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Avatar n tn Hi Pasq, You've asked a more difficult question then you might imagine. I assume by "colon cleanser" you mean enema .... or do you mean laxative? The issue with suggesting enemas is they are not for everyone. If you are a candidate then other things need to be considered, like do you retain water, do you have a cardiac problem or any other medical conditions that might determine the best one for you?
2108469 tn?1334054530 s thyroiditis , an autoimmune disease , there is a good probability to have in the future more other autoimmune diseases . Seniors ¿ What do U think ?
Avatar n tn If the blood was bright red, it may be due to hemorrhoids. If you strained a lot, you may have suffered a small tear in your anus, nothing to worry about as it will heal okay on its own. See how your next few bowel movements are, and if the bleeding continues, talk to one of your parents about it. There are hereditary colon diseases which can appear at this age with bleeding polyps in the bowel. But I would think your parents would be aware of this.
Avatar m tn Its unlikely that IBS can cause back pain. IBS is a diagnosis of exclusion, i.e. once all other diseases of the colon like colitis, infections, tumors etc. have been ruled out, then the diagnosis of IBS is made. Take OTC pain medications like Tylenol (acetaminophen) or ibuprofen. Ensure to take them after food. If the pain persists or becomes more severe please consult your primary care physician. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
351724 tn?1267537018 This is one of the first things a gastro doc will ask you, as there are hereditary colon diseases. I wish I was of more help, but do get this checked out because something is obviously going on. Take care.
1305767 tn?1361192676 I've had a diagnosis of IBS for several years but never had much of a problem. Recently in the past 6-8 months however I've had a dramatic decrease in appetite and weight and the more I try to eat the more abdominal discomfort I get. I've also had a aching and cramping pain in the same location in my extreme lower right abdomen. It's some what tender to the touch from the outside but from the inside (my vagina) it's worse.
Avatar n tn If you are looking for colon cancer screening then it would be a colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy. If you are looking for other diseases of the colon they have the lower GI and upper GI.
Avatar f tn s usually presents around the terminal ileum, the end of the small intestine before it joins, through the ileal caecal valve, the colon) whereas Ulcerative Colitis is confined to the colon. However, sometimes, albeit rarely, it is impossible for pathologists to differentiate between Crohn's and UC. I have Crohn's Colitis (in both the small intestine and colon), but this is seen in a minority of patients.
Avatar m tn The Colorectal surgeon said I have a twisty colon in 2 spots and recommends diet changes with more fiber, more water and to follow up if problems persist. So I'm beginning with some changes and hoping for the best.
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Avatar m tn Have you been to a doctor for this? Black stools can be indication of GI bleeding and I really think you need to get to a doctor.
Avatar m tn These are both very accurate. Fecal Occult Blood Tests are done to determine if you have a bleed that may be higher up that you wouldn't see in your stool. The very best way to view the colon is with a colonoscopy, this allows them to go in and look directly at your colon. If you are concerned then I would have this done for your peace of mind. Has anyone developed colon cancer at a fairly young age in your family like 30-40's?
Avatar n tn Put another way, until the biopsy comes out – you are back to square one, as the scope was not able to visualize the colon well and so all the previous possibilities which the scope was supposed to evaluate are still all the same possibilities (so among them would be inflammatory diseases, infections, cancer). Waiting for results may be equally taxing, but we wouldn’t want to compromise the reading of the report by trying to cut corners. Stay positive.
Avatar f tn For the first two weeks I noticed a lot of change. Definitely less bloating, gas, more energy, and I started to go to the bathroom number 2 almost everyday. (The IBS I have switches between constipation and diarrhea.) So these next two weeks now everything I eat gives me problems. I have really bad headaches which I have had for the last year or so but like my digestive symptoms everything is closer together and worse. Daily mind numbing headaches.
Avatar n tn I paid a visit to the gastroenterologist, who carried out an ultrasound of the colon, telling me that the colon does not seem to be suffering and that the walls are perfect, he felt my abdomen without finding masses or pain. He also performed an abdominal ultrasound, where the liver, spleen, pancreas, gall bladder, bladder and prostate were normal. He left me with an examination for celiac disease and gave me probiotics, but they are not improving the consistency of my feces.
Avatar f tn I have been having stomache issues and uncontrolable gas for the past year. I'm to the point that I think I am allergic to dairy , gluten and have extreme social anxiety. I can go without dairy but still pass gas uncontrolable as well as gluten. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm 20 and I can't even stay in the same spot for more then 30 min without passing gas. At work people notice, hold their breath and make jokes and say things.
Avatar f tn // But am more inclined to think that your issues are in relation to your trip. Let us know what the doctors say.
Avatar f tn You do need to be aware of your families health history(Has anyone in your family had any of those diseases I mentioned or colon cancer?) You should go to a doctor regardless, again because if you have been having blood in your bowel movements for years, you run the risk of being anemic. Meaning your body is continuously losing blood. Your doctor will check you for probable causes like hemorrhoids,etc. Most common reasons for blood at your age.
Avatar f tn The colon is active when you are awake and sleeps at night when you do. So an active colon will cause more symptoms than a sleepy colon!