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Avatar m tn I think it depends on the type of enema. Using enemas frequently for constipation can cause your rectum to "forget" how to have a bowel movement naturally. Using enemas for "colon cleansing", I believe is not good, because your colon doesn't need any cleansing, it does this itself.
569755 tn?1220872102 But this is considered the number one colon cleansing program in the world, and is very safe. There is a FAQ page on the site that answers the majority of questions regarding the cleanse if you would like to inquire further. Anyway, I hope you find a cure, whether it be this program or not (although I personally recommend it), and the link is posted below. See ya! drnatura.
Avatar m tn just a question, I was at GNC today and saw a product for colon or gastro cleansing. Has anyone used these, does it work and is it healty?
Avatar n tn If colon cleansing was beneficial, why wouldn’t our doctors order them?
Avatar f tn Hello I am a person who has suffered for at least 3 - 4 years with diverticulitis with on set of problems relating to my being extremely bloating, constipated you name it, and the PAIN unbearable at times. Yet I have tried everything Fiber in my diet, changing my eating habits, eating smaller amounts so I wouldn't feel as bloated or constipated. What can be done? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar m tn Make an appointment with a gastroenterologist. It is costly if you don't have an insurance, regardless of age, if you are in doubt, consult with the Gas.. to have a colon scan. It takes a day of cleansing and a day of check up. Don't wait till too late. Colonsnocopy is suggested to the over 50 but no longer truth. You may develop a polyp in your 20s 30s 40s as well. Check if in doubt. When you see blool in your stool, act quickly. Polyp if not taken care, will turn bad.
Avatar m tn It is also possible to have mucus from your colon with colitis, so consider whether you have constipation or diarrhea at all irritating your colon. Mucus is one reason to be so careful to wipe front to back so the wrong mucus doesn't get up front. If you think it is from your digestive tract, try a probiotic or see if stopping dairy helps you.
425312 tn?1279966179 In my opinion, the whole colon cleansing thing is a scam. Around 5 years ago I had a colonoscopy done. They put you through a three-day fasting/fluid drinking thing before that. But no enemas or other fluid induction. As they were doing the procedure (it is no big deal by the way), I could see my colon on the TV screen. It was as fresh and clean as a . . . well . . . baby's bottom. So I don't take this stuff about stuff accumulating in your colon seriously anymore.
925681 tn?1243978529 She has seen so many docs for this problem ,but up untill now there is no solution to her problem. The last doc suggested colon cleansing. I don't know if this contributes to her constipation problem that she is having now ,sometime ago she had some gallbladder stone removed and from that day untill now she realized the problem with her bowel movements.I suggest ur Doc can also check for FIbroid. I hope u get well soon.. By the way what is MOTILITY DISORDER?
Avatar n tn when i was 5 (50 years ago) i was diagnosed with an enlarged colon. It took me 2 weeks to have a bowel movement and when i did it hurt sooo bad. I was hospitalized and I was told that the docotrs somehow found a way to keep my colon from growing until i grew up to it. I took 2 tablespoons f mineral oil every night til I was 12. Once in a while I would get backed up in my teen years and have to take something called black powder which was like a bomb going off in my colon.
Avatar f tn This is going to be late for you, but you should never take liver cleansers while taking medication. What you're describing is a combination colon/liver cleanse. Milk thistle and yellowdock, for example, are liver cleansers, and could theoretically wash some of the medication out of our system, as the body sees virtually all medication as toxic.
Avatar m tn I am scheduled for another treatment but I would like to know if this is accepted by the medical field as a safe and effective method of colon cleansing. Or some comments from others who have been through this before. Please respond.
Avatar n tn Do you have problems with constipation (due to the pills)?? If so, what do you do about it.
1378071 tn?1313420821 Has anyone tried the ACIA / COLON cleansing pills, drink whatever.... they say the fat just comes right off?!?! Comeon now... Does that really work, im trying to get opinons before i try it!!!
Avatar f tn He has a severe iron deficiency else well. He went for a colonoscopy where he has been diagnosed with a mega colon. The pediatric surgen (who only saw the x-rays) and ignored the colonoscopy report indicated that there is nothing wrong with my baby and only need 'pedicol'. He has been using this pedicol for 1 week. His tummy does go more often, but he has severe stomach cramps. Please advise. The biopsy report did indicate that there is nerve situated at the lower part of the colon.
Avatar f tn A cleansing diet would be rearranging your entire diet, for a short time or forever, to emphasize cleansing toxins out of your colon, liver, and other organs. The reason you read about fasting a lot is that it's the best cleansing diet there is -- you take in no toxins while your body has the opportunity to clean itself out in the meantime. How long to fast is controversial, but when first starting out it's usually recommended to do one day, then move on later to two, etc.
451343 tn?1256250831 t take over night to get myself in this position, all though it sometimes feels like it happened over night. just want to feel normal what ever that is. wondering about colon cleansing. i have some colon cleansing formula. wondering if i should wait to take them or what. i just feel like invasion of the body snatchers. i want my body back. i let those damn pills rob my body of sooooooooooo much. feeling a bit like a failure. im sure that will pass.
Avatar f tn If this is not something you have experienced (birth issue), I would still look into whether or not you should see a GI specialist. The colon cleansing is also a good idea, as the colon will have build up inside, and it is a healthy practice to cleanse.
Avatar f tn However, I talked to an herbal doctor and he suggest an all natural digestive assistant called ACOG Colon Cleanse. It is also called ACOG Herbal Master Body and Colon Cleanse. He recommends it to all of his IBS and constipation patiens. I'll tell you, this stuff really works and I found that it not only helped my digestion, but it also keeps me at a good weight.
Avatar f tn First I suggest you see a Colon/rectal MD! and the best product to buy is Konsyl Original Natural Fiber Supplement Bulk Forming Laxative, Relives Constipation 100% natural psyllium fiber Benefits diabetes management No sugar or sugar substitutes Safe during pregnancy Gluten free Doctor recommended for over 45 years Heart healthy formula: You can buy it at any drug store.
Avatar m tn s disease, Chagas disease,colon inertia(nerves and/or muscles of the colon do not work normally) and pelvic floor dysfunction(the muscles of the lower pelvis that surround the rectum (the pelvic floor muscles) do not work normally). Increase the fiber amount in your diet. The best natural sources of fiber are fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.If still the symptoms persist then pls consult a gastroenterologist and discuss these possibilities. Hope it helps.
350945 tn?1274423121 Hi, I may have MS or Fibro or both but my mom has Fibro and Chemical sensitives and does this colon cleansing and swears by it. I am personally thinking no way for me but I am chicken for sure. She has done it on and off for years and I must say she is in much better shape then before and better then me. SO I guess if you have the right person and you can handle this I have seen it work.