Colon cleanse enema dangers

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425312 tn?1279966179 Colon cleanse is not an enema. It's laxatives you take or drink very simular to what you took before your colonoscopy. They cleaned your colon out before they put the snake camera up your colon. LOL I don't think theres a lot of medical benefit to cleaning the colon unless you have constipation problems. Too much info right?
Avatar n tn Hi Pasq, You've asked a more difficult question then you might imagine. I assume by "colon cleanser" you mean enema .... or do you mean laxative? The issue with suggesting enemas is they are not for everyone. If you are a candidate then other things need to be considered, like do you retain water, do you have a cardiac problem or any other medical conditions that might determine the best one for you?
1478992 tn?1287429445 I recently had some tests that indicate that I may have need for a colonoscopy. However, I am well aware of the dangers of this test and the fact that it has only a 40% accuracy rate what other tests are there that have a better results factor and possibly less chance of adverse side effects. My CEA test that came back 9.3 ng/ml and that combined with a Low Lymphocyte count of 12% and MCH 26.1, MCHC 31.
Avatar f tn I believe that a colon cleanse will only make you feel better if you are slightly constipated or because of the placebo effect (you want something to work so it does). Other than that, they do nothing. There are many dangers of colon cleanses like dehydration and other things that are not good. This is also the opinion regarded by most doctors.
Avatar n tn I understand how difficult prepping for a colonoscopy is. I had my first one last month, and they did find small granulomas, which seems to point to Crohn's Disease. (still getting a second opinion in about a month). It was so awful for me, I pray I don't need another for a LONG time to come. Really, it is up to you. I don't think there is really a lot you can do to cleanse your colon as effectively as using the laxative pills or drink.
Avatar f tn I was recently told by a holistic/alternative person that my body was toxic and full of poop. She then sold me the oxypowder colon cleanse; 4 capsules for at least 7 days. I tried 2 and became dehydrated, plus do not like all the trips to the bathroom even in the middle of the night. What is your opinion on Colon Cleansing??
Avatar f tn I know someone else she went to the ER 3 times all they did was a enema each time. She takes over the counter colon cleanse she eats 12 pills over 15 minutes lots of water and it works for her. Can't they do anything else??????????????????????????????????
Avatar m tn Your doc got further on you. When I recently asked about barium enema, he said it was too thick for my colon and might not work. So he suggested gastrografin instead. You might want to do some reading or ask the doc if it might be safer. You may have to drive farther to find a center that does it.
Avatar m tn I had/have this on my scalp and face but am getting rid of it using a parasite cleanse called Paracleanse and then I just ordered mimosa prudica seeds (not sure I spelled that correctly). I’m also going to do a colon cleanse and enema after all of this and I am no longer eating processed foods, means as I have a hunch that’s the culprit. This stuff can also make you depressed, agitated, trance like. These parasites are like damn demons.
Avatar f tn I need advice for colon cleanse. Is colon cleanse necessary? i have good bowel function, regular BM's and generally good health and balanced diet. My question is should i do colon cleanse? At the moment i take Aloe Vera juice for colon cleanse. I need an advice.
Avatar n tn I work full time which causes me to miss meals, previously I used a colon cleanse diet plan which was causing me to go maybe 3 times a day. Now I'm lucky if I go maybe every other day to every three days. I am currently constipated, for about four days now. I have been loading up on benefiber, taking it three times a day, and had no urges to go. I don't want to do an enema because I've heard they are not good for health. What should I do?
Avatar f tn I thought I was having a bad painful dream when in reality I must have woken up at one point as the Dr was trying to maneuver the scope through the twisted part of my colon. I was given the option of the enema(which I had years ago)or another colonoscopy with deeper sedation. I chose the colonoscopy. I was given "Propo...something", can't remember exact name. I never felt a thing and woke to hear the nurse say they got all the way through.
Avatar n tn I used Super Colon Cleanse tablets by Health Plus Inc. It is sold on Amazon, but I got mine at GNC. The bottle says to take 4 tablets twice daily for 10 days. I did not notice any blood today.
Avatar m tn 600 ml is quite a bit to be doing an enema with, especially if this is one of the first times you have done an enema. Why did you do the enema in the first place?
Avatar n tn It sounds as though the doc wants to perform a barium enema which is basically a special x-ray of the large intestine (colon and rectum) to look for structural featues and look for any changes/abnormalities. Before x-rays are taken, a liquid called barium sulfate is placed into the rectal area. This provides a 'contrast agent' that can highlight specific areas inside the body for a clear image.
Avatar n tn If I just had the simoidoscopy a year ago could it be colon cancer that is causing alot of pain in my lower side? Are these tests good for finding colon cancer in the sigmoid and descending colon? The reason I havnt had a colonoscopy is because I cannot have sedatives. Is there a chance that colon cancer comes that quickly after the Flex-sig? I am really scared. I thought I saw blood in the toilet. I am so afraid. Is colon cancer diagnosed alot around my age?
Avatar f tn I am currently taking Zoloft for depression and anxiety and am preparing to do a detox colon cleanse. Is it safe to do a all natural herbal detox colon cleanse while on Zoloft as long as the Zoloft is taken a few hours apart from all other supplements?
Avatar f tn t go into labor by sunday my doctor is going to induce me monday morning. However he wants me to cleanse myself out by using a laxative called enema fleet. My question is has anyone else had to do this before? My mother said the hospital is suppose to do it.
Avatar n tn barium enema is like an x-ray inside ur colon. it is unpleasant procedure where they pump enema into your colon and then take pictures. takes about 10 minutes but often it hurts. however it pays off because that is where ur problem could be. Barium swallow is also an x-ray but not abdominal. It is also called upper gi series and when u swallow the barium they check for ur esophagus, stomach and small intestines. do some googling under barium swallow or upper GI series and barium enema.
Avatar f tn and move backwards into the small intestine (reflux into the terminal ileal loops). You have a slightly longer length of colon that is found at the top of the ascending colon (hepatic flexure). Overall it's saying that they found 'nothing wrong.
Avatar f tn and what I mean about enema is it possible to increase the risk of pseudomembranous collitis when we use enema for a patient taking antibiotics as this enema will clean the colon and may help to kill the normal flora easier??!!