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Avatar f tn Is there a reason why more people will not do the colon hydrotherapy detox? Wouldn't this make more people healthier?
Avatar m tn I also had a few lymphathic drainage massages, and a colon hydrotherapy done which took away the swollen nodes under my arms, and reduced the swelling of the ones on my neck area. Before I went for the massages and the colon hydrotherapy, I experienced chronic fatigue, and after I did these procedures, my fatigue went away, and I have more energy now. The colon cleanse showed I had pin worms.
Avatar f tn Has anyone tried colon hydrotherapy ? I’ve done 3 treatments back to back already and it has decreased the symptoms but I don’t think it’s permanent. I started the treatment 3 days ago. It’s a machine that cleans out your colon for 45 min. It’s a good way to detox. I noticed after the first treatment I had less cravings for sugar. I pretty much forgot to eat for a whole day after the first treatment bc for some reason I didn’t feel hungry (I don’t recommend not eating).
Avatar n tn I am wanting HCG shots, does anyone know a doctor in or around Jacksonville Fl that does them
Avatar f tn DR Oyakawa, I went to four different retina specialists in last 2 months. I live in jacksonville FL. Everyone say OCT and FA scan looks normal. Current DR I am seeing said it is the scar tissue that causing waviness. This scar tissue was not there when I first started seeing him. He said shots are not going to help me. I am assuming its excessive stretching of the eye causing this tear. I am considering to contact Dr Brian Ward in california as he is specialized in myopia?
Avatar m tn The nearest large city is Jacksonville, FL. We have an appointment August 3rd with the Mayo Clinic- but that is so far away! Are there any other neurosurgeons that you recommend in the Jacksonville area? Thanks!
Avatar f tn Thx so much I was on norco for on and off 6 yrs and everyday for 2yrs. Had 2 major spin surgerys in the last 7 mons. I started methadone 2 weeks ago today to come off the norco. Just starting to taper.
1730949 tn?1310104140 I am looking for other local families battling chiari. We are in the Jacksonville Florida Area. I have 3 sons who suffer from chiari!! We see Dr. Heger out of Wolfsons and we absolutely adore him and his staff.
Avatar f tn What part of Florida?
Avatar m tn I thought about going to Jacksonville Fl. instead but would like a clinic or Dr. much closer. Has anyone tried the homeopathic drops? If so; how were you're results?
Avatar n tn Canton ms lol and im sue march 24. What part of ms are you from and when are you due?
Avatar m tn If so, we are here to help anytime, day or night Lisa Jacksonville,FL
486038 tn?1300063367 I just looked to see if anyone had things to say about Jacksonville, FL. There is one post there that mentions someone favorably. There is also a glowing post about someone in Alabama. Check all your surrounding states and see what you can find.
Avatar n tn I have recently moved from TN where I have lost 32 pounds at a local diet clinic called "Weigh Less Weight loss"- anybody know of a clinic in Jacksonville where I can continue to get B12 shots and prescription phentermine?