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Avatar f tn Is there a reason why more people will not do the colon hydrotherapy detox? Wouldn't this make more people healthier?
Avatar m tn I also had a few lymphathic drainage massages, and a colon hydrotherapy done which took away the swollen nodes under my arms, and reduced the swelling of the ones on my neck area. Before I went for the massages and the colon hydrotherapy, I experienced chronic fatigue, and after I did these procedures, my fatigue went away, and I have more energy now. The colon cleanse showed I had pin worms.
Avatar f tn Has anyone tried colon hydrotherapy ? I’ve done 3 treatments back to back already and it has decreased the symptoms but I don’t think it’s permanent. I started the treatment 3 days ago. It’s a machine that cleans out your colon for 45 min. It’s a good way to detox. I noticed after the first treatment I had less cravings for sugar. I pretty much forgot to eat for a whole day after the first treatment bc for some reason I didn’t feel hungry (I don’t recommend not eating).
Avatar m tn About a week ago I posted a question about colon hydrotherapy but I received no response. I had this treatment done and since then I have gone more than usual. I am scheduled for another treatment but I would like to know if this is accepted by the medical field as a safe and effective method of colon cleansing. Or some comments from others who have been through this before. Please respond.
473493 tn?1236836912 I also followed up with doing colon hydrotherapy to cleanse my system so that I could go to the bathroom regularly. After the session, I lost a whopping 7lbs! Now this is not typical, I just had a lot of gunk in my colon that needed to come out. I also used a natural appetite suppressant that helped curb my appetite. It worked wonders for me and it could help with your problem as well.
110491 tn?1274481937 Well, this IS my new doctor. The first procedure 2003 went well with Fleet but doctor was really bad and I was urged to go to a better one. So the second doctor (2006) is great but he said my Fleet prep was bad and he couldn't see all of my colon. I thought I did have a thorough prep but I guess not. He said next time he wants me to fast 3 full days, and clean out per HIS regimen two days before the procedure. That seems extreme. Not eating, just laxatives, for three days?
Avatar f tn I would go on a parasite cleanse. Parasites tend to cause G.I. spasms, especially when something is consumed that can potentially harm them. Easiest way to do this is go on a juice cleanse for a few days, buy some black walnut wormwood liquid and drink that, eat some pumpkin seeds, and consume some food grade diatomaceous earth which would kill the parasites.
Avatar f tn I'm so sorry you are suffering. I'm not a doctor and don't know much about this stuff but I would hope that while they investigated your symptoms last year, they did a colonoscopy. If not, that's something you might want to consider. I was terrified to have mine done last year. I had no problems whatsoever with the procedure. The worst part of the whole thing, for me, was the preparation.
Avatar n tn please see a most likely have pelvic organ prolapse! I developed this after my hysterectomy and also look into pelvic floor dysfunction...I understand your misery as I have been living since 2005...went from laxatives, to mag citrate to enemas to colon hydrotherapy...dr's saying I was addicted to the above methods...after a 6.5 hour surgery correcting my anatomy I went from the above methods to going 4-8 times a day...
Avatar f tn After doing the program for a week, I also had colon hydrotherapy to pull everything out of my colon that was undigested. It was so much stuff that came I go to the bathroom daily and have continued to lose the weight. Maybe you should try this method.
Avatar f tn This can affect travelers either in terms of what they drink or food preparation that requires water. It is easy to get sick from this type of situation. However, only your doctor could determine this. Make an appointment to see them. Most likely they will ask you to provide a stool sample that they analyze. They'll look for bacteria and/ or parasites. This is not uncommon and while unpleasant, can often be remedied.
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Avatar m tn I had an endoscopy done at the same time and it was very easy. The worst thing is the preparation (no eating, clearing your colon with laxitives), but the procedure itself is very very easy.
Avatar n tn My dad had colon cancer & Im wondering when I should begin to get check ups? Im 32 years old... Thanks...
Avatar m tn Two days ago i noticed that after having bowel movement at the end i had only blood. When using the laxative (during the bowel preparation) i had diarreah but no blood anymore. No weight loss, a LOT of appetite. My grandfather had colon cancer at the age of 85, but was treated with surgery and he died at the age of 96, from unrelated pathology. The problem is that the report from the CT colonoscopy will be available next week.
Avatar f tn Very good mama! It's very good to hear that you're already making plans for breastfeeding. Thankfully, we don't recommend any preparation accept for education. (ex. NO prenatal nipple stimulation, "toughening up" nipples) but there are things you can do. Start looking for a pump or learn hand expression incase you're ever separated from your baby and learn how to properly latch, boost supply...
Avatar f tn I have just recently been treated for C. Difficile because I have found that my Colon was inflamed. Now I have developed internal hemrhoids (gross I know) and I don't know what to do! I've tried to use preparation H and started using white oak bark. But thats only part of the problem. Sometimes I emit this odor that smells like I farted but only every so often. I know because people at school ask what smells like crap and who farted in my classes near me.