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Avatar n tn We virtually eat the same foods and I almost never smell. I thought maybe he needs a colon cleanse? What should he do so that every time he passes gas, or has a bowel movement we don't have to run to the other room!!?
5766249 tn?1375776295 Some foods meet the requirement but not all. Fiber rich foods like apples, African mango are both weight and colon issues. As already discussed above fiber foods help a lot. Also, the pro-biotic foods, broccoli, sweet potatoes, tuna and fruits like banana, oranges, pear can be much useful to tackle and solve the colon problems.
415617 tn?1202668447 I know it is due to all of my many food allergies and I have to say the only thing that helps me is a colon cleanse like once a month. Colon cleanse I bought from GNC. I've done alot of reading on it and my bowels are not regular what so ever and I get to hurting so bad that I cant stand it and the colon cleanse helps. I was taking laxatives but I didn't want to become addicted to them. I wish I could tell you more but I'm still trying to find something else that helps me daily.
Avatar f tn Does anyone have any suggestions to jump start weight loss maybe a gentle cleanse nothing too harsh?
Avatar f tn This cleanse is meant to be used as a juice fast and laxative-based colon detox. You want to use it differently. I have no idea if this works if you do it the way they suggest, though I can almost guarantee the cleanse has nothing to do with weight loss -- if you stop eating of course you'll lose weight. When you start eating again, unless you change your diet, you'll gain the weight back. Using laxatives can be helpful in a short-term fast, but they can also be tricky.
Avatar m tn Eating healthy foods for the liver can improve and support liver function on a daily basis. Having a healthy liver results in greater energy and general well-being. A poorly functioning liver can result in tiredness, headaches, bad breath, allergies and intolerances, problem skin and weight gain. If you are thinking of giving your liver a good detox see our article Cleanse your Liver for Better Health Foods that are healthy for the liver fall into two main categories.
Avatar f tn I need advice for colon cleanse. Is colon cleanse necessary? i have good bowel function, regular BM's and generally good health and balanced diet. My question is should i do colon cleanse? At the moment i take Aloe Vera juice for colon cleanse. I need an advice.
Avatar m tn If you really want to get rid of this problem, go to a health resort in Ontario Canada called Gail Springs (google this). You will be fed whole, natural, foods that are alkalizing to the blood. And you will get colon hydro therapy which will rinse out your toxic colon. Then you will replinish your colon with good, healthy, probiotic bacteria that you will take orally. You will also douch with good, probiotic bacteria.
Avatar f tn If you can do something about it might not need surgery AT ALL!!! Look into health colon cleanse herb capsules at your local health store. All it is is a wide variety of spices and herbs most people desperately need but NEVER get these days. No danger....but you will need a lot of water and don't go too far from a bathroom for a few days until your body can manage to adapt to the new, healthy routine. BUy a friggin juicer and then juice....everything!
Avatar n tn Hello, I had the same problem, despite being healthy (running daily,being slim) I could not eat fruit and veg. My doctor suggested colon cleanse. I tam taking natural pills, Naturalmax Enerix and Vitalix and these help a lot. I am much better if eating fruits than before, and I've been only taking them for 3 weeks. These are 100% natural and also sugar-free.
Avatar n tn I used Super Colon Cleanse tablets by Health Plus Inc. It is sold on Amazon, but I got mine at GNC. The bottle says to take 4 tablets twice daily for 10 days. I did not notice any blood today.
Avatar f tn t have to starve yourself, you just eat specialized foods to help cleanse your system. After doing the program for a week, I also had colon hydrotherapy to pull everything out of my colon that was undigested. It was so much stuff that came I go to the bathroom daily and have continued to lose the weight. Maybe you should try this method.
Avatar f tn Most of the colon cleanse products contain some form of senna or other product that is a anthraquinone-like compound. Anthraquinone is a stimulant laxative which works by irritating the lining of the colon to promote 'emptying.' I really don't think with diverticulitis a stimulant laxative would be indicated. Check with your doc.
1025981 tn?1261093199 Stay away from colon cleanse products, they can be very dangerous. For constipation, try getting some exercise, and make yourself some fresh applesauce. (I use McIntosh apples, stew them and run through foodmill, then season with nutmeg) Drink plenty of water. Watch out what you eat - fresh fruits and veggies are good, doughy bread and pasta and whatnot will stop up the works. If you get the runs, try oatmeal or brown rice.
Avatar n tn After doing a colon cleanse I developed back pain it's more like a frying feeling right where the sigmoid colon is located. If I don't take a cleanse pill I get constipated now and when I use the pill I get this feeling of frying in my back. Now I feel like my insides ovaries and uterus is going to fall out. I have a history of ovarian cyst the simple cyst I get them all the time the bust and cause this frying feeling to but in lower stomach.
Avatar n tn it is all over the web but I am very skeptical of it because there are all these stories out there but they are all the same just different names? they say to take the Accai Berry supplement in the morning and at night and then the Colon Cleanse supplement at night? they say they are shedding like 30 pounds in a month to a month and a half. Anyone? thanks!
Avatar f tn I am currently taking Zoloft for depression and anxiety and am preparing to do a detox colon cleanse. Is it safe to do a all natural herbal detox colon cleanse while on Zoloft as long as the Zoloft is taken a few hours apart from all other supplements?
Avatar f tn Factoring in that I had recently had a child, I thought that maybe I needed to try a colon cleanse. I bought a Whole Body Cleanse from WalMart and since then..which has been 5 days (totaling in 15 laxatives...not to mention fiber pills) I have only had what amounts to (maybe) 3 bowel movements =/ my stomach is swollen and HONESTLY looks like I am 7 or 8 months pregnant again...this is NOT an exaggeration at all. Am I having a reaction to the cleanse? Is something else wrong with me?
Avatar m tn I had/have this on my scalp and face but am getting rid of it using a parasite cleanse called Paracleanse and then I just ordered mimosa prudica seeds (not sure I spelled that correctly). I’m also going to do a colon cleanse and enema after all of this and I am no longer eating processed foods, means as I have a hunch that’s the culprit. This stuff can also make you depressed, agitated, trance like. These parasites are like damn demons.
Avatar m tn " if you're used to eating pizza and hamburgers regularly, you'll crave them. It's because small particles of them from previous meals are still in your body.........................." Yeah... little microscopic pepperoni pizzasare coursing through your veins, waiting to be filtered out by your liver... I visited that site. They've got the liver cleanse, the requisite colon cleanse, and a candida cleanse. If you ask me, their real specialty is the wallet cleanse.
Avatar f tn The problem with using products that do a colon cleanse is that they are filled with laxatives, yes most of them have natural elements, but laxatives none the less. This actually causes more problems to your colon over a period of time. I swore by a colon cleanse product prior to my colonoscopy it was the ONLY thing that made me regular.
Avatar f tn A cleansing diet is different from taking a supplement, which is what you're doing by drinking apple cider vinegar. People have claimed all kinds of benefits from organic apple cider vinegar with the mother included in the product; the ultimate believer that this cured everything is Dr. Bragg, who probably isn't actually a doctor, but who knows? It does do some great things for people, and harmful things to others; it depends on how people react to acidity.
Avatar f tn I went on a natural cleanse a few months ago. I took out all white flours, sugars, and pretty much everything in my diet during the cleanse. All i ate was healthy raw organic fruits and veggies, rice, and fish. I started juicing vegetables. That helped me I think. During that time, the bleeding stopped and i felt better. But as soon as I introduced flour and dairy ( cheese) back into my diet - the pains and symptoms came back even worse at first.
685562 tn?1447155231 I there....first rule of thumb is to always do a colon cleanse first. If you would like to do some gentle cleanses, I would suggest going to your local health food store and looking for the Renew Life cleanses. They will walk you through the steps of which ones to do first. They are nice and gentle. Then I would suggest the big guns like Dr is a colon and parasite cleanse. I have done this one twice! Yes there are many many kinds out there.....