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Avatar n tn I have another question about colon cleansing. I have been doing the Dr. Natura colon cleanse for 2 months now. I am finally going to the bathroom daily and I have eliminated tons of weird looking stuff. I don't seem to feel any different though, like promised. Has anyone else done a colon cleanse before?
Avatar n tn Whats the truth about colon cleansing. I have read, heard and viewed alot on the topic but never tried it or known anyone personally whom tried it. Different doctors have their own opinions some not encouraging, confusing especially when they are gaestro doctors. Is it safe? It makes sense to me to cleanse the colon but using what is an interesting question. Anyone here tried it??? The idea of losing 5-25lbs in a week just from flushing the body sounds tempting.
1387175 tn?1326404597 We have an hereditary colon cancer in our family, and my children from puberty, had to have them yearly, and they had no issues with it except for the prep. Different doctors use different things for cleansing the colon for the procedure. This ends up causing you to go to the bathroom many times the night prior to your procedure, but it's just to make sure your colon is clean so they can get a good view of it.
Avatar n tn Ihave had persistent lower abdominal bloating, that seemed to come on suddenly about 2 weeks after xmas.New pants I had bought didn't fit 2 weeks after I bought them. I have been working out and firmed up everywhere but there. My abdomen is no bigger but no smaller,Even after taking laxatives, anti gas etc.Plenty of gas, but no gas pains. I now get constipated easily but am eating tons of fibre and drinking water.
Avatar n tn I had a colonoscopy this am and the physician refused to continue the procedure after I had so much pain @ intervals. He switched to a pediatric scope,(compassionate) and increased the IV meds 3 more times and I still could not tolerate the scope. The doc said he "would only proceed to a certain point when he thought my discomfort could be relieved". When the pain ceased I would drop back off to sleep only to wake up at another juncture.
Avatar n tn kevinmd_b2004/10/colon-cleansing.html There is no data to support its use, and it would not be recommended at this time. Yes, it is possible to have an infection without experiencing mucous in the stool. I would discuss these options with your personal physician. Followup with your personal physician is essential. This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only.
Avatar n tn Basically, I am dealing with abdominal bloating/distention and intestinal gas (functional bloating). When this issue started a few years ago, it seemed like the intestinal gas was the more prominent issue. However, it is the daily distention that is affecting my quality of life. It is extremely uncomfortable and sometimes downright painful (the pressure); not to mention it can potentially be embarrassing.
Avatar f tn It gets worse when I drink coffee. It subsided after my period but got bad again after the colon cleansing. If I eat anything now the gas and belching is horrible. The GP did blood tests and liver and kidney and electrolyte were fine but I was anemic. I noticed just last night that acid reflux was coming up my esophagus to the base of my throat - not a common occurence with me. Even having just soup today caused belching and bloating.
Avatar n tn Dear Doctor, I am just recovering from my "2nd" hospitalized bout of "Diverticulitis" and need your take on PREVENTING further outbreaks. I am 44 year old healthy white female that was just hospitalized for 4 days and treated with IV antibiotics for a "Micro" preferation in my Sigmiod Descending Colon. The first time was almost 3 years ago with no problems in between (except the occasional feeling of slight pain in the same lower region)...
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Avatar f tn Hello I am a person who has suffered for at least 3 - 4 years with diverticulitis with on set of problems relating to my being extremely bloating, constipated you name it, and the PAIN unbearable at times. Yet I have tried everything Fiber in my diet, changing my eating habits, eating smaller amounts so I wouldn't feel as bloated or constipated. What can be done? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn There are so many detox programs out there. I'm not sure which one actually works. I have contstant bloating and my bowel movements are 0-1x a day. I have lots of stomach pains and lots of difficulties digesting foods. Thought a detox might help. Thanks!
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Avatar m tn I'm a 41 year old male and over the last couple of weeks I've gained almost 20 lbs. I constantly feel bloated and now I'm feeling back discomfort, and sometimes pain on my lower and middle back. I sometimes experience hot flashes throughout my torso as well. All of this is very new to me. I have always been somewhat constipated and since these symptons have arisen I've tried laxitives and colon cleansing products thinkinhg I could just be really "backed up".
Avatar f tn There are so many detox programs out there. I'm not sure which one actually works. I have contstant bloating and my bowel movements are 0-1x a day. Thanks!
Avatar n tn Since that test, I didn't have the diarrhea again. I don't know what it was, if it was the whole colon cleansing thing or what, but the diarrhea hasn't come back. If it worries you enough, see a doctor and see if he thinks you should have the colonoscopy or not. And, YES, worry and stress can make IBS worse, if that is what you have. Good luck to you!
Avatar n tn Why would all of a sudden your colon features sigmoid that is sharply angulated and your gatro doc has a hard time getting a scope in you for a colonoscopy?? Do you trust colon cleansing and what products if it takes you now almost 1 week to move your bowels????
Avatar n tn At first I didn't think it was an allergy, I had begun using a colon cleansing product from a health food store, so I thought I was sensitive to something in it. When it didn't improve after I discontinued the supplements ( and I was going crazy from the itch ) I tried a 24 hour allergy medicine . It began to help immediately . After a several days I forgot to take it one day and decided to see what happened if I continued to stay off it .
Avatar f tn I began taking eight drops of the oil of mountain wild grown oregano is a spoonful of olive oil three times a day. Also purchased a colon cleansing product and began taking it. After three days, the burping subsided to around three burps per hour and shortly after disappeared. Oil of oregano is very good at killing unfriendly bacteria and candida. I am disturbed that my dumb doctor did not know of this. I has suffered a long time and lost a lot of weight until I figured this out.
573777 tn?1217297068 Update: The colon cleansing was too good (phosphosoda). It removed too much bacteria. So I was prescribed "Align" which is a probiotic. Each capsule has 1 Billion bacteria.!! The Doc gave me a 2 week sample supply. The pain is gone and the distention is starting to subside. This in the past 10 days. I really hope this helps someone else.
Avatar n tn STOP COLON CLEANSING....very bad for you....the colon has good bacteria in it that fights all the bad bacteria...if you rid the colon of that bacteria your defenses are all the way down. as far as your other symptoms have a colonoscopy/endoscopy done by the gastro it will tell them everthing.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed w/ IBS a few years ago but after a colon cleansing exercise last year, it seemed to correct itself. I wonder if it could have come back. I have been under much anxiety and I know the two can go hand in hand. Anyone w/ IBS who can offer me any advice I would appreciate it. I hate to see the doctor for this right now because if that's what it is...really nothing that he can do that hasn't been done.
Avatar n tn Hey has anyone ever taken this stuff? Its colon cleanser. It's herbal and I am interested it. But wanted to know if anyone has taken it while on tx or should I wait? It claims that with a clean shoot your body absorbes meds better? Any thoughts?
Avatar m tn I have had numerous tests - for 4 years! and they keep telling me nothing is wrong. But try cleansing internally first. Start with para, then colon, then liver, etc. My recent is with intestinal and I use vinegar - cheap - after I've spent over $25K on therapists, herbals, etc. But it takes time and trying different things. I was doing well and started having healthy movements by doing the cereal stuff, but not all of the internal infections were gone.
Avatar n tn I then started doing a cleansing program and changed my eating habits. While into my second month of cleansing I found that I passed parasites - these I had tested to confirm that they were parasites. So don't believe that the tests will always reveal the truth. Keep looking.
Avatar n tn Everything I do or plan to do revolves around this condition. Recently though I tried a colon-cleansing programme which involved enemas, however this does not seem to have made any difference. I have noticed though that my symptons are very much better if I excreete offen. I would appreciate any more advice that you may be able to give.
Avatar f tn My Chinese med physician does not recommend any colon cleansing - but liver cleansing at a slow rate she feels is better. The liver will release out the body toxins and then the whole body will cleanse naturally after the liver rids itself. Armour meds - need to be adjusted often as the body changes through the course of a month (normal hormonal changes) as well as life hormonal changes. i.e menopause aging.
Avatar f tn The ER Dr had originally thought constipation but when they did all the horrific bowel cleansing they knew it was not that. They said it was something with my liver it was holding bile and they needed to make a cut in the liver to open it up so it could drain. After the procedure for about a good 2 months I had chronic diarrhea. I would eat something and 5 min later it would be right out the back end. It was like my body had a built in laxative.
Avatar n tn Hi astros, I'm having all kinds of crazy symptoms. I'm intrested in colon cleansing, but I'm not sure what to use. Also, I'm afraid to see parasites that look like squids in my toilet !!!!!! YUCK!!! I have been feeling like I have been poisoned. I even asked my husband if he was slowly poisoning me. I was half kidding, but that's how bad I feel. I have had HepC for probably 25 years, enzymes are all in normal ranges, and biopsy 2 years ago showed only a small amount of inflamation.
Avatar n tn At one point they thought it was colitis,from what dr explained to me constipation may develop during active flare -ups of ulcerative colitis, because the inflamed rectum triggers a reflex response in the colon that causes it to retain the stool,and its also common to have painful urge for bowel movement and cant ,even if the rectum is empty,this is called Tenesmus.Keep up on fiber,fluids,and being active helps alot.Good luck to you and Happy Holidays!