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Avatar n tn I had my colonoscopy today and he said he found 2 polyps in the sigmoid colon and biopsy a thickened fold in the sigmoid colon. Also said I have Diverticulosis of the sigmoid colon. Does anyone know what this means?
Avatar m tn I am curious why only the sigmoid colon was respected. This is a relatively new syndrome. Hyperplastic polyps have previously been viewed as merely inflammatory with little, if any, malignant potential but patients with hyper plastic polyposis syndrome clearly have an increased risk. Close surveillance is the recommended course with resection if this is not feasible. Resection in this situation typically means an abdominal colectomy.
Avatar n tn Hi, you did not mention the diameter of your polyps. Small polyps can be missed in the first colonoscopy. Also, it depends on whether you've been eating healthy (red meat and low vitamin D speed the growth). Finally, you might ask your doctor to do a genetic testing if they keep growing in large numbers. You also didn't mention where the polyps were found.
Avatar m tn I was really hoping to wake up to good news and a clean bill of health. Instead, he found 20 small polyps. My heart sank. 16 of these were in the ascending colon. I was still groggy, and I need to have a follow up visit after the biopsies come back, but he said it’s possible I may have to have that part of the colon removed somewhere down the line. Has anyone else had a problem with polyps like this? I am at the very beginning of researching this.
Avatar n tn 1. Why polyps have been grown so fast in my colon, particularly why the polyps found in the last two years all had moderate dysplasia? Does it mean that there are some demons in my digest system or in my body that have been making these pre-cancerous conditions in my colon? 2. Do I need do some further exam, such as CT, ultrasound scans or CA19-9, CEA blood tests to exlude some potential bad causes in my digest sysytem or other related part of my body?
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with colon cancer (sigmoid) invading into bladder wall as well as vagina. Had a colostomy (might be reversable in future) done prior to 6 week radiation and chemo therapy. Now my surgeon told me that strong possibility that I will have my bladder removed and about 3 cms taken from the top end of my vagina (had hysterectomy 8 years ago). Right now going thru CT scan, MRI and PET scan to determine size of tumor after therapy.
Avatar f tn This is a very rare combination of diverticulitis of the sigmoid colon and arthritis. There is no name of this disease or reason for why it occurs. Very few cases have been reported and documented in medical history. As he has already been cured of diverticulitis by surgery and all his parameters tested near a Rheumatologist are negative clearly suggest he does not have any auto immune disease.
Avatar n tn I had a screening colonoscopy in Aug and to confirm a resected polyp was complete an EUS was done in Nov. Resected polyp OK but "multiple 5mm polyps were noted throughout the colon". How unusual is this? Only a couple in Aug and then many in Nov!!
Avatar n tn I recently had a colonoscopy, which revealed tubulovillous adenoma, 1 CM, with focal high grade cell dysplasia. The doctor removed the polyp, with a diagnosis appearing to be free of dysplasia. Frankly, I am from the Boston area and now reside in Florida. I have a LOT more confidence in a Boston doctor's opinion. I am 54 years old, smoke and drink occasionally. The doctor suggests I have another colonoscopy in 6 months.
Avatar f tn My question is, is the left ovary located in the front, with the sigmoid colon running behind it, or is the left ovary and sigmoid colon side by side or is the left ovary located behind the sigmoid colon? The reason for this is because I can feel a lump in my lower left side, right where I think my left ovary is located, however, know that the sigmoid colon is located in this same area and so I'm trying to determine whether the lump is caused by my ovary or by my colon?
280234 tn?1532986249 I was wondering if any other young adults have been diagnosed with colon polyps? I'm a 34/f who was recently diagnosed with a 1.1 cm "Tubulovillous adenoma" during a colonoscopy (was seeing blood/mucous in stool for about 6 months). The lab report came back that it was benign, and my GI doctor said follow up with him in 3 years. From what my GI doctor told me, and what I've read about these, they are considered precancerous. Following up in 3 years makes me nervous.
Avatar m tn I had a sigmoid colon polyp (2-3 mm) that was removed and it turned out adenomatous type. Dr. also found some nodular lesions in the last part of my small intestine (terminal ileum) and they turned out to be benign. I do not have any family history of colon cancer and am 48 yrs of age. What would be my best option? Please advise. Thank you so much.
Avatar f tn My question is, is the left ovary located in the front, with the sigmoid colon running behind it, or is the left ovary and sigmoid colon side by side or is the left ovary located behind the sigmoid colon? The reason for this is because I can feel a lump in my lower left side, right where I think my left ovary is located, however, know that the sigmoid colon is located in this same area and so I'm trying to determine whether the lump is caused by my ovary or by my colon?
Avatar f tn The colon from beginning to end is composed of ascending, transverse, descending, and sigmoid colon, followed by rectum and anus. The gastroenterologist starts from the anus and works backwards. Oftentimes, the sigmoid colon (or first bend as your doc called it) is tortuous, resulting in an incomplete colonoscopy. Alternative imaging modalities: Barium enema is old school and less frequently used nowadays. A better option would be CT colonoscopy (virtual colonoscopy).
Avatar f tn Hi, you cannot male decisions on pathology report alone. First of all, whenever you get a path report indicating cancer, ALWAYS ask your doctor to send the glass slides to a major cancer center with good pathology department for a second opinion. It looks like your tumor is in situ and slow growing one (well differentiated and no lymphovascular invasion are a good thing, but again, these findings need to be confirmed by a second opinion).
Avatar n tn I ended up in the hospital over the holidays and was advised to have an elective colon resection due to all of the scar tissue that had formed and the fact that my colon, in the sigmoid area, was starting to stricture( close up). I had it over 3 months ago and am recovering, although slower than I am a very impatient patient. I don't know if I was immune to the antibiotics or not, but know they weren't working!
987242 tn?1335490770 ve already had a colonoscopy followed by a sigmoidoscopy and a ct scan. Thereis something closing my sigmoid colon in both the colonoscopy and sgimoid, but biopsies came back negative. The ct scan shows an abnormal thickening of the colon wall. They believe it is my endometriosis, but always mention that colon cancer can have the same apperance as what my ct scan is showing. I also believe it is endo, but them mentioning cancer everytime is scaring me.
Avatar f tn On the other hand, colonoscopy evaluates only rectum, sigmoid colon, descending colon, transverse colon, ascending colon, and terminal ileum (very end of small bowel).
Avatar m tn Hi, is it a tortuous colon? a tortuous sigmoid colon, also referred to as a "redundant" colon, is one that is longer than it should be. If it manages to become twisted because of its elongation, it can begin to cause severe cramps, gas and bloating as well as stools that are not always regular. Because its a structural abnormality, dietary changes may not help much, but you can focus on preventing constipation. Drink plenty of water.
Avatar f tn Yes you need to see a colorectal specialist, now not later, my husband came to me in the beginning of March and told me there is blood in the toilet, I took him down to the Cleveland clinic the same day they looked him over and sent him for a colonoscopy and then to a colorectal specialist they did a lot of test and he had cancer in the sigmoid, they removed the whole sigmoid and the polyps around it and gave him an ileostomy for 3 months and then in 3 months they reversed it.
Avatar n tn I also have some wall thickening, spasms (very painful) in my large intestine and a tortuos sigmoid colon. I was offered surgery to remove 30cm of my large intestine or antispasmodic medication. The medication has eased the spasms although I'm still in pain but not all the time (but for a large part of the day still). Will surgery still be necessary? Am I just putting off surgery with the medication. I have read it's a progressive chronic condition. Is that correct?
Avatar f tn In 1940, Schatzki (1) stated, “The difficulty in differentiating diverticulitis, particularly of the sigmoid colon, from a carcinoma is as old as the knowledge of diverticulitis as a disease.
Avatar m tn Recurrence summer 2018 in the pelvic area, tumor pressuring sigmoid colon and ureter. Started Folfiri 8/2018 to 8/2019. Stable for 111 months, Folfiri stopped worked during summer 2019. Surgeries in October to place a double J in ureter and stent in sigmoid colon, then did 5 radio therapies. Rx to start Folfox after radio. Done 1 cycle. The only heavy side effect was constipation.
Avatar f tn The other one would leave 6 – 8 inches of my sigmoid colon. Do you know which of these is most often done for colonic inertia? Is one more effective than the other? In addition, the one taking my entire colon would join the small bowel to the rectum at a right angle. The other one would attach the small bowel going straight down into the sigmoid colon. Do you know which of these techniques is best? It seems like going straight down would be but I’m not sure. Thanks much!