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Avatar f tn Have 3 large polyps on right side of colon got to have surgery is there any concerns?
Avatar n tn I have a half brother that died from colon cancer. My family has a history of polyps, thus I had my first colonoscopy at 37 (2 polyps) then at 46 (2 polyps) All benign thankfully. I've had complete annual physicals for the past 5 years and all good thankfully. I am due for a colonoscopy and am stressing about more polyps. Also have anxiety and that's flaring up because of the colonoscopy. Should I be concerned? Thank you!
Avatar f tn do all polyps turn into cancer? and are there different types of colon polyps?
Avatar m tn ve had two colonscopies since age 50, my first colonoscopy found a pre-cancerous polyp (had a more dangerous figure, I was told) along with other benign polyps that was which was removed (had no side effects after) I did a follow up colonscopy the year after and another pre-cancerous polyp (except to a lesser degree) was found and removed along with other benign polyps around the same area, the 2nd colonoscopy from a different surgeon I had a lot of stomach pain after.
Avatar n tn Hi, I don't want to worry you, but do you have a history of colon cancer in your family? I ask this because we do, and the first symptom were mutliple polyps in the colon. BUT with our disease the polyps don't appear until around age 10 and through puberty. Polyps always start out benign and can, not always, turn malignant. The disease in our family is FAP, and my children were being scoped yearly for this. They were found in both my sons at ages 12 & 16, and my grandson @ 10.
107693 tn?1252864443 5th i had endometrial polyps removed...results are benign too... doctor said something about the colon polyps results...she said hyperplastic...i dont know what she was getting at...I will be seeing her in two weeks and hopefully she can clarify what she meant.. How concerned should i be! Should there be any treatment..
Avatar n tn I think there is a difference between bowel/colon polyps which should be removed, and benign stomach polyps caused by PPIs. I was diagnosed today with a stomach polyp and told it was most likely a result of long term use of a PPI (in this case Pariet). Does anyone know if benign stomach polyps develop into something nastier, grow bigger, can be reduced by diet, or changing PPI med?? Thanks This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn Hello lindsey, Thanks so much for reporting the outcome of your procedure. I'm very, very glad to hear that your polyp was benign. I've just gone through a colonoscopy in which flat polyps were found. I'm very, very glad my polyps were benign. (Now you know I have lots of empathy for your situation!) While waiting for the biopsy results I researched flat polyps and learned that there are special procedures for removing large flat colon polyps.
280234 tn?1532986249 I was wondering if any other young adults have been diagnosed with colon polyps? I'm a 34/f who was recently diagnosed with a 1.1 cm "Tubulovillous adenoma" during a colonoscopy (was seeing blood/mucous in stool for about 6 months). The lab report came back that it was benign, and my GI doctor said follow up with him in 3 years. From what my GI doctor told me, and what I've read about these, they are considered precancerous. Following up in 3 years makes me nervous.
Avatar n tn d for sure have a relative with adenomas in his/her young age), and goes with dozens of colonic polyps. Yet another type is Hereditary Non-Polyposis Colon Cancer (HNPCC), increases the risk of colon cancer, often beginning in the 20s and 30s, but does not cause a large number of polyps.
Avatar f tn adenomatous (adenomas) and hyperplastic. Adenomatous polyps (adenomas) of the colon and rectum are benign (noncancerous) growths, but may be precursor lesions to colorectal cancer. The chance of having polyps is also increased in patients with a family history of colorectal polyps or colorectal cancer, including inherited disorders such as Gardner’s syndrome and familial adenomatous polyposis.
974371 tn?1424653129 Have a friend that is about 82. He had surgery fop or colon cancer about two years ago. He has been on some type of Chemo and oral meds since. Was told on one CAT scan, it was stable. Last CAT scan showed rumors had gotten bigger. I don't have many details. The doctor has stopped the Chemo and Cancer meds. Said he discussed it with some board and no other treatment suggested. I find this hard to believe! Can't they do surgery again to remove the rumors?
160332 tn?1207762545 My great grandma died of colon cancer... and other colon problems run in the family, like IBS and polyps. And of course everyone in my family that has had these problems were much much older than I. I'm 27/M in great shape, I lift weights, going to college, raising my son, very busy! Anyway I have had bowel problems IBS for a long time, but I have noticed over the past year an increase in a slight amount of blood when im at the end of my "wipe".
Avatar n tn I had a screening colonoscopy in Aug and to confirm a resected polyp was complete an EUS was done in Nov. Resected polyp OK but "multiple 5mm polyps were noted throughout the colon". How unusual is this? Only a couple in Aug and then many in Nov!!
Avatar m tn As per Pathology report all are benign. why and what is the next step. Daughter suggest to remove full colon. my Question why. Do these can be remove with or without surgery?
Avatar m tn I am 31 and 2 years ago was having problems with some blood in my stool, ignored it for a couple of months then went and had a sigmoidoscopy done. They found 2 small polyps (benign) which is good. But I am not sure when to go back to get tested again. Polyps run in my family on both sides, and my moms mom died of colon cancer in her early 70's but it was never caught until late so they assume it started in her 60's. So do I go get the full colonoscopy?
Avatar m tn I assume they removed the polyp, even if it were benign. If Im not mistaken, a benign polyp does not require any special follow-ups and another colonoscopy would not be needed til you were 50. I would visit the GI and let him know whats going on. Polyps take a long time to grow and even more to become cancer. Most of the timelines are 10 years, hence why colonoscopies are recommended at 50, because 60 is the age colon cancer becomes an issue.
Avatar f tn Diagnosed years ago with IBS and a long history of hemorrhoids and adrenal fissures. History of pe- cancerous colon polyps at 29. Last colonoscopy was 4 years ago. Last month I unexpectedly lost 14 lbs in less than 2 weeks. Dr sent off blood work(normal), mammogram(normal) and chest, abdomen and pelvic CT. CT showed a calcified granuloma in my lung(usually benign from my readings) and segmental colitis with majority thickening of ascending colon.
177337 tn?1310059899 i agree with mammo. You need another look at the colon. My husband grows polyps like crazy. His were found well before 50. Colon cancer runs in the family. After a couple of checks he was able to go about 3 yrs between colonoscopies. When he went in to be rechecked, they found more polyps. Yes, they can grow quick. You may have had them so small two yrs ago that the scope didn't see them plus the test is good but not perfect. Listen to me and mammo and call your Dr.
Avatar f tn Thank you for letting me know about the saline technique to raise the polyp. Do you know if serrated polyps are more dangerous than non-serrated adenomas? And, may I ask why you went to a cancer center since you don't have cancer? Are we about the same age? I don't know anyone who has had these polyps except you and I. Take care.
Avatar n tn I have no history of colon cancer in my family, though I had a benign polyp removed about 4 yrs ago. I am diagnosed with IBS. I have no weight loss (other way around) but have been very stressed past couple of years. My toilet habits have not changed, I have had no fever. My stool looks normal shape and color (other than mucus and blood). I ma due for an endoscopy and colonscopy soon. But I want to know; is this most likely cancer?
3986919 tn?1352125983 s side) (many relatives died from it) Any way, the doctor did remove a polyp. Thank God it was benign. BUT he said there are a few different kinds of polyps .... Some won't turn into cancer and some might or will turn into cancer..... My polyp WOULD have turned cancerous if it was left to grow. The doctor told me to call my brother and sister and tell them to have a colonoscopy asap. He also said my 3 children, when they turn 40 NOT 50 should have a colonoscopy.
Avatar m tn Now my concern is that whenever he had colonoscopies in the past they always cut out polyps and they were always benign, but polyps can possibly become neoplastic. The gastroenterologist also says they can't do the colonoscopy in the hospital with a platelet infusion because there is no indication for it. I want to know if there is anything that can be done because I'm afraid it can eventually grow into cancer?
Avatar f tn Had a colonoscopy 2 yrs ago and had 2 polyps removed(benign) .I had hepatitus in Oct. That is now cleared they say it was due to overuse of aceteminthan.. I recently had blood work and stool culture done..It shows high sed rate, high IgA and Atypical panca (lab works says that 80% with this combination of IGA has Chrohn's..Also have high bun/creatitine levels,low vitamin d and low calcium. Can anyone offer suggestions on if they think this could be Chrohn's and arthritis?
Avatar m tn I'm a 36-year old male, and have the following family history: My uncle (my father's younger brother) died of colon cancer at the age of 40. He was an active steroid user & active consumer of red meat during his 5 years as a professional football player. My father had a colonoscopy at the age of 43, and a few benign polyps were detected and removed. Also, my grandfather (on my father's side) died from colon cancer at the age of 70.