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Avatar f tn No, but I've worked with them when I managed health food stores -- what kind of digestive problems? My guess is, yes, they would be good for this, unless it's some disease state natural medicine can't touch. It's amazing what some digestive enzymes, DGL and aloe juice can do for people, or chamomile for relaxing the stomach. Or just chewing more slowly, which I'm unable to do but which can work wonders. Or some bitters to help get the digestive juices flowing.
Avatar f tn I get most of my IBS pain in the usual descending colon, where most of us get it, but I do get some pain right where you mentioned, so I know what you mean. A good way to go through the elimination diet properly is with the guidance of a naturopath or nutritionist who is familiar with these types of digestive issues.
Avatar f tn From wikipedia - Important organs of the left lower quadrant include part of descending colon, sigmoid colon, left ovary and Fallopian tube or left uterine tube. If abdominal pain or signs of peritonitis are localised in the left lower quadrant, the suspicion is increased for such conditions as colitis, diverticulitis, ureteral colic or pain due to ovarian cysts or pelvic inflammatory disease. Examples of tumors in the left lower quadrant include colon cancer or ovarian tumor.
1440074 tn?1283996071 starting on Sunday, I have been having very severe anal spasms along with a ton of pain, and some itching. It is very hard to sleep at night due to the pain. I have not been constipated, so I don't think it would be hemmorroids. It does not hurt to go to the bathroom either. The pain is pretty constant with spasms very often, and when I have a spasm the pain is so intense that it causes my entire body to tremble. I would describe the pain as almost like a bite near my butthole.
Avatar n tn My mother donated a kidney to a friend a month ago. Since the surgery, her colon has not started functioning properly. She is bloated and full of air and gas. She has also been experiencing a lot of pain with this. The doctors say that her colon is full of air and her colon isn't absorbing the fluids that it normally does; therefore, that space in her colon fills with air. They have given her medicine to help push the air out and help get her colon functioning normally again.
Avatar f tn It is kinda of scary the thought of having part of the colon cut out. I guess I was just assuming since I have only had pain and some issues with constipation that it wasnt that serious. Because it was not an acute problem and just a chronic one! We will just have to wait it out!
Avatar m tn then i went too a doctor and made stool and urine analysis that show that i was infected with giardia and amoeba and he gave me medicines and the pain after was a bit little less but with no vomiting , Diarrhea but i was still having Constipation and he told me that i might have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and he gave medicine for colon and told me that i was fine and nothing to worry about and not to be angry ,,, then the pain continuous for few months , And my stomach is always bloating with
Avatar m tn When i'm in pain and i push, pain lessens. An x-ray showed nothing on kidneys. Pain is not reflecting. Sometimes it hits from behind, right lower back. Thank you!
Avatar m tn My CT scan shows thickening of colon wall but the surgeon says that is not the reason of pain and that the pain may be a muscular pain. I feel that the pain in the lower abdomen which moves from middle to down is on account of strain caused because of exercise which has resulted in taring of muscle tissues. I am feeling very much uneasy on account of the pain. The surgeon suggested colonoscopy which I have to undergo.I am not able to attend my office work properly.
Avatar m tn is it possible for rectal bleeding caused by colon cancer to stop while taking a medicine like Varixinal? And if it's not possible, then does the fact that my bleeding can be controlled by this medicine prove that this is not a case of colon cancer? Thank you! Regards, Bubulinu.
743543 tn?1268763223 Hi, I am 26 yr old woman.. I am feeling itching aroung my anal area and feel pain in inside anal during passing stool.. can someone suggest me whom do i need to see.. i live in u.s.a.. do i need to see dermatologist or internal medicine doctor? can someone please sugget me..? thank you in advance..
Avatar n tn The native bacteria isn't really in the liver -- it's mostly in the intestinal tract, though our entire body is really a colony of organisms. And I've not heard that cleaning the colon disrupts beneficial bacteria, though it's certainly possible to do that in theory, I suppose, if you did it all the time. Periodic cleansing, either by fasting or cleansing, would seem to present a more hospitable environment for beneficial organisms by keeping it healthy, but who knows?
219373 tn?1274921434 she has also referred me to a surgeon for an evaluation of the abdominal pain if the medicine does not work. the swallowing problem is very scary. i can chew fine but then it seems like i have a very hard time getting the swallowing stated at the back of my throat and have to drink liquids to get the food to go down, especially if it is a little dry. i also have a horrible time clearing my throat of mucous so i constantly feel like i am suffocating.
Avatar m tn My CT scan shows thickening of colon wall but the surgeon says that that is not the reason of pain and that the pain may be on muscular pain. I feel that the pain in the lower abdomen which moves from middle to down is on account of strain caused because of exercise which has resulted in taring of muscle tissues. I am feeling very much uneasy on account of the pain. I am not able to attend any work properly.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have been having constant pain in my upper abdomen that radiates to my back and under shoulder blades for 1 week now. I was seen in the E.R. 1 week ago. They did a CT and blood work and said they were all normal. Since I have a history of diverticulosis the Dr. decided to treat me with antibiotics and pain medicine. I just don't think this is a diver attack. It is nothing like it. Does anyone have polyps in there gallbladder or cholestrolosis and is symptomatic? I am so tired of this.
Avatar m tn I can hear the liquid squishing, and sometimes the pain even radiates down my ascending colon. I can feel a large moveable lump in the ascending colon sometimes too, which the doctor says is probably gas. Why isn't my colon pushing this stuff along, and why am I hurting whenever anything is in there? I've tried increasing my fiber, narcotic pain meds do not help, tramadol helps a bit. Could this be candida? The liquid sounds almost foamy sometimes when I press deep there.
Avatar n tn I went to the doctors and they said I have a lot of acid reflux and put me on all sorts of medicine that I have been on since. Nothing really got solved. The pain started to go away if I avoided meat (could eat seafood). However recently, it came back triggered by anything that I ate. I had an Ultrasound, Barrium X-ray, Endoscopy all done and no solution.
Avatar n tn I have been having pain (ascending colon) for the past month below my right rib cage (extream right) , and the feeling tightness subsides when bed resting. Please advice what it could be & what should be done.
Avatar f tn One thing that should put you at ease...Lower left quadrant pain in the colon is one of the most common symptoms of IBS. And, as you've already noticed, STRESS and ANXIETY make your IBS act worse than it would otherwise. I would ask either your PCP or your GI doctor about an antispadmodic medication for IBS called Bentyl (Dicyclomine). Just be sure you have the doctor explain what the medication is and what the side effects are.
Avatar f tn 3 times per week for at least 1 year) such as Dulcolax may result in a condition called cathartic colon. Signs and symptoms of cathartic colon include bloating, a feeling of fullness, abdominal pain, and incomplete fecal evacuation. Chronic use of stimulant laxatives can lead to other serious medical conditions such as fluid and electrolyte imbalance, steatorrhea, protein-losing gastroenteropathy, osteomalacia, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
Avatar m tn I would ask your doc about prescribing some anti-spasm medications which should calm down the pain your colon is producing. The water leaking could be due to the uncontrolled spasms/pain your colon is producing. Also, things like peppermint tea has been known to be a natural antispasm remedy. Drinking a few of these a day can help out.
Avatar f tn I just had a cat scan done for severe lower adominal pain. The cat scan showed I had medication in my colon that was not digested is this dangerous and what does it mean. The doctor seemed at a loss and said she has never seen this before.