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433485 tn?1321813390 no problem :) yeah it's an older drug (one of the oldest and cheapest ones) I still use it, the current name is clindinium & chlordiazepoxi and I was told the name is "librax" I don't have spasms (least I don't think so).. the doctors thought i did have IBS/colon spasms to explain my left sided pain... so that's why they gave it to me and i noticed it helped a little for me especially at night.. but I think I have sphincter of oddi dysfunction.
Avatar m tn Can colon spasms also create hip pain? It definitely causes back & abdominal pain.
Avatar m tn I have been diagnosed with Colon spasms. My episode started with pain in the lower-left side of the back and the lovwer-left front side below my belt, then I noticed blood in my stools. My Doctor diagnosed me with diverticulosis. I had a colonoscopy and had a few polyps (no Cancer - Thank God!!!). However, I have been haunted by this for over 2 years now and am going in for another Colonoscopy. My Doctor claims I have Colon Spasms, but I also get feverish a lot and get the chills often.
Avatar m tn The water leaking could be due to the uncontrolled spasms/pain your colon is producing. Also, things like peppermint tea has been known to be a natural antispasm remedy. Drinking a few of these a day can help out.
Avatar m tn Anything that gets the colon working can cause colon pains, and cramping. When the colon is active is when most people with IBS find issues with pain, cramping, urgency,etc. Thats why early mornings are troublesome for IBS sufferers. The colon wakes up when you do and starts to go to work. When you do a cleanse like that, you are having your colon work doubletime, therefore it could cause it to start creating pain, cramps or spasms.
Avatar n tn the pain than goes down to my intestine area and i have very sharp pains and this continues for 2 days or so... getting better with time, but i dont know why it happens... i have gotten a endoscopy and a sigmoidscopy done and in the sigmoidscopy the GI said that ur colon is very clean. and the endoscopy showed a small hernia and some gastritis...
219373 tn?1274921434 my doc thinks i might be having colon spasms as well as esophageal spasms which would account for my symptoms but the meds i was given are not helping. i have not been diagnosed with MS as of yet but was wondering if anyone has experience with this or knows if MS can cause it.
Avatar n tn Is there anyone who suffers from severe colon spasms, bloating, back pain with attacks and last for several days. Drs say its irritable bowel syndrome but, i have tried several medications for irritable bowel syndrome and nothing seems to help me except for a heating pad and being confined to the bed for several days until the attack subsides.
1440074 tn?1283996071 The pain is pretty constant with spasms very often, and when I have a spasm the pain is so intense that it causes my entire body to tremble. I would describe the pain as almost like a bite near my butthole. Nothing I have tried has given me any relief. I have googled my symptoms and the only thing I have found that sounds somewhat simliar is an anal fissure, chron's, or colon cancer.
Avatar f tn t I be having lower abdominal pains rather than upper pains if it was my colon. How is the burning in the upper part of my stomach related to my colon?
Avatar f tn Sometimes, though not often, the spasms move downwards into my abdomen and cause spasms in my colon. It feels as though my gut is twisted, and I get bad cramping pain. I am then unable to have a normal BM, and only able to pass a small amount each time, and at those times I have 8 - 10 small BMs a day (not diarrhoea). After a few days the spasms in the colon stop and my BMs are back to normal. But the spasms are back in my diaphragm and chest.
Avatar f tn I have been having uncomfortable spasms at the top of my colon toward center of my chest. I just had a colonoscopy and an endoscopy. I have a small hiatal hernia and reflux. I have had a sonogram and a cat scan. No explaination for spasms. It isn't constant and it goes away for a few days. It comes back, feeling like something is stuck in colon and ist trying to push through. It isn't painful just very uncomfortable. It is at top of my rib cage on right side toward center.
Avatar f tn The presence of the diffuse spasms could cause a lot of pain and possibly something like diarrhea, if either of those are some of the symptoms of the problems you are having.
433485 tn?1321813390 However, my gi prescribed Bentyl (sp) as he says I have a hypertrophic (?) colon, which he explained is due to all of the diverticular episodes I had, causing my colon muscle to become enlarged. The reason he have me Bentyl is that he thinks that my colon is therefore spasming and causing me to still be experiencing some pain. He also gave me probiotics, which I thought was great as my old gi did not believe in anything like that.
Avatar f tn thanks for the help guys, turns out it was my colon causing the problems. dr perscribed a muscle relaxer for my colon and now im pain free.
Avatar f tn I have been having colon spams..PAINFUL PAINFUL colon spasms..I was actually up all nite friday nite crying because I was hurting lower front and then of course the sharp pain in lower section as well. I have been to the GI doctor..the same one my father seen at that. and he told me that colon spasms were wat I was having and could be caused from my nerves..
Avatar m tn The tightness starts in my back area under my ribs and then when it gets really bad the pain travels around front, it becomes hard to breath with a lot of pain in my chest. Makes me think I am having a heart attack. Then the more frightened I get from pain, the worse it gets. When my husband was living, he would just talk to me real calmly and then hold me. As I centered on his voice it would start to release. Now I lay down and try to focus on calming thoughts.
Avatar n tn I also have some wall thickening, spasms (very painful) in my large intestine and a tortuos sigmoid colon. I was offered surgery to remove 30cm of my large intestine or antispasmodic medication. The medication has eased the spasms although I'm still in pain but not all the time (but for a large part of the day still). Will surgery still be necessary? Am I just putting off surgery with the medication. I have read it's a progressive chronic condition. Is that correct?
Avatar f tn and how likely is it. Or could it also just be spasms where it was fixed? The pain is not nearly as bad as it was. I just dont want to be getting sick again. And what can I do to keep it from happening again. I am 37 years old.
Avatar f tn I actually have a throbbing type sensation on the vaginal area all the time after intercourse. I always thought it was the strangest thing and honestly I've never asked my doc about it. It goes away after about an hour, but again mine isn't painful, just odd. What you are describing makes me think of the pain I had for years. They are called colon spasms.
Avatar f tn Changes in stool structure can be a function of spasms of the colon or possible changes to the walls/structural characteristics of the colon. You may want to schedule an appt. with your doc to have it checked out.
Avatar f tn Gastro put me on zanax and imodium to stop the spasms i never had diareha thought more prone to consitpation.. Gastro says my stress is in my intestines and i c can feel pain quicker than most. I can feel my entire intestinal trace moving and spasing. At times it would put my in the fetal position it was dibilitaeing. this is my idea of what happens.. after eating approx 20 mins i can feel it goe from my stomach into the intestine where something immediately goes wrong.
Avatar n tn In February I had a colonoscopy and they found polyps and ulcer and inflamation in my lower colon. My spasms are unpredictable and I have not noticed any relationship to activity or food. These are extremely painful. I have been offered no solution from doctors.
Avatar m tn I am having an adverse reaction to a colonoscopy (or prep) I had in early December. I am having painful rectal and colon spasms that are being described as an impartial prolapse. I have never had straining or pressure like this until the prep, which turned me inside out. Has anyone had this experience? The doctor wants to run a pelvic MRI on me and have me see a physical therapist. I will do anything to make this stop, it hurts, I'm sore and it's scary. Many thanks...
Avatar f tn I have pain in my butt during vaginal sex and when I open my vagina (just taking my hands to open it) I feel the same pain in my butt. There are no bumps on my butt and I really wish I knew what was causing this. I had an extremely heavy cycle this month which just ended. It was the heaviest cycle I've had in years. What could be causing this? I last had my yearly exam a year ago and there was no problems.
Avatar n tn I have very painful spasms in my colon quite regularly that is like a cramp that moves my colon around on the right side. It lasts sometimes for a minute or two. Is there anything that causes this. You can actually see the colon moving. It seems to be getting more and more painful as it continues.