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Avatar f tn d love to have the question answered that it is likely gas in the X-part of colon or X part of my system and that this is common or less common, etc.?
Avatar n tn Had a chest X-ray as a follow-up to Thyroid Cancer and they said that looked OK but X-ray showed what looked like old scaring. What does that mean?
Avatar f tn Let him know your concerns and maybe ask for a Hemoccult test or an x ray of your abdomen. It is unlikely that it is colon cancer if there is no family history. you could just have sensitive bowels.
Avatar m tn I 32 and male, don't have any medical history before. My doc sent me to x-ray for lower back pain checkup. Nothing unusual in my lower back.However, he toldme there might be stone in your kidney or bladder and he can't tell from x-ray result. So I went again for CT. The CT results shows, there is 12 x11x6 mm pretty ovoid homogenious object between colon and outside of right kidney.They are not sure what it is and it's effect.
443136 tn?1210536325 When I was a baby, probably about a year old, I had a CT scan, or an x-ray (can't remember which one) of my head. Then, last year, I had a CT scan done of my head again on 5/31/07. They found a 2 ml lipoma (fatty tissue). They didn't think much of it, so on 6/18/07, I had an MRI done on my head. I know MRI's don't use radiation or anything, but still. Anyway, if you read some of my other questions, you'll see my list of symptoms I've been having.
Avatar m tn My question is what all would a chest X-ray show? Would it show lung cancer or esophagal cancer? Something is definately wrong wth me but the doctors can't seem to pinpoint anything.
Avatar f tn Calcifications in the colon are not particularly normal, though I would not be sure of the diagnosis on the x-ray. Colon calcifications could occur in GI inflammations, granulomas, increased serum calcium etc; while the diagnosis may need to be verified and evaluated for secondary causes. I would suggest considering a review by the radiologist before consulting an internist for a detailed evaluation. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar f tn My little girls has scoliosis which is very mild, she had 3 or 4 X-rays at about 5-6 months and a chest X-ray at 4 years, they say the scoliosis isn't getting worse, better infact, but, I recently read a report saying there is a link with childhood cancer and x-ray and haven't been able to get my mind off it. I have also read reports saying there is no link with low dose X-ray but don't know what to believe now. Am I worrying irrationally.
Avatar f tn com/digestive-disorders/ss/slideshow-poop-type-color This slide show goes through a chart of what different types of poop shapes might mean. Narrow or comma shaped bowel movements are something that colon cancer can cause but other issues can as well. Are you over straining for example when trying to go or is your digestive track slow? This is information on colon cancer. Again, speak to your doctor. They may elect to do some testing on you.
Avatar n tn She sent me for blood work and an x-ray to chech my appendix, gallbladder and pancreas. The x-ray tech took a look at the film and called the doctor and sent me back upstairs. The doctor showed me the film and said that I was litterally full of poop. It was bad enough that she said normally they would send a person in that situation to the hospital. However, after confering with another Dr. They sent me home and told me to buy a couple of fleet enemas.
Avatar f tn I was informed by my Dr I had an abnormal chest x-ray with patchy density and asked to have a 2nd x-ray taken 2 months later. The area I think is patchy density had a round shape and now has more of an oval shape. Is patchy density cancer?
Avatar f tn Secondary lung tumors manifest as discrete nodules, usually multiple, interstitial infiltrate or endobronchial lesions with or without distal atelectiasis and charcterisitc round appearance on x-ray chest. Any cancer has the ability to spread to lungs most common being bladder, colon, breast and prostate cancer. You will need a PET scan to confirm and differentiate from pneumoconiosis since malignant cells have higher rate of glucose metabolism.
Avatar n tn I recently had a chest x-ray and the report says I have a 5 mm nodule overlying the 2nd rib in the right lung . I have been a smoker for almost 30 years. Could this be the beginnings of lung cancer? I will be getting a CT scan soon. Are CT scans accurate as far as distinguishing between benign or malignant lung nodules?
Avatar m tn Hi, I had a scaring on my chest x-ray too, apparently its from pneumonia I had when I was quite younger. Mine was nothing to worry about. A lot of times old infections leave their mark so to say. lol. As for the abdominal pain, I definately would do the colonoscopy. My mom had colon cancer, so I agree that it is the best tool to rule it out. You could have a funny acting appendix. Or diverticulitis, Irritable bowel syndrome, etc.
Avatar m tn In the last two months I have been having left lower back pain and it brought my attention to my grastrointestinal health. I have had 2 MRIs done for the lumbar spine and cervical spine, an x-ray of the hips and pelvis (ok), an x-ray of my abdomen (ok). Today I got the results from my abdominal/pelvis ct scan. Basically everything was fine excep he noted mild diverticular disease on the sigmoid colon (no diverticulitis).
Avatar n tn ll probably be placed on your side on an x-ray table and a preliminary x-ray is typically taken. Then the barium enema is administered. A small balloon at the tip of the enema tube may be inflated to help keep the barium inside your colon. The flow of the barium is monitored on an x-ray fluoroscope screen. There are a couple types of barium enema.
Avatar m tn The protocol when I was taking them was to use lead numbers on the film plate and on an x-ray log (written in a bound book) the settings employed before taking the shot. I am not stating what you describe did not happen, however there appears to be many missing pieces. I am not sure where you got the idea you were exposed at "1000 times the norm".
Avatar n tn I have several concerns about radiation. While there are a lot of sources that say dental X-rays have minimal radiation, etc. I am still a bit concerned, since I consistently get ill after getting dental x-rays. I was wondering if there was any cap to radiation exposure built into the dental x-ray machines, or whether it was at the dentist's discretion how much radiation was used.
Avatar f tn ve been worrying about colon cancer, so is this because of the miralax or something worse like cancer? It started becoming really pencil thin and short, and has been for the last 3-4 days (while taking the 2 capfuls of miralax). I know it's not an obstruction since I had an x Ray at the ER today and he said he didn't feel anything hard or mass like when feeling my stomach. I said my stools were thin, and he didn't really say anything about it.
Avatar m tn t stop stressing about my health. I have had Cbc, Ana, Tb test, thyroid test, carcinoid tumor test, chest x ray, stomach x ray, hormone levels, and Hiv, hepatitis C and B tests and all come back negative. My boyfriend is telling me that it is stress and anxiety. I am just stressed because Dr say thrush is unusal in my age. However, I read that smoking, diets high in refined sugars, and dry mouth can also cause this.
Avatar n tn The only way to find out if you have colon cancer is to have a colonoscopy. I had 1 last fall, and the dr. found a polyp too large for him to remove. It was about 1" in diameter. I don't want to scare you but I didn't have any symptoms at all. The doctor said if I didn't have it taken out in a couple of years it would be cancer. I'm 50 female no family history of colon cancer. I had hemeroids and alot of bleeding from them.