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Avatar f tn Is there a reason why more people will not do the colon hydrotherapy detox? Wouldn't this make more people healthier?
Avatar m tn I also had a few lymphathic drainage massages, and a colon hydrotherapy done which took away the swollen nodes under my arms, and reduced the swelling of the ones on my neck area. Before I went for the massages and the colon hydrotherapy, I experienced chronic fatigue, and after I did these procedures, my fatigue went away, and I have more energy now. The colon cleanse showed I had pin worms.
Avatar f tn Has anyone tried colon hydrotherapy ? I’ve done 3 treatments back to back already and it has decreased the symptoms but I don’t think it’s permanent. I started the treatment 3 days ago. It’s a machine that cleans out your colon for 45 min. It’s a good way to detox. I noticed after the first treatment I had less cravings for sugar. I pretty much forgot to eat for a whole day after the first treatment bc for some reason I didn’t feel hungry (I don’t recommend not eating).
713012 tn?1229536099 so without health insurance what gastro intestinal doctor will work with me? i have not the means for medical help. I just moved to Berkeley and called the free clinic but they have not the resources to test for this kind of disorder.
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Avatar m tn About a week ago I posted a question about colon hydrotherapy but I received no response. I had this treatment done and since then I have gone more than usual. I am scheduled for another treatment but I would like to know if this is accepted by the medical field as a safe and effective method of colon cleansing. Or some comments from others who have been through this before. Please respond.
473493 tn?1236836912 I also followed up with doing colon hydrotherapy to cleanse my system so that I could go to the bathroom regularly. After the session, I lost a whopping 7lbs! Now this is not typical, I just had a lot of gunk in my colon that needed to come out. I also used a natural appetite suppressant that helped curb my appetite. It worked wonders for me and it could help with your problem as well.
Avatar n tn I was wondering if a 42.5 was high for a ca 19-9 test. Is 42.5 high?
Avatar f tn I would go on a parasite cleanse. Parasites tend to cause G.I. spasms, especially when something is consumed that can potentially harm them. Easiest way to do this is go on a juice cleanse for a few days, buy some black walnut wormwood liquid and drink that, eat some pumpkin seeds, and consume some food grade diatomaceous earth which would kill the parasites.
Avatar n tn please see a most likely have pelvic organ prolapse! I developed this after my hysterectomy and also look into pelvic floor dysfunction...I understand your misery as I have been living since 2005...went from laxatives, to mag citrate to enemas to colon hydrotherapy...dr's saying I was addicted to the above methods...after a 6.5 hour surgery correcting my anatomy I went from the above methods to going 4-8 times a day...
1287128 tn?1331134538 First let me say I am surprised by the lack of responses I've received from medhelp community. I've been a member for quite a while and although I'm not on too frequently I still usually get some sort of response. Anyways I posted a few days ago because I was diagnosed with a complex paraovarian cyst. The doctor told me he would do a ca 125 which is commonly used to help determine the chances a tumor of the ovaries is cancerous.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have appendix cancer but was thought to be advanced ovarian or colon cancer pre-surgery. I had CA-125 initially when it was thought to be 'just a cyst', following my CT results it wasn't possible to identify whether my primary was ovarian or bowel so I had CA-19.9 and CEA (and a colonoscopy). All were raised, more so the CEA and CA-19.9, the colonoscopy was clear. It turned out to be neither ovarian or colon cancer during surgery, although both organs were greatly affected.
Avatar f tn After doing the program for a week, I also had colon hydrotherapy to pull everything out of my colon that was undigested. It was so much stuff that came I go to the bathroom daily and have continued to lose the weight. Maybe you should try this method.
Avatar n tn Did your doctor give you a reason why your ca 125 was slightly elevated. Does scar tissue elevate a ca 125 test?
Avatar m tn My wife went for a medical check up 6 months ago and she order some test for the cancer marker. The result shown that her CA 19.9 reading at 200. Information from the net saying that CA 19.9 is related to pancreatic cancer, ovary cancer, colon cancer etc. She is 32 and do not have family history of cancer. Her medical report results other than the CA 19.9 is normal. She had done the ultrasound 6 months ago came back normal accept 4cm ovarian cyst on the left.
Avatar f tn Hi I am a 44 year old female, with recent bright red blood in my when i wipe after diarrhea. I have a history of colon polyps 1 year ago and my mother has colon ca Diagnosed June 07 with soft tissue mets (specifically 7.3 cm x 5.3 cm X3.5 cm paraspinal muscle met) confirmed with biopsy 9 days ago. Do you think I should seek another colonoscopy soon, I was told last year every 5 years, what are the chances mine is ca?
Avatar n tn Hello, Constipation can be due to many causes.They include slow passage of digesting food through any part of the intestine like irritable bowel disease, diet low in fiber, over-use of stimulant laxatives (e.g.
Avatar m tn J'aimerais si possible une reponse en francais svp. Le medecin m'a prescrit du protylol a prendre avant les repas. Ma premiere question: est-ce que je peux en prendre si j'ai mal au ventre, par exemple la nuit. Ma deuxieme question: est-ce que en plus de prevenir c'est suppose enlever la douleur ou s'il me faudrait un autre medicament pour ca. Je souffre de colon irritable, diverticule, et j'ai des adherences au colon alors le medecin n'a pas pu faire de coloscopie.
Avatar f tn Well, sudden and uncontrollable diarrhea is definitely something that hinders our actions and what we ca do. Have you had a diagnosis? Who told you that you have loops in your colon?