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Avatar f tn If they are internal hemorrhoids, that can cause narrow stools along with mucus. Like I said, colon cancer isn't unheard of in people your age, but still, it's uncommon. I would explain your concerns with your doctor. More than likely they will do other tests first before ordering a colonoscopy such as stool cultures, blood work, and possibly a CT scan of the abdomen. Only you know how you are feeling so if you feel a colonoscopy is necessary, ask the doctor for one.
Avatar n tn On a gluten-free diet he had less pain but continued to have diahrrea, mucus, a high white count in stool and blood, blood in stools, elevated inflammatory indicators, etc. At 12 years, 4 months he had scopes which indicated Crohn's disease (lesions and granulomas). A few months later an MRI was conducted. Despite being "cleaned out" by the oral laxatives, they said his transverse colon was full of stool and could not be read.
Avatar f tn Hi, Some amount of mucus in stool can be a normal phenomenon. Mucus in stool is one of the symptoms of diverticulosis. ================================================================ The information provided is for patients’ education only and is not a medical advice. Always consult your personal physician for complete evaluation of your health problem. - Ratnakar Kini M.D.
Avatar n tn I am not sure why but i started having mucus in my poop around 3 days ago. Along with that, i have been pooping around 5-7 times a day. Also, everytime i poop, its like i only poop out 50% of the junk in my stomach the first time. 30 minutes to 1 hour later, i would poop some more and i would STILL feel as if the load hasnt completely gone from my stomach. Please help!
Avatar m tn The large intestine is reflexly related to all parts of the body and could be housing a multitude of mucous withinin itself, espeacially in the transverse colon. Everytime there is peristalsis thru the transverse colon you may be getting the mucous response from that uncleanly enviroment. Antidote get at least one colonic irrigation, if you donot pass a satisfactory amount of debris get another.
Avatar n tn None of them has helped the symptoms except maybe the colon that stuck out seems to do that less now. I tried doing enemas, mild colon cleansing herbs, prune juice, psyllium husk powder with lots of water, and aloe vera juice. Any more suggestions?
Avatar m tn I have made many comments about the same issue. I noticed the mucous during cleansing. At first dark, but now tissuey after doing a lot of cleansing and colinics. I hope you can find some of the posts made on similar questions. Under the ribcage is generally gallbladder blockage to the bile duct and liver toxins - I've been going through this for 5 years - took a long time to figure out the problem. Is is painfull for you to press down on this spot and move things around in your colon?
573777 tn?1217297068 Update: The colon cleansing was too good (phosphosoda). It removed too much bacteria. So I was prescribed "Align" which is a probiotic. Each capsule has 1 Billion bacteria.!! The Doc gave me a 2 week sample supply. The pain is gone and the distention is starting to subside. This in the past 10 days. I really hope this helps someone else.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am a 45 year old healthy woman--I eat a very well balanced diet & drink upwards of 60 + ounces of water everyday. I weigh 144 lbs. & am about 5' 6" tall. When I was 33 (about 12 years ago) years old I was experiencing a pain in my lower right side (I thought it was my ovary) the pain was as bad as a labor pain.
382209 tn?1199831271 ) and one small (but both precancerous) polyps from my lower colon. The Dr. said I had no diseases, no hemoiorroids - just a possible minor rash in my lower colon. However, the blood and mucous discharge (every time I go) increased and was often dark, dark red - almost black. I had another colonoscopy and an endoscopy.
Avatar n tn There's no 'tarry or crusty buildup' in the colon... Endoscopic images of a colon that has not been evacuated is proof of this. In fact, colonic irrigation can be quite dangerous. As we all know, back in the days of old they would administer medicine and fluids rectally to patients who were too sick to keep food or water down (or who were in a coma) The same goes with the entire colon. If you engorge it with water, the colon will soak it up like a sponge.
Avatar f tn para first, colon second, lymph or whatever else after. It's a long process. When I start getting the stomach pain I use 2 4 oz enema bottles and fill with warm water and vinegar, it gets rid of lots of tissue and gives some comfort to stomach; I also rub black walnut liquid on stomach (or drink it) and it helps. Of course I still take T3's.
Avatar n tn He described it as a parasympathetic release and said not only is it normal, it’s one of the necessary functions for cleansing out junk. There are only so many ways the body can eliminate toxins. You either poop, pee, cough or sweat it out. One action commonly triggers another, and we should all be grateful for this. When you sleep, the body detoxes. When you wake, the body is ready to eliminate these toxins.
Avatar n tn It's a service that's not expensive and should be done if there is a change in a person's bowel habits to make sure the presence of unwarranted 'critters' is ruled out. Things in the stool can sometimes just be strange forms of mucus or undigested foods, but if you're worried it should be checked out.
Avatar n tn Everything I do or plan to do revolves around this condition. Recently though I tried a colon-cleansing programme which involved enemas, however this does not seem to have made any difference. I have noticed though that my symptons are very much better if I excreete offen. I would appreciate any more advice that you may be able to give.
1440512 tn?1294475233 lower abdominal pain, My magnesuim,potassium,vd,iron is dangerously depleted,white blood count stays elevated, mucus in stool. severly dehydrated,pain all the time, unable to use boost and ensure because of milk allergy. Dr. doesn't know how to get the calories back into me. I suffer from malabsorbtion and malnurtion. My mother has crohns disease and her brothers and sisters all have some form ibd. My dr is thinking its crohns.When I even take three bites I feel overstuffed.
Avatar m tn He called me back and said I don't have IBS but i am not sure how I don't. I poop more than anyone I know and get mucus filled diarrhea constantly. I know that was a gross posting but I don't know what else to do, I have tried fiber choice tablets and and metamucil. I have realized that fruit does make me go to the bathroom, in fact when I eat grapes I don't digest the shell, comes out in halves.
Avatar n tn To everyone, Is anyone trying anything like cleansing (colon, liver) and/or Ayurvedic practices for healthy digestion? This is my path currently, and I'm learning a lot. Apparently in Ayurveda, there is a belief we are born with a specific body constitution, but are a combination of two or all three. Anyway, when you have mucous, it is said this is an imbalance of Kapha disturbances.. Look up "Ayurveda diet to reduce mucus".
Avatar f tn Zinc, Golden Seal (blood cleanser)6-N-1,SF-3, Nature Defense, Total micorchondria, Med Caps DPO, Cholacol, AF Beta Food, tons of liver detox and digestive detox MolyGolenum, Gastrofiber, SF722, THREELAC, antioxidant, burbur detoxification, samento, Alpha liopic, protein, amino acids,creatine, Acids, 2 colonic cleansing 6 foot baths that did not do anything For me.
Avatar m tn For infections of the lower sinuses, I recommend the Neilmed Sinus Rinse--available at most pharmacies--as it requires less effort and risk. The Flip-Turn Sinus Flush (by friggy) removes infected mucus from every part of your sinuses, which Mayo Clinic research shows is the cure for sinusitis, rather than treating sinus tissue with antibiotics. Regular saline irrigation does not work in the upper sinuses, because of gravity, but the Sinus Flush defeats gravity.
Avatar n tn I have no other symptoms - no pain, no blood, no discomfort, no mucus. I am generally healthy, I sleep well, I eat a balanced diet, have a good appetite (although not quite a good as before this problem), I eat slowly and am a non smoker/drinker. I have seen a specialist who has checked/put me on the following and is admitting that he is running out of options.
Avatar m tn 2 other things that I had in my mind were also a colon cleansing... I have some DR Natura from year ago when I did it for a month... also was thinking maybe doing a colonic... where they actually fill you up with water and cleanse you from the inside...
Avatar m tn ) I was also thinking of some of these detox and colon cleansing things (Dr. Natura is one) which claim they can help. (These look slightly more trustworthy.) I thought maybe acupuncture could do it, but at $80 a treatment, I can't afford too many. After that... Sorry for the long post, but I really don't know what to do. I'm looking for answers and the stones are starting to look like they might be hiding something underneath.
1484640 tn?1291080034 A second thing I can link the cause of this to is a laxative I was taking from a colon cleansing kit I did a month prior. I was taking it in hopes of reliving a lot of embarrassing gas I was having -- hence the vegetarian diet. I remember the how the leakage started. I was going to New York for the weekend and I wanted to be gas free for the trip, so I took one pill on thursday, left to NY on Friday.
Avatar n tn The fact that your sigmoidoscopy was normal makes me think that there was likely no significant abnormality of the colon. I have heard of one herbal remedy which you may want to speak with your doctor about. It is called "odor cleanse". You can find it at I realize this is not an FDA approved medication and before taking it, you should speak to your doctor.
Avatar n tn My stool is very loose often like water with mucus in it. It burns my rectum badly and I often notice blood on the paper when I wipe. Sometimes I feel like there is a mass in my rectum I feel the need to push but nothing comes out. I am very worried that I might have something very serious here. I would go to my GP but I fear I will be told I need a clostmy bag or something gross like that or worse. Can you please give me an idea what you think it might be? Thanks for your time.
Avatar n tn I had colon surgery may of last year and in december had a somach wrap for gastro problems,etc. Since that time I have had severe gas in the upper stomach, foul smelling, it is sooo annoying. I have not been to the doctor as I have had enough of doctors right now with all the surgery. I did go in March about the gas, and the only thing the surgeon said was it was because I was swallowing too much air. But, I am eating the same way I was before.
Avatar f tn (IVe also read that Braggs organic raw unfiltered vinegar with the mother in it will help with colon cleansing ... add 2 tbsp of braggs apple cider vinegar organic kind and 2 tbsp of raw organic honey to 8 oz of warm filtered or bottled spring water and drink it ... I read you can drink it up to 3 times a day... I think.... hope this helps someone... miralax for sure helps. Look me up on facebook Vivian Dempsey Davidson if yall want ...