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Avatar f tn During this time my energy is decreased. My pain level is high at least during the evenings and a dull achey level during the day. My stomach hurts just to lay straight on the couch. As I continue to have a small bowel movement through the evening the pain will gradually decrease but not go away. I am familiar with a "flair up" as my doctor calls it in my intestines and this does not seem to be that. IS THIS MY GALL BLADDER? What can I do to eliminate this problem?
Avatar f tn I returned home after 5 days with pills and a patch to control the pain. I was also told to see a pain specialist if the pain got worse. Has anyone else had this type of complication? Also, can anyone talk to me about his or her experience after this type of surgery?
1361820 tn?1277833830 Hi. Before my period I get pain on the left side of my abdomen and then the pain goes to my leg. I just want to know if that is normal. It started when I stopped using the pill about a year ago. Can u please help.
Avatar f tn Ever since last week when I went down 10mg I have had severe stomach pains. I drink Miralax once a day, take two vegetable pills 2 times a day and use liquid glycerin suppositories. I can use a suppository hold it for ten min and have results if I hold it an hour the results are not as good. I can use these a few times a day as long as I am showing results right.
Avatar f tn For the past 4 months I have had burning sensations and throbbing pain in that part of my colon, and in my lower left pelvic region as well. I also have had a UTI those 4 months, which will not go away. I'm doing everything I can possibly do (water, cranberry pills, DanActive) and I've been taking a medicine called Nitrofurantoin for about 2 months which seems to make the symptoms worse. A couple years ago I had the bacteria called C. Diff.
Avatar f tn The doctor seemed alittle lost and said she has never seen that before just wanted to make sure it isnt dangerous
110491 tn?1274481937 I have a colonoscopy coming up - my third one - have always used Fleet Phospha Soda but heard that it got pulled off the market, so my doctor wants me to I have problems swallowing pills and heard those are big ones. Overall, I am not comfortable with taking 32 laxative pills the night before. I have chronic constipation so it is a tricky issue anyway, I just don't think I can do the pills... I wonder what has worked for others? Pros, cons? Thanks!
Avatar m tn Rock-hard bowels can cut your rectum trying to get out of your colon. Colon washes may help, but they can deplete your necessary electrolytes that regulates your heart and more. I can suggest a try to help soften your bowels that should lead to a bowel movement. I suggest your purchasing at a pharmacy two Fleet's mineral-oil enemas and one regular Fleet's enema. Use one mineral-oil enema. Lie on a bed and raise your butt higher so the enema can move up your colon.
Avatar f tn Hi. I'm going to apologize for the length of this question first. I have a few autoimmune diseases. My colon is twisted. After I had my hysterectomy, I became severely constipated. Flubs out my colon n intestines a twisted. Making it hard to do a colonoscopy. I've had pain on my right side (where colon is) for YEARS. Before my hysterectomy. That's part of the reason they gave me the hysterectomy. That didn't help obviously. U can feel the stool in my stomach.
1733563 tn?1343321989 I had surgery in 2009 and had my left ovary, tube and a 10 cm cyst taken out. I was told I had extensive endo around my bladder and uterus. My dr. got out most of what she could. It was a surprise to her that she had no idea I had it. I didn't know either, though I speculated because I read a lot about cysts and the one that I had was an endometrioma. I have had heavy long periods. In July, I went to the dr. for my well woman check-up and he did an u/s.
Avatar m tn I would ask your doc about prescribing some anti-spasm medications which should calm down the pain your colon is producing. The water leaking could be due to the uncontrolled spasms/pain your colon is producing. Also, things like peppermint tea has been known to be a natural antispasm remedy. Drinking a few of these a day can help out.
Avatar f tn 3 times per week for at least 1 year) such as Dulcolax may result in a condition called cathartic colon. Signs and symptoms of cathartic colon include bloating, a feeling of fullness, abdominal pain, and incomplete fecal evacuation. Chronic use of stimulant laxatives can lead to other serious medical conditions such as fluid and electrolyte imbalance, steatorrhea, protein-losing gastroenteropathy, osteomalacia, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
Avatar m tn Ok Ive had 4 brain surgs & one colon cancer surg, stage 1.The pain Im experiencing is right lower abdomen almost in the crease between my leg & abdomen.Its not getting any better. Sometimes the pain is sharp & sometimes a burning pain. Its stronger if I have my legs crossed for a little. It happens walking, standing & sitting. Sometime the pain is extremly sudden.
Avatar n tn Is there anyone who suffers from severe colon spasms, bloating, back pain with attacks and last for several days. Drs say its irritable bowel syndrome but, i have tried several medications for irritable bowel syndrome and nothing seems to help me except for a heating pad and being confined to the bed for several days until the attack subsides.
1391134 tn?1280008443 I have a sharp pain on the left side around my colon. it hurts usually all the time but here and there it doesnt. when i lie down or bend over is when it hurts the most. i didnt wanna go get checked out for something dumb so i wanted to get other opinions on what the deal is.
Avatar n tn Believing that I have parasites I went to my doctor and I need to take some pills. Yesterday I had diarrhea (I believe is because of the pills) and I saw some black and red pieces in stools, black pieces is also not the first time in last 2 months. I also have for like 1-2 weeks lower back and sometimes hip pain, I believe this is not due to my bowel problems because I had some back problems, but I'm scared this is all related and I could have something worse.
Avatar m tn About 8 weeks ago I started taking a colon clense from GNC, about four days in to it I started to get constipated so I called the mfg of the product and he told me that was normal and to keep taking it. I did not keep taking it and I waited a week and still could not go, after three weeks of not going at all I went to the emergency room and they gave me a prescription for stool softner and sent me home.
Avatar n tn my colon rectal doctor says i have herpes in the rectum my test from last week igm igg all three where negative but he says i have herpes
Avatar f tn I get this intense pain in what seems to be my colon but cant say for sure just know it hurts and is intense.It can last up to ten minutes then goesaway .
1733563 tn?1343321989 I had surgery in 2009 and had my left ovary, tube and a 10 cm cyst taken out. I was told I had extensive endo around my bladder and uterus. My dr. got out most of what she could. It was a surprise to her that she had no idea I had it. I didn't know either, though I speculated because I read a lot about cysts and the one that I had was an endometrioma. I have had heavy long periods. In July, I went to the dr. for my well woman check-up and he did an u/s.
Avatar f tn It is kinda of scary the thought of having part of the colon cut out. I guess I was just assuming since I have only had pain and some issues with constipation that it wasnt that serious. Because it was not an acute problem and just a chronic one! We will just have to wait it out!
Avatar f tn So I have been worrying about colon cancer off and on for over 3 months right now. From what I've been hearing getting symtoms with colon cancer usually doesn't happen later on right? So let's assume ribbon/penceil thin stool is a symtom of colon cancer like everyone else says it it. If I had colon cancer since I started worrying about it, wouldn' things have gotten a lot worse for me by now and I would have a lot of the other symtoms by now too?
Avatar n tn Therapies include Lupron , depo, birth control pills, nuva ring, patch, etc. I used these methods continuously without withdrawal to stop my menstral cycle completely. I continue to have severe pain constantly. I had three more surgeries over the next few years and in 2004 I became pregnant. I delivered my son via c-section at 37 weeks . I then had one more endo surgery. I am now using the Mirena IUD (4th month) this is my first month with no period.
Avatar f tn Im 18 year old female who was suffering from severe constipation for 3 years without a cure, this year has been the worst, i've did several tests that showed that my large intestine is severly slow (kind of stopped working) anyways they told me that i need to have a colectomy i was happy at the moment because yea i struggled for 3 years and no one knowed about my problem, then they told me that i need to have a TOTAL ABDOMINAL COLECTOMY which means no large intestine at all, i had the surger
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Avatar f tn Hello, my grandfather is 55 years old and had always been in great health until polyps were found in his colon. He got them removed then shortly after was told he needed surgery. He elected to do the labroscopic (spelling sorry) surgery as opposed to the open surgery. He did not recieve a single CT scan before the surgery so during the surgery the doctor slipped and ended up cutting him open and taking out 60% of his colon. Home from the hospital for 9 days he called the dr.