were so many polyps in one area. As it turned out one of them was malignant. I had no symptons, this was discovered by a routine colonoscopy. I have been recuperating now for 2 1/2 months. I did not need chemo or radiation. Lately, I have been experiencing gas pains in my lower abdomen, and mucuous from my rectum. I have submitted a stool sample and am awaiting results.
280234 tn?1470139763 I was wondering if any other young adults have been diagnosed with colon polyps? I'm a 34/f who was recently diagnosed with a 1.1 cm "Tubulovillous adenoma" during a colonoscopy (was seeing blood/mucous in stool for about 6 months). The lab report came back that it was benign, and my GI doctor said follow up with him in 3 years. From what my GI doctor told me, and what I've read about these, they are considered precancerous. Following up in 3 years makes me nervous.
433485 tn?1321816990 My surgeon was able to successfully remove 7 inches of sigmoid colon and re-attach so I was spared the colostomy. After the procedure, the surgeon told me that the part of the colon that he removed was very very small! He said he had a difficult time and had to use a 25 guage (?) connector due to the narrowness of my large colon. He also said that the diseased part was only 20 gauge and he could barely get his finger inside.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with colon cancer (sigmoid) invading into bladder wall as well as vagina. Had a colostomy (might be reversable in future) done prior to 6 week radiation and chemo therapy. Now my surgeon told me that strong possibility that I will have my bladder removed and about 3 cms taken from the top end of my vagina (had hysterectomy 8 years ago). Right now going thru CT scan, MRI and PET scan to determine size of tumor after therapy.
Avatar m tn My wife has gone through a number of colon examinations from a full colonoscopy 3 years ago to a failed (only the sigmoid could be done) 4 months ago to a double contrast barium Xray a month ago because of the failed Colonoscopy to a Virtual (CT) colonoscopy a few days ago. This first exam 3 years ago found 3 non cancerous polyps to nothing being found in either the failed colonscopy and Double contrast Barium Xray.
Avatar f tn If I had a few precancerous polyps surrounding a cancerous one in a particular part of my colon. Personally, I'd get that part of the colon excised to prevent future growth. Also, you need an endoscopic ultrasound to confirm clear margin and no surrounding lymph nodes enlargement. You need abdominal CT and chest CT to confirm no metastasis and to be your baseline for future surveillance. You need CEA blood test.
Avatar m tn The adult video colonoscope is inserted into the rectum and advanced to the mid sigmoid colon. There was an acute turn at this level which we could not pass under direct vision. Therefore this was withdrawn and the gastroscope was advanced to this level and then on to the cecum. On withdrawal from the cecum bowel prep was of good quality. The vascular pattern throughout the colon appeared normal. On withdrawal no polyps or masses were seen.
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Avatar n tn sigmoid colon adhesions/colonoscopy HFHSM.D.-ym 5/11/1999 (4) Re: sigmoid colon adhesions/colonoscopy This is a different ?..
Avatar n tn sigmoid colon adhesions/colonoscopy This is a different ?..
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Avatar n tn My ascending colon is pretty good with only a few twists but my transverse colon goes across makes a sharp turn and comes all the way back across, then another sharp turn and returns to the descending colon side, makes a loop then zig zags down to the sigmoid and makes two more loops. I am appalled that none of these doctors asked for the barium enema when they had so many problems with the colonoscopy. They could have ruptured my colon by forcing their way through.
Avatar f tn He removed all of the colon to the sigmoid colon and reattached the small intestine to it. I had 2 1/2 more large intestine than I should have. Granted the surgery was only suppose to have a hospital stay of a week, I ended up staying for a month due to complications but in the end, I would do it all over again. My bathroom visits are down to 2mins or less. I just get in there and get it done. Hallelujah!!
Avatar m tn I had a sigmoid colon polyp (2-3 mm) that was removed and it turned out adenomatous type. Dr. also found some nodular lesions in the last part of my small intestine (terminal ileum) and they turned out to be benign. I do not have any family history of colon cancer and am 48 yrs of age. What would be my best option? Please advise. Thank you so much.
4581910 tn?1356791983 7 Polyps and 3 Adenomas were removed 2 and a half years ago during a Private Colonoscopy and I handed the report to my GP. with pictures. I thought no more about it and were glad they were gone. Massive weight loss of 45% of body weight in 5 months and for past 18 months no action taken by GP when i took several bloody stool samples in. They were destroyed but thankfully that information is in my records that i bought. Now seeing a Gastro. Took 5 months just to talk to him.
987242 tn?1335494370 I've already had a colonoscopy followed by a sigmoidoscopy and a ct scan. Thereis something closing my sigmoid colon in both the colonoscopy and sgimoid, but biopsies came back negative. The ct scan shows an abnormal thickening of the colon wall. They believe it is my endometriosis, but always mention that colon cancer can have the same apperance as what my ct scan is showing. I also believe it is endo, but them mentioning cancer everytime is scaring me.
Avatar f tn There was low grade oedema and vascular injection in descending colon and sigmoid colon - photo an biopsy. To arrange further scope At follow up different Dr ' no follow up needed! exercise as increases the pain, frequently bloody stools, constipated 7/8 days Three weeks ago similar pain waking me at night, stomach on a spin cycle! not eating took paracetamols for about a week, go Gp, back hosp she thought gynea?
Avatar n tn Having lower left sided pain near my ovary or sigmoid colon since I was diagnosed. Pelvic ultrasound done two weeks ago and shows 5cm cyst on left ovary. I am bloated and the left side of my colon has spasms, and makes gurgling sounds. I also had skinny stool twice in the last 8 months. I finally got the courage to get a sigmoidoscopy, was told I have polyps in my rectum and need a full colonoscopy. Now I am scared, I wasn't sure if the bloating was from the ovarian cyst or my colon.
Avatar m tn 1. Why polyps have been grown so fast in my colon, particularly why the polyps found in the last two years all had moderate dysplasia? Does it mean that there are some demons in my digest system or in my body that have been making these pre-cancerous conditions in my colon? 2. Do I need do some further exam, such as CT, ultrasound scans or CA19-9, CEA blood tests to exlude some potential bad causes in my digest sysytem or other related part of my body?
Avatar n tn Failure of a section of colon to fill with barium (filling defects) may be caused by spasms in the colon wall, polyps, cancer, or retained stool. A tortuous sigmoid colon simply means that there are a lot of "twists and turns". By itself, this is an anatomical variant and not linked to a specific disease. The next step would be a colonoscopy, which is a more comprehensive test to evaluate the colon wall, polyps, or cancer.