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Avatar m tn But as a side finding the doctor found two (6mm and 7mm) sessile serrated polyps in my transverse colon. I am terrified. Does this put at super high risk of colon cancer since I am so young and there were two? She said I should come back in 3 years for another colonoscopy, but I am concerned that I should come back sooner. My paternal grandmother had colon cancer in her 70s and had some of her colon removed and then lived to 86.
Avatar f tn I had a colonoscopy 2 weeks ago. Two sessile polyps removed, 7mm and 8mm. Were to be sent to pathology. Now told the tissue was destroyed and nothing was sent to the lab as the Dr. 'was certain it was fine'. My mother died of colon cancer. Shouldn't my tissue have gone to pathology? I am very upset over this and don't know what to do.
922679 tn?1249093046 I'm just a bit anxious because, as I'm sure you realize, this sort of thing can be pretty scary for a 20-something. No one my age wants to be worrying about colon cancer, polyps, and colonoscopy. :( It isn't fair. It's a bit depressing because it's so unusual that I feel alone in my circumstances. Anyway, sorry to ramble. I suppose I don't have any follow-up requests for specific information at this time. Maybe I'll have some later on.
Avatar m tn Had colonoscopy a couple days ago, and while my doctor didn't find evidence of Crohn's/IBD, he found two polyps in my left (descending?) colon. He said they were approx the size of the bed of his finger nail...(1 cm?) or so...and he removed them and sent them to pathology. He kept saying it was unusual for my age and that although we didn't find the reason for my symptoms, it was VERY good we were in there and found those polyps etc...
Avatar n tn I started in 1992 when I discovered the polyps and removed the colon, had 1997 perforations and fistulas and more, almost died that time during operation just like him with respiratory failure and all for 5 days and not able to come back, 9 weeks no food other than IV, had a miracle on the 7 day and had been fine since then with no more complications, had gastric polyps that they used to call just gastric polyps until just now, this last month my polyps have gone crazy, my stomach is now innum
Avatar n tn i just yesterday had a colonostomy done and had 2 polyps one was 4 mm sessile in the descending colon and the other was 30mm at the splenic flexure of which they were unabe to get all of it but he said looked very suspicious for cancer. he used the term frank cancer and high grade dysplasia. can you inlighten me on your thoughts. I am not afraid of having cancer i can deal with this i have a strong family network and i am a strong person but would like some outside input on this .
Avatar f tn I am scheduled for surgery to remove two pre-cancerous polyps that could not be removed during colonoscopy as one is too large and flat and one is ulcerated. They are close to each other allowing one resection. HOWEVER, the two surgeons I have consulted with both say the same thing: that they will remove the appendix, cecum, ileum cecal valve, some lymph nodes in that area and, I believe, some blood vessels (a curtain).
Avatar m tn (1 -) sessile polyp in the cecum behind the ileocecal valve of 3 cm. villous appearance, (2 -) in the ascending colon pedicle adenomatous a 12mm. (3 -) in the transverse colon near the hepatic a adenomatous also 10mm (4 -) in a splenic pedicle transverse-10mm. I talked to the Surgeon and she said that she has to cut from the polyp (-3) transverse colon near the hepatic to the (-1) sessile polyp blind.
Avatar n tn Benign lesions would include colonic sessile polyps or adenomas. However, it is still early to jump into conclusions and it is best to wait for the biopsy result to settle things.
Avatar n tn The only condition where adenomas appear under 30 id familiar adenomatous polyposis FAP), which is genetic (you'd for sure have a relative with adenomas in his/her young age), and goes with dozens of colonic polyps. Yet another type is Hereditary Non-Polyposis Colon Cancer (HNPCC), increases the risk of colon cancer, often beginning in the 20s and 30s, but does not cause a large number of polyps.
Avatar n tn The usual screening recommendation is about 5 years interval, but in your situation, a 2-3 year interval screening is reasonable (considering you have lots of polyps removed). I would suggest that you ask your doctor about further colon cancer reduction strategies such as the intake of drugs such as aspirin or COX-2 inhibitors which have been shown by studies to reduce the rate of adenoma recurrence and eventually cancer prevention.
Avatar n tn I just had a colonoscopy where they found 3 benign polyps which were removed, and a serrated polyp which was described in the pathology report as follows: "This benign serrated polyp shows no cytologic dysplasia and largely resembles a hyperplastic polyp; however, there are some architectural features suggestive, but not diagnostic, of sessile serrated adenoma." They then recommend "complete excision of this lesion.
Avatar f tn I had a colonoscopy and endoscope of my stomach two years ago. I had two small polyps removed as a result of my colonoscopy and was told to come back in 5 years to repeat (I am 47, but asked to have the colonoscopy before the recommended age of 50 for personal reasons). There was nothing else abnormal with the colonoscopy, and they found a small fundic polyp that was unremarkable. I had some epigastric pain back then and they put me on Prilosec which took care of the pain.
Avatar f tn I had an internal hemmrhoid but was advised to have the colonoscopy because my paternal grandmother died of colon cancer years ago. They found a 5mm adenomous type polyp and said I need to be rececked in 3 years. My questions are: aren't I too young for this type of precancerous polyp given I eat healthy, not obese, etc and my second question and probably most important is that 6 years ago I had a colonoscopy (rectal bleedng) and it was clear. Did this 5 mm polyp grow in just 6 years?
Avatar m tn I am 62 year old F with a history of polyps, i.e. 5 polyps at age 30. Have been polyp free until a few weeks ago. I had routine checkup and for first time, after six months of stomach pain, bloating, etc. five polyps and a lesion appeared and were biopsied. 4 were insignificant, one was hyperplastic and the lesion in my cecum was reported to me first by a nurse as sessile serated adenoma which needed follow up treatment.
Avatar n tn The report from the colonoscopy indicates that the colon and rectal surgeon performing the procedure located and removed one polyp. The polyp is described as a 1cm semi-sessile polyp of the ascending colon just above the ileocecal valve. The biopsy report, which is lacking for detail, states in its diagnosis section "Fragments of tubulo-villous adenomatous polyp, 211.3." Accordingly, as reported to me by my physician, the biopsy report indicates that the polyp was benign.
Avatar f tn We have FAP in our family and from what I know adenoma polyps and the sessile serrated are only different in shape, both are pre-malignant and need to be removed. In our family thousands of polyps carpet the colon and removal of the colon is their only hope. I lost a husband, brother-in-law, son and grandson to FAP, I would much rather have been dealing with a sessile. So long as you remain vigilant with your scopes, you will be fine. Take care.
Avatar n tn I had a recent colonoscopy and the doctor found 2 sessile polyps.They were benign with no dysplasia about 2cm each.My gastro doctor is reccomending I have surgery to have my colon and rectum you agree?
577395 tn?1277404964 4cm polyp removed via snare cautery Ascending Colon - 0.5cm polyp removed via snare cautery Cecum - 0.6cm, 0.7cm polyps removed via snare cautery IMPRESSION: Multiple polyps. R/O attenuated polyposis syndrome. Diverculosis.
Avatar n tn It does not mean that you have cancer. There are also polyps that sessile - do not have a stem or stalk (peduncle) - and may need to be watched or removed in another manner.
Avatar m tn Whith the loss of (probably) the terminal ileum and some portion of the large colon/small colon, one of the things you will experience is the lack of a 'valve' that allows for measured amounts of contents to move from the end of the small intestine into the large intestine. You may find that you have more frequent bowel movements or fecal material passage into and through the large intestine. It it sometimes referred to as 'dumping' issues.
Avatar m tn I had a colonoscopy done on 20 August and the doctor removed 3 polyps in the cecum and stopped the proceedure because he ran out of time. I still have 5 polyps left in the ascending colon and now have to go in to have them removed on September 24. Why could the Doctor not have removed them all at the same time. I think $$$$$ Help!
Avatar f tn Thank you for letting me know about the saline technique to raise the polyp. Do you know if serrated polyps are more dangerous than non-serrated adenomas? And, may I ask why you went to a cancer center since you don't have cancer? Are we about the same age? I don't know anyone who has had these polyps except you and I. Take care.
Avatar n tn Now at the end of September I started having irregular bowel movements and stints of blood and tons of mucus and became worried and had another colonoscophy and she removed 2 more colon polyps on thursday the 11 of october and I can't believe I havent gotten the results back yet. I know what this type of circumstances can do and I want to know. I called and will find out on monday. It took 3 days for my last colonscope.
Avatar n tn Just had mine done 1/28. Agree with all the other comments regarding prep [disgusting tasting Fleet's], uneventful actual day of procedure [out, don't remember anything after first 3 minutes], little to no residual discomfort. [Two polyps, small - "sessile" - removed; Benign, at least from first assessment.] Had to be taken next door to the hospital radiology / xray dept to have a BE [barium enema] and xrays, because GI Dr couldn't get to final part of colon with scope.
Avatar f tn I would like to know if people ever get 'second opinions' after colonoscopies with findings such as what were included on my recent report (see below) with an adeonoma polyp. I am a 45-year old pre-menopausal female with no known colon cancer in the family, but had a colonoscopy because of anemia of unknown causes. Here is what was found on my colonoscopy: 5 mm tubular adenoma negative for high-grade dysplasia or malignancy (it also mentions semi-sessile in the report).
Avatar n tn I am a 42 year-old woman who has had bright red blood in my stool off and on for several years. My grandfather had colon cancer and my father has had several sessile polyps removed (my grandfather was over 60 when diagnosed, my father in his late fifties). I had a colonoscopy in 2001 which showed only internal hemorrhoids, and another colonoscopy in November 2005 that showed internal hemorrhoids and one small benign inflammatory polyp.
Avatar f tn Hi smilie114, Sigmoid is part of colon. Sigmoid polyps can be 1. Benigh lesion (which is not dangerous) or a cancerous lesion 2. A simple biopsy and histopathological examination will tell you whether it is benign or cancerous. You have not mentioned -- 1. The reasons for undergoing Upper GI endo and colonoscopy 2. Any family history of colonic cancer 3. Any blood or mucus in stools 4. Weight loss The histopathological report will tell you more. Any biopsy taken from the polyp?
Avatar f tn I would like to know if people ever get 'second opinions' after colonoscopies with findings such as what were included on my recent report (see below) with an adeonoma polyp. I am a 45-year old pre-menopausal female with no known colon cancer in the family, but had a colonoscopy because of anemia of unknown causes. Here is what was found on my colonoscopy: 5 mm tubular adenoma negative for high-grade dysplasia or malignancy (it also mentions semi-sessile in the report).