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Avatar f tn There's orange county north carolina too. You could ask your Dr. for a written referral to an orange county location similar to the one you go to (if you have a Dr.) Or spend some time calling, and asking around to see what they say. Cory.
Avatar f tn I live semi near by. In orange county. Not exactly sure how it is to live in commerce but I love living in orange county!! Commerce is good if you love shopping. Lol they have a big outlet mall.
Avatar n tn I am seeing a retina specialist in Orange County, CA for more than two years. My right eye had evidence of an inflammatory papillitis with probably secondary macular edema (that is what the specialist reported). My right eye was given a first subtenon's injection of Triamcinolone two years ago and eye sight came back to 20/20. The effect of injection was gone after one and half year. Again, I was given second injection six months ago.
Avatar m tn Looking for a doctor in Orange County, California that can speak to my son about his herpes diagnosis. Someone who might specialize in this area of medicine or a physician who is very knowledgable. Any first hand recommendations would be very much appreciated!
Avatar f tn Is there a reason why more people will not do the colon hydrotherapy detox? Wouldn't this make more people healthier?
Avatar m tn I also had a few lymphathic drainage massages, and a colon hydrotherapy done which took away the swollen nodes under my arms, and reduced the swelling of the ones on my neck area. Before I went for the massages and the colon hydrotherapy, I experienced chronic fatigue, and after I did these procedures, my fatigue went away, and I have more energy now. The colon cleanse showed I had pin worms.
Avatar f tn My Edd is 11/20 looking for mommy buddies. Anyone live in or around orange county?
4887252 tn?1366507495 im from orange county ca, & i moved to az with my bf in nov, my parents dont know if they can make it to see my baby come to this wworld, do u know if i can have her out there in ca so my family could be there?
1139187 tn?1355706647 Does anyone happen to know of a doctor for my friends wife who will do the ft3/ft4 and run a sonogram on her that they are pleased with in california. He is in orange county area and newport beach and irvine is the closest to him, but he said santa ana and huntington beach as well.
Avatar f tn Has anyone tried colon hydrotherapy ? I’ve done 3 treatments back to back already and it has decreased the symptoms but I don’t think it’s permanent. I started the treatment 3 days ago. It’s a machine that cleans out your colon for 45 min. It’s a good way to detox. I noticed after the first treatment I had less cravings for sugar. I pretty much forgot to eat for a whole day after the first treatment bc for some reason I didn’t feel hungry (I don’t recommend not eating).
1632656 tn?1310693271 I have insurance but they wont cover it because Im 38 lol I guess only kids get meds now lol so i really want to know how much they cost now,, I am in Orange County Ca,, I heard meds here run higher.
Avatar f tn If you mean Orange County California you could try UC Irvine Liver and Pancreas Services especially if you do have advanced liver disease.
4654179 tn?1595183520 Any mommy to be in the Orange County, CA area know of any reasonably prices photographers you can suggest.
438163 tn?1205460547 I can't thank you enough for the clinic information. I wonder why so many, even online sites, say it's illegal in CA? This seems like awful discrimination. Not that there's a good kind. Are these clinics under the radar?? What would you recommend the best way to contact them? I want to write, but only have the address. Don't know if there are other business at that location! Do you know the names?
Avatar m tn We are already with a pediatric specialist in Orange County, CA but would be willing to go anywhere for the right doc. My wife and I are extremely concerned. Any ideas on how to cope with it? What do you think about doing a colonoscopy prior to the MRI?
Avatar f tn Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum. We do have a list of Drs for you to use to research are right in that you need to find a NS that is a true Chiari specialist....too many Drs do not know how Chiari can and does affect us...... Only more testing will help determine what course of action you will require BUT I had surgery to help prevent the formation of a syrinx so, I feel you may be a surgical candidate....but make sure it is a true Chiari specialist.
Avatar f tn I currently live in CA (Orange county) and am considering the possibility of moving to TX (DFW) for work and be closer to my parents, sisters, nieces, nephews. I want to own a home and income property but it's so expensive in CA! TX is so much more affordable for our growing family. We pay $1,300 for a 2 bed, 1 bath small apt. There's 3, going on 4, of us.