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Avatar m tn if a young men just have wart on his hand and if he have sex with another men or women and his semen enter rectum/anus , can it cause genital wart or colon cancer or another cancer ?(because his semen and penis contact rectum and anus ) and if rectum has a cut and semen contact blood can it cause hpv or cancer or genital wart?
1617139 tn?1298659552 You are relatively young to get breast cancer and so was your mother if she got it at that young age as well. BRCA men and women tend to have a much higher risk for certain cancers, for women it's breast, ovarian, colon among others and for men it can be prostrate, colon, breast among others. Please contact your physician and get a PET scan done if they will do so. I would also have a transvaginal ultra sound done along with MRI.
Avatar m tn I also am having problems finding info on polyps found in young adults. I am 31 and 2 years ago was having problems with some blood in my stool, ignored it for a couple of months then went and had a sigmoidoscopy done. They found 2 small polyps (benign) which is good. But I am not sure when to go back to get tested again.
280234 tn?1532986249 Hi Annie, thanks for your reply. I'm sorry that you had to deal with that at age 35. I hope you are doing well now. There isn't a family history in our family either that I know of, but my mom & dad are both in the early 50s, and haven't had colonoscopies. My GI doctor has told me that they need to have one very soon, since I have adenomas. I know colon cancer doesn't care what age you are.
Avatar m tn Family history when one presents with colon cancer this young is extremely important. We have FAP in our family, and it wasn't until my brother-in-law was diagnosed with colon cancer at 38 and died that we learned this. Back then this was known as Gardner's Syndrome, an orphan disease. Now they know it's part of FAP. My husband died 2 years later from colon cancer because they didn't know enough to check him.
394052 tn?1203100849 My family has a strong history of cancer. Grandmother with breast cancer at 94, mother with colon cancer at age 73, uncle lung cancer, uncle stomach cancer, aunt with colon cancer, great aunt leukemia. These are all on maternal side. Brother now with prostate cancer at age 55 and me with stage 1b clear cell ovarian cancer at age 55 (no sign of disease now). I realize with older people and cancer, the docs have always told me, well they were just old enough.
1506428 tn?1290113504 People who develop colon cancer at a young age like yourself usually have an hereditary colon disease in the family like FAP ( Familial Adenomatous Polyposis). There are two forms, one is where thousands of polyps develop in the colon between the age of 8 and the teen years. With the attenuated form, polyps develop slowly and just a few at a time. With one cancer develops by their late 30's, the other by their 40's. It is very rare for one your age to develop polyps.
Avatar n tn I am told that polyps grow very slowly. No family history of colon cancer, my parents, aunts and uncles have all been screened and are clear. My grandmother did have several polyps removed but not until she was in her 50s or 60s and has never had them reoccur. I don't drink, smoke, eat relatively healthy and am not obese.
Avatar m tn I am a 42 year old male about 50lbs over weight and I have been working with my doctor since 2/09 to address Accelerated High Blood Pressure. I continued to have symptoms of Accelerated High Blood Pressure after being prescribed an aggressive medication regiment. I was then referred to a Internal Medicine Doctor who changed/reduced the proscribed medications. During a office visit we discussed abdominal discomfort I had been having.
Avatar f tn Looking at the most pessimistic side, there are (very rare) cases mentioned on Medhelp where colon cancer has been detected in patients as young as early 20's. With your family's history of colon cancer, my inclination would be to consult a G.I. specialist and request a colonoscopy - and then to ask at what intervals you should be re-examined. You may be accused of being over-anxious but you are the patient.
Avatar m tn At your age, unless you have a family history of Colon Cancer it would be quite rare. Stop reading about Colon Cancer online as it will only stress you out! Go to your doctor and get checked out. Could very well be hemorroids and IBS, or other non-life threatening diseases. Either way get it checked, but Colon Cancer would be quite rare.
Avatar f tn Thanks for your input I am for sure going to get this taken care of with a specialist but I do have close family ties with colon cancer a grandpa who died of colon cancer at 70 and a father with polops at 50 (sp) I know that this is a bit far fetched but it does have me worried. I will let you know what I find out. I pray that its indeed what you mentioned and not anything more. Thanks!!!
Avatar f tn My husband has just been diagnosed with Colon cancer on Wednesday, his surgeon wanted to admit him right away but stated he needed more testing before surgery. Is having a chest xray and CT scan normal testing before the surgery or should I prepare for news that the cancer has spread. I need to know because I don't want to be too upset when we meet the surgeon again this Wednesday. Any help I would greatly appreciate. Thank you in advance.
Avatar f tn This is still young for colon old is your mom?
Avatar m tn Whats the chance of me getting colon and anal cancer??I will be 30 September 20th 2011.Dont have any cancer in my family from what my mom says.I dont smoke.I drink rarley now.I workout once in a blue moon.
Avatar n tn You are very young for cancer and your symptoms sound more like IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). This causes alternating diarrhea with constipation, stomach pain and the feeling that you need to "go" but can't. With the straining you have done, it's hard to believe you don't have hemorrhoids, I wouldn't rule this out just yet. It's always best to see a Gastroenterologist when you have any concerns about intestinal problems.
Avatar m tn At age 29 you are very young to have developed colon cancer although very occasionally it can be demonstrated below the usual age range 40/50+. You should seek medical advice preferably from a G.I. specialist and, unless the doctor can definitely assure you that the cause is minor (e.g. anal fissure, hamemorrhoids etc) I suggest that you request a colonoscopy - and maybe also at the same time - an endoscopy.
Avatar n tn My dad had colon cancer & Im wondering when I should begin to get check ups? Im 32 years old... Thanks...
Avatar m tn I suggest you also post your question on the gastrointerology forum to get more responses. You are quite young to have colon cancer. Do you have a family history of the disease? What is your diet like? Do you exercise? Try to include information like that.
Avatar n tn Well 16 is kind of young for colon cancer but it's not impossible! I have almost the same symptoms and they started when I was pregnant! I had bad indigestion, constipation, loose stools, thinner stools, I've even had blood on my stool a few times! The dr told me I had internal hemmroids but Im suppose to have a colonoscopy June 8th to be safe. I am very scared just like u that I have colon cancer! But I will let u know the results!
Avatar m tn s side was my grandmother and her colon cancer (there are five living children of grandma no cancer) and the only cancer that I can think of on my mom's side is my great grandmother had breast cancer in her 70s.