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Avatar m tn just a question, I was at GNC today and saw a product for colon or gastro cleansing. Has anyone used these, does it work and is it healty?
Avatar n tn If colon cleansing was beneficial, why wouldn’t our doctors order them?
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Avatar f tn This is going to be late for you, but you should never take liver cleansers while taking medication. What you're describing is a combination colon/liver cleanse. Milk thistle and yellowdock, for example, are liver cleansers, and could theoretically wash some of the medication out of our system, as the body sees virtually all medication as toxic.
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1378071 tn?1313420821 Has anyone tried the ACIA / COLON cleansing pills, drink whatever.... they say the fat just comes right off?!?! Comeon now... Does that really work, im trying to get opinons before i try it!!!
Avatar f tn A cleansing diet would be rearranging your entire diet, for a short time or forever, to emphasize cleansing toxins out of your colon, liver, and other organs. The reason you read about fasting a lot is that it's the best cleansing diet there is -- you take in no toxins while your body has the opportunity to clean itself out in the meantime. How long to fast is controversial, but when first starting out it's usually recommended to do one day, then move on later to two, etc.
451343 tn?1256250831 t take over night to get myself in this position, all though it sometimes feels like it happened over night. just want to feel normal what ever that is. wondering about colon cleansing. i have some colon cleansing formula. wondering if i should wait to take them or what. i just feel like invasion of the body snatchers. i want my body back. i let those damn pills rob my body of sooooooooooo much. feeling a bit like a failure. im sure that will pass.
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Avatar m tn I think it depends on the type of enema. Using enemas frequently for constipation can cause your rectum to "forget" how to have a bowel movement naturally. Using enemas for "colon cleansing", I believe is not good, because your colon doesn't need any cleansing, it does this itself.
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350945 tn?1274423121 Hi, I may have MS or Fibro or both but my mom has Fibro and Chemical sensitives and does this colon cleansing and swears by it. I am personally thinking no way for me but I am chicken for sure. She has done it on and off for years and I must say she is in much better shape then before and better then me. SO I guess if you have the right person and you can handle this I have seen it work.
1454383 tn?1288947277 If this is the Natural Clean I'm thinking of, it's for cleaning drugs out of your system to pass a drug test, not a colon cleanser. Maximum burn is a scam -- acai berry is, like all berries, high in antioxidants, but it won't help you lose weight. Real colon cleansers are based on fiber such as psyllium and some have laxatives in them, which aren't healthy, such as diet teas.
Avatar f tn Here is a link to one of two other similar studies i found, both with much larger patient samples than the John Wayne study, and they both disagree with the John Wayne findings.