Colon cleansing and gastric bypass

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Avatar n tn Three years ago, I had a gastric bypass and am very happy to have lost about 70 pounds. However, I cannot lose the last 25 - 30 pounds. I exercise daily, do strength training with a personal trainer (very expensive) 3 times per week. I have a huge belly. I have consulted with 2 plastic surgeons, both stated my stomach was too dense to remove. My BMI is still in the overweight range, but not by much. I am delighted to no longer be morbidly obese and feel stronger and healthier than ever.
Avatar n tn You seem to be very knowledgable about cleansing so I was wondering about your opinion of Isagenix take on internal whole body cleansing, not just colon cleansing to detox. Have you ever tried it? A freind of mine swears by it and suggests that I try it, but I want to do my research first. My friend lost 25 lbs. the first month.
Avatar n tn I think everything is over and I clean up. I walk out of the toilet and in about 2 minutes time the stomach cramp and the fainting sensation comes back (I've fainted only once to date from this and was out for about 15-20 minutes). 6. When I get back to the toilet I have a really violent Diarrhoea episode in pure liquid state.
Avatar n tn I had a gastric bypass in 2001 and lost 250 pounds, then my husband and I started fertility treatments and it made me gain 85 pounds back that I could not get rid of even only eating 4 oz of food at a time. On Valentine's day I started the Phentermine and B12 shots and after 1 week I had lost 9 pounds and my energy was outrageous.
787203 tn?1239724533 a sense of tension in my transverse colon. I know what it is. And I wish someone would be straight with me, and just say it.
Avatar n tn I've been experiencing some odd symptoms over the past few years and they have since gotten worse and now concerning to me. My vision is constanly bothering me and I have a hard time focusing on words when reading. In the past I've had spells of blurred vision followed by a lathargic state and then a pounding headache. This headache sometimes lasted for more than 24 hours. About 3 years ago, I had an MRI done and all came back clear.
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Avatar m tn I am now 'smell free' for about 3/4 months, after I was advised to do 'colon cleansing' by the gastronomy specialist at a local hospital. This involved cleaning my colon with 1 litre of 37C water everyday for 5 days. After day-3, my problem went away. I was free of my nightmare. Do a google search on colon irrigation/hydrotherapy. If this works for you, tell other people about it, as it is absolute hell to live with this.
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Avatar n tn I am so glad to have found this site since I thought I was going insane! I have the same thing as most of you have described - to me, it feels like a small object (snake, butterfly, etc.) moving back and forth and even flipping around in my left stomach/side area... I am 35 years old, single, on birth control, abstinent (no sex - CANNOT be pregnant).
Avatar n tn This Saturday i am going to completely clean out my colon and start it all over. I will you use the Miralax Laxative twice every day and see if it helps me with this problem. My doctor says she thinks i have irritable bowel syndrome. I have heard of this from a friend of mine but she had different symptoms. If this goes well i'll tell you.
Avatar n tn The hepatic flexure of the colon makes the turn right in the same area where the liver and the gallbladder are. could be buildup of stool and gas that stretches the colon and causes pain. Has the Dr mentioned this?
Avatar f tn //************/clark/liver_original.asp Follow the instructions. And use Water Factors and Ultra Colon Clenz available from Whole Foods Market in California. The pill form. You can get it at most health food stores in your area. It is safe to use and works. You can use this without having to fast unlike the above cleanse, where you had to fast. Water factors helps get rid of the bloat caused by hormones and anabolic steroids. It can be used whenever you need it.
Avatar n tn Doing some research, I found a genetic disposition to digestion issues that leads to colon cancer. My grandmother died of colon cancer and two of my aunts were just diagnosed. Two of my grown children started the treatment and have lost 40-60 pounds as well. I wish I could get my primary insurance to pick up the costs. B12 has been a miracle in my life!!!!
251922 tn?1193786078 well I'm down 1.2lbs this morning, finally! So 16.4lbs in 23 days. Whew! Oh, and my colon is finally rollin! The Dr Schulze I guess finally kicked in,I dont know though, its been a week! NOt sure if that is the stuff for me, I was taking 3-4 a ngiht and getting no results. I'm gonna go look for Big Red today, any advise is welcome!! Good job guys, we are all doing so great!
Avatar n tn In addition to the compresses, she recommened cleansing with an antibacterial soap and prescribed Bactroban. It is a cream I put in each nostril for five days once a month. I will be very interested to see if this provides any relief. Neosporin with pain relief helps quite a bit. I too had endometriosis prior to my hysterectomy and ovarian cysts, but I have no idea if there is a correlation.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone - I have just come across this forum - and would like to ask help and advice. I have been taking nurofen plus (ibuprofen + codeine sulphate 12.8 mg per tablet) for 5 years - I take about 24 tablets per day (all at once - like the feeling along with the pain killing effects) I must give these up - for I understand this is addiction - and must find another way to deal with pain. I guess nurofen is much like tylenol (2? 3? 4?) - dont know which one.
Avatar m tn Sometime prior to Dec 2006, you were probably in the inactive phase of the disease before with eAntigen negative, eAntibody positive, low DNA, and normal LFTs and ALTs. If you DNA jumped from low to 107,000 IU/ML (which is a sign of the disease breaking through immuno-control) then to 487,165 IU/ML, with elevated ALTs, those are classic signs of a eAntigen negative active disease. This is a classic sign of the core-promoter mutant strain, which is quite common.