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Avatar n tn Can you describe the pain you feel? Abdominal pain is rare in colon cancer. Cancer of the colon and rectum can exhibit itself in several ways such as: bleeding from your rectum or blood mixed with your stool; fatigue and pale skin; abdominal distension; abdominal pain; persistent nausea or vomiting; unexplained weight loss; change in frequency or character of stool; sensation of incomplete evacuation after a bowel movement or rectal pain. The duration of symptoms usually takes 14 weeks.
Avatar n tn I had a gallbladder removal in November 2010 since then I've had ongoing issues such as nausea,cramps,diarrhea and bloody stool... Surgeon sent me to a G.I and they performed a Colonoscopy on December 27, 2010... 6 polyps removed and sent to pathology.. have to wait 2 weeks for pathology.I've had moderate pain and diarrhea since. Question is.. why do I have to wait for pathology? from what I've read once they remove polyps there is no need to further test but yet the paper I received from my G.
Avatar m tn when i say irritation i mean a pain, but its hardly a pain at all and does not really hurt at all or anything. so what could this be? should i even be concerned or does this sound like something that will eventually go away on its own?
433485 tn?1321816990 I don't have spasms (least I don't think so).. the doctors thought i did have IBS/colon spasms to explain my left sided pain... so that's why they gave it to me and i noticed it helped a little for me especially at night.. but I think I have sphincter of oddi dysfunction. It helps relax muscles (all antispasmotics do) so it helps relieve pressure on my bile duct valve in theory.
110491 tn?1274485537 A liquid diet is usually prescribed starting about 12 hours before starting the regimen. Potential side effects include bloating, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. In Osmo-Prep (the newer form), the tablets are taken on the evening before and the morning of the colonoscopy. The evening before the test, 4 tablets are taken with 8 ounces of a clear liquid every 15 minutes for a total of 5 doses (20 tablets total).
Avatar f tn I currently also suffer with nausea , pain and sever stomach distention, pain up my bottom which i have been told are bowel spasms. I also at times find walking really painful and this can leave all the right side of my stomach tender to touch for a day or two after and thats while i am still taking the prucalopride. Will control of my bowel movements be that hard to control after my large bowel is removed?
Avatar f tn bad news was she would have to have surgery again because the doctor believed her colon was twisted, which was the cause of the nausea and remaining fever for the past few days. She went in for surgery again on Thursday, Aug. 26th to straighten out the colon. Doctor explained that her was not twisted, but that it actually had a huge hole where the perforation was done on the first surgery.
Avatar n tn I wont last long if they dont. Nothing is moving anymore, pain nausea, mucus leakage you name it. I cant eat anymore. one way or the other I dont think I'm going to have to worry about it too much longer. Given that in four years nothing has been done, I have my doubts and even less faith. I'll have to wait and see.
Avatar f tn Hi. I had 7 inches of my sigmoid colon removed last January. I can tell you that I experienced pain for quite awhile. I would say that I am starting to feel "normal" now. From reading through various posts here, I feel that it is all different for everyone. You can check out another thread called "problems after colon resection" and you will find others who have had the same surgery. I did not experience nausea but kept complaining about pain.
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Avatar m tn Morphine ineffective and returned to Dilaudid which he stopped within a day. No pain med now, pain only with excertion. Took an oral pain pill today but vomited it immediately. Day behind in getting up due to N/V. Surgeon took him off bp med and he was to resume oral med which doesn't work without being able to keep anything down even on clear liquids. Tubes out yesterday. No real improvement noted. In fact, n/v backsliding. Problem...
Avatar n tn June 5 I ended up in the hospital after my fever got up to 104 degrees F and the stomach pain and nausea got too bad. I had elevated CRP levels (some protein in the blood which indicates infection) normal is 4.9-6.0, mine was over 110. They chalked it up to a colon infection caused by maybe stress or something. After a bout of antibiotics I was better. It came back exactly a month later and gave me the same antibiotics. The small bowl xray is scheduled for a few weeks from now...
1247633 tn?1268766894 The nausea has become so severe that I have a hard time getting out of bed. The doctor put me on Reglan for the nausea and Percocet for the pain.
Avatar f tn My mom just had a tumor removed from her colon. The tumor is not cancerous. After surgery she was doing great for two days and then all of a sudden she began vomiting. We thought there was an obstruction but she is now having BM regularly. She has been vomiting for three days now. They removed her pain medication yesterday thinking that it was making her sick. Last night they also finally but the tube down her to suck the fluids out.
Avatar m tn For the past few weeks i have constipation with mild low abdominal pain and lower right side back pain, i have noticed that my bowel movements have increased over the last few weeks but so have my dietary habits because i have recently moved.
Avatar n tn A few months ago I had a horrible pain in my right side, which the dr. suspected was appendicitis. Many tests were run, including a CT scan and vaginal ultrasound to check the ovaries, and nothing was found except (embarrassingly enough) trapped gas and stool. I was diagnosed years ago with IBS and this runs in my family, but then it seemed to go away; lately, though, these symptoms--gassiness, pain/cramping/spasms in right side, mild nausea at times--have flared up without warning.
Avatar f tn It started as a severe pain under my lowest lying left rib, and swelling almost as if the organ underneath was swollen and pushing the rib out. I also had frequent small and very mucusey bowel movements. Our family doc said to try omeprazole. Its been about 4 weeks since, and that has eliminated the abdominal pains except for late at night and early in the morning. But I still am very constipated, I can go first thing in the morning but that is it.
Avatar n tn I'm not running off, I'm right here. It can subside and come back. If you were feeling nausea and abdominal pain, it is most likely perforated colon, especially if you haven't had a bowel movement since you inserted the brush...scar tissue can block the colon. It's embarassing, I know...but say you think you might have a perforated colon and they can check for you. They might need to do a colonoscopy, but it's for the best.
Avatar f tn I just had a CT scan and have been diagnosed with a "mild wall thickening of the ascending colon and hepatic flexure" suggesting a colitis. Endoscopy may be helpful to further evaluate. Everything that I have been reading says that the most common symptoms are stomach cramping, diarrhea (even bloody diarrhea), frequent loose stools, fever chills, nausea, weight loss, and tiredness. Out of all these I only have lower abdominal pain and tiredness.
Avatar m tn I have been having this for a year on and off.-waterworks++ and nausea when I have back pain. I also have upper back pain, abdominal and rib pain. I was just in ER a few days ago because of relentless back and abd pain and had to bring my legs up to my chest and rock or move my legs.I have slightly bulging thoracic discs but no nerve impingement but as I have fibromyalgia .I guess it doesn't take much abdominal bloating to irritate those nerves.
Avatar f tn This med is supposed to be for the pain and nausea. Can't say for certain but have had about 5 days of little to know nausea, which I woke up with every morning and it usually lasted most of the day, just made me housebound. I have actually tried eating something other than cereal and soup and have tolerated most foods, unless I eat too much at one time. I will get some upset and bloated. The Gabapentin makes me a little whoosy but I can function. Will see how the higher dose goes.
Avatar f tn So I just recently turned 18 (in June) and I have had a relatively sensitive stomach for most of my life. When I was younger I used to experience pain and some bloating after eating, but the pain wasn't too severe so doctors never investigated further. Anyway, since about May I have noticed that the stomach problems I have experienced periodically throughout my life have increased tremendously.
Avatar n tn My 13 year old daughter has this condition. She has distention, intermittent pain, constipation, bile reflux, and nausea. Her cecum and appendix have been seen in the upper left quadrant, center and high in the abdomen and in the lower left quadrant but upside down on xrays during upper GI series and lower bowel tests. We have had consults with several surgeons...two said not to perform surgery and one said the ascending colon should be tacked. He suggests laparoscopic surgery.
Avatar n tn Lots of gas - constant gas which I am sure is making the nausea worse. Some stomach/intestinal pain which has been fairly mild and only started the last few days, feels like indigestion or trapped gas. My stomach sometimes feels very clenched and tight. No blood in stool or vomit. Tiredness - unsurprising given I'm not able to eat much at the moment. I have some prescription ondansetron 8mg but they really aren't helping with the nausea at all.
Avatar f tn I have had a sharp pain on the left side of my abdomen, actually just had my second ultrasound down on my ovaries to make sure everything is in check, just waiting for those results. However, my mother passed away at the age of 50 from colon cancer, I am 36 and sadly to say have smoked off and on since I was 18 (never when pregnant)this makes me sick to my stomach that I still do this but it is such a terrible addiction and I cry almost nightly that I can't seem to kick the habit for my girls.