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Avatar f tn Is there a reason why more people will not do the colon hydrotherapy detox? Wouldn't this make more people healthier?
Avatar m tn I also had a few lymphathic drainage massages, and a colon hydrotherapy done which took away the swollen nodes under my arms, and reduced the swelling of the ones on my neck area. Before I went for the massages and the colon hydrotherapy, I experienced chronic fatigue, and after I did these procedures, my fatigue went away, and I have more energy now. The colon cleanse showed I had pin worms.
Avatar f tn Has anyone tried colon hydrotherapy ? I’ve done 3 treatments back to back already and it has decreased the symptoms but I don’t think it’s permanent. I started the treatment 3 days ago. It’s a machine that cleans out your colon for 45 min. It’s a good way to detox. I noticed after the first treatment I had less cravings for sugar. I pretty much forgot to eat for a whole day after the first treatment bc for some reason I didn’t feel hungry (I don’t recommend not eating).
Avatar m tn About a week ago I posted a question about colon hydrotherapy but I received no response. I had this treatment done and since then I have gone more than usual. I am scheduled for another treatment but I would like to know if this is accepted by the medical field as a safe and effective method of colon cleansing. Or some comments from others who have been through this before. Please respond.
473493 tn?1236836912 I also followed up with doing colon hydrotherapy to cleanse my system so that I could go to the bathroom regularly. After the session, I lost a whopping 7lbs! Now this is not typical, I just had a lot of gunk in my colon that needed to come out. I also used a natural appetite suppressant that helped curb my appetite. It worked wonders for me and it could help with your problem as well.
Avatar f tn The last visit to gastro Dr and Surgeon I was told they could do a balloon stretching of the colon. I am scared of any more procedures. I do not know what that procedure is called and I cannot find much info on it. Does anyone have any suggestions as I really need some answers at this time.
Avatar f tn I would go on a parasite cleanse. Parasites tend to cause G.I. spasms, especially when something is consumed that can potentially harm them. Easiest way to do this is go on a juice cleanse for a few days, buy some black walnut wormwood liquid and drink that, eat some pumpkin seeds, and consume some food grade diatomaceous earth which would kill the parasites.
Avatar n tn please see a most likely have pelvic organ prolapse! I developed this after my hysterectomy and also look into pelvic floor dysfunction...I understand your misery as I have been living since 2005...went from laxatives, to mag citrate to enemas to colon hydrotherapy...dr's saying I was addicted to the above methods...after a 6.5 hour surgery correcting my anatomy I went from the above methods to going 4-8 times a day...
Avatar f tn After doing the program for a week, I also had colon hydrotherapy to pull everything out of my colon that was undigested. It was so much stuff that came I go to the bathroom daily and have continued to lose the weight. Maybe you should try this method.
Avatar f tn I am terrified of having colon cancer well actually having colon cancer that has gone too far... I just wanted to let you know ( those who know my anxiety) that I am going to get done.. wish me luck!!! and good outcome.
Avatar f tn Hi, on my last colonoscopy, my gastroenterologist said I should have a repeat colonoscopy after 5 years because oI have a tortuous colon. I suppose that means he could not get a good look in that section of the colon. Meanwhile, my primary care doctor says that is NOT a good reason to have a repeat so soon because the procedure itself is risky. What to do? Please help.
Avatar m tn Try this:
Avatar f tn Do patients often wake up during the procedure? And is a tortous colon something I should worry about? I have not had much constipation but have had some episodes of IBS. I have not had surgeries on my abs so I'm not sure why mine is such a mess. This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Digestive-Disorders---Gastroenterology/dysplasia-and-enlarged-lymph-node/show/234040">dysplasia and enlarged lymph node</a>.
Avatar f tn The only way to diagnose colon cancer is through a colonoscopy. The doctor saying that to you was a little out of line. The swelling could be anything from IBS to colon cancer. Are you having any additional symptoms such as weight loss, narrow stools, or passing blood? You may also want to get some blood work to see if you are anemic. Not sure what to make about the spot on your liver. That could be something different from your stomach problems.
Avatar n tn Therefore if your relative was diagnosed at age 36 or younger, you should be screened now, otherwise you do not yet need colonoscopy and your insurance is unlikely to approve the procedure unless it is medically necessary. The procedure is not a big deal, although the prep is unpleasant. At 26 you are unlikely to have colon cancer, even with a family history, however you should have a fecal occult blood test and if it is positive your doctor should follow up. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I am having a colon done on thurs, my script was for moviprep, there are 2 ways to do the prep all in one day or half one day and the other half the day of the colon. I called my Drs. office and the secretary said do the two days, the 2 nd day 4 hours before the colon, that means i would have to get up at 3 am since i need to be at the hospital at 7. a m. i have had 4 other colons done and used different things but never used anything that you took the day of the colon.
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Avatar f tn Hello, My mother had all of her colon removed and had the small intestine connected to the rectum in 2003. We were never told the name of this procedure and was wondering what the medical terminology of this is called. She has been having trouble in the last year; every time she bends over she vomits and has the sweats with abdominal pain following. We were wondering that if we looked up the procedure, perhaps we could find out if this is one of the side effects.
Avatar n tn I took her to the doctor, but they are referring her to a specialist for a CT scan and a colonoscopy. Does this sound like colon cancer? If so, what should I expect? Is there anything else that it could be? I'm really worried about her.
Avatar f tn I just had my second colonoscopy on Tues after a colonoscopy one year ago. The first one was stopped because of a tortuous colon. I thought I was having a bad painful dream when in reality I must have woken up at one point as the Dr was trying to maneuver the scope through the twisted part of my colon. I was given the option of the enema(which I had years ago)or another colonoscopy with deeper sedation. I chose the colonoscopy. I was given "Propo...
Avatar m tn It doesn't make a lot of sense to me, either. Both of the flexures (splenic and hepatic) have quite a large 'bend' in them that is natural. Those bends are held in place by 'fixture' to other organs/structures via ligaments and connective tissue fascia. Some people do have 'kinks' that somehow develop and can cause gas to be trapped - perhaps though the development of adhesions.......?
Avatar n tn what is the procedure is performed when an instrument is used to look into your bowel
Avatar f tn I'm no expert, just family who have experienced colon cancer. Most of the time, you'll get unusual digestive symptoms and often blood if there's colon cancer. Your husband didn't have blood in his stool samples, so that's good, and he hasn't experienced digestive problems, so that's also good. The whole idea is to catch colon cancer early, better prognosis, and that's why they push these colonoscopies.
Avatar m tn Any medical procedure or treatment can have the rare complication. This is true for everything from surgery to taking aspirin. So with each treatment both you and your doctor need to weigh up the potential benefits of said procedure. I haven't heard of any secondary infections caused from a colonoscopy. However, my grandma has only weeks left to live because she didn't get a colonoscopy when she was recommended to at 50.