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Avatar n tn My nephew (40) was diagnosed year ago with Stage 4 colon cancer. 14" of colon was removed, plus small mass outside of colon. 6 mos. chemo followed. Last week, pet scan taken and my nephew wrote (see below) to me today. He starts tomorrow (2/18) another round of chemo: "My tumor markers had spiked from 5 to 19 and now to 600. I had a pet scan late last week and it showed the cancer is active on my liver and abdominal wall. Because it is a mucinous tumor it is inoperable.
408448 tn?1286883821 In January a recurrence was found coming through the rectal colon wall during a colonoscopy. Another tumor was found behind my liver, posssibly coming down from the diaphragm. Because my cancer is mucinous and the primary site was not 100% determined, they sent my slides to U of Chicago. They say my cancer could have been of a GI origin. I began Folfox with Avastin March 2nd. I have had 2 cycles. The first was easy.
Avatar f tn I am 5 years out from my breast cancer diagnosis. Tumor markers were not done with my original oncologist. When she moved I had to choose another oncologist. She started doing tumor markers and I have always been between 19-21. My last two tests were 36 and then two months later 48. Anyone have any experience with this and what might cause the jump? I have had two bouts of lyme disease right about the time of these tests. Could that have an effect on the higher levels???
Avatar f tn 129 and you a 70, that does not mean in any way that my cancer is worse than yours, or even that you have cancer as tumor markers can also be high for other reasons. And, they have to be repeated. I don't know if you have been tested before but your test should be repeated. (with about a 3-4 weeks apart) Good luck and let us know what happens. ........................................
408448 tn?1286883821 IHC for colon cancer usually tests positive for CK20, and negative for CK7. CDX2 may be positive in colon cancers. If you have colon cancer, then K-RAS mutation testing is advisable to predict if you will benefit from a monoclonal antibody called cetuximab (Erbitux). This may be given to you in combination with FOLFIRI chemotherapy (similar to FOLFOX, but oxaliplatin is replaced with irinotecan).
Avatar n tn Hi, The high tumor markers mean that she has cancer metastasis to other parts of the body as well. It would be good to get a doctor to see her now. Nothing can be said about the life expectancy at this point of time. You could just be there around her for emotional support. Good luck.
Avatar m tn Have your bowel habits changed? That's the #1 symptom to look for in colorectal cancer. Cancer is usually painless until the tumor grows to where it is pressing on something or taking up too much space, then it would be more than a dull ache. If you've begun to have constipation or diarrhea that's not normal for you, and no other apparent cause; your stools look different, such as have become pencil-shaped; there's blood in your stool - all could be symptoms of cancer.
Avatar f tn I have just been told my tumor marker CA27-29 has gone from 33 to 203. The doctor is ordering a cat scan. In six months its increased 170 points. Has anyone else had this happen and had a positive result. The nurse said it isn't always cancer that raises the sscore. I am really upset and won't get the reults until the end of january.. Anyone have a similar situation ?
Avatar f tn For many reasons, tumor markers alone are usually not enough to know if cancer is present. Most tumor markers can be made by normal cells as well as by cancer cells. Sometimes, non-cancerous diseases can also cause levels of certain tumor markers to be higher than normal. And not every person with cancer may have higher levels of a tumor marker. For these reasons, only a few tumor markers are commonly used by most doctors.
Avatar n tn For breast cancer, there is presently no standard recommendations regarding tumor markers (either CA 15-3 or CA 27.29) and it is up to the accepted practices of the specific institutions on how they would interpret or correlate the results of these tests. Regards.
Avatar n tn Do you know the original tumor or description of a tumor in the fatty tissue of the abdomen with: Positive Cytokeratin 7 Positive 20 Negative CDX2 Thanks
Avatar f tn A CEA value is tumor marker for colon cancer much like other tumor markers it is not a test for cancer but may give some insight. Your period can cause an elevated CA-125 value - also infections, stress can also cause an elevation of the CA-125 value. Good luck with your surgery.
Avatar f tn However, other tests can be done to pinpoint the real origin like tumor markers (CEA for colon cacer, TTF-1 for lung cancer) as this will guide further treatment. Another possibility can also be a new, most unusual, rare, third primary cancer. I hope he biopsy will be uneventful, and that things will be made clear by that time.
Avatar f tn passing gas with just gassy blood. Now I ahve has a colonoscopy and they found a tumor(cancer) does this mean that over the years this may have been growing? Have I waited to long for help?
Avatar f tn diagnosed with anemia at my yearly physical in April/09, follow up colonoscopy found a tumor and had right hemicolectomy (15 cm of colon removed) on Dec. 8/09, biopsy showed stage 1 colon cancer. Emergency CT scan on Jan 22 (leak in anastamosis and hospitalized for 3 days) found a cyst on the left ovary. Follow up transvaginal US on Feb. 19/10. Called by my family doc on Feb. 23 to advised CA125 needed and follow up with gynecologist will be scheduled. CA125 was 32.5.
Avatar f tn 8/09, biopsy showed stage 1 colon cancer. Emergency CT scan on Jan 22 (leak in anastamosis and hospitalized for 3 days) found a cyst on the left ovary. Follow up transvaginal US on Feb. 19/10. CA125 was 32.5. I also have a family history of ovarian cancer (maternal aunt diagnosed at 39) and breast cancer (sister diagnosed at 36). I now have an appointment with the gyn on March 26. I am 49 and have 2 children 22 and 24.
Avatar f tn I guess I should clarify...I am an ovarian and breast cancer patient, and my question was regarding tumor markers for my ovarian cancer. They have been elevated since prior to my mastectomy.
974371 tn?1424653129 Have a friend that is about 82. He had surgery fop or colon cancer about two years ago. He has been on some type of Chemo and oral meds since. Was told on one CAT scan, it was stable. Last CAT scan showed rumors had gotten bigger. I don't have many details. The doctor has stopped the Chemo and Cancer meds. Said he discussed it with some board and no other treatment suggested. I find this hard to believe! Can't they do surgery again to remove the rumors?
Avatar f tn While surgery for cure is not an option (this means surgery attempting to remove all the cancer) , you may need to discuss the new tumor on the colon. IF there is a chance that this will obstruct - there may be a need to relieve the obstruction, this may be done with scopes or with surgery. Find out what treatment options are available to you. Likely you will receive chemotherapy and then as different problems come up- the role of surgery and radiation would be reviewed. Stay positive.
Avatar m tn I get my CEA along with other tumors markers tested every couple of months or so. Certainly colon cancer can cause an elevation. But there are a number of benign reasons for the elevations as well. I hope you continue to improve. You have difficult conditions for sure, and just powering through them is the only answer it seems. I wish our doctors had more tricks up their sleeves, if only ...
Avatar n tn What does this mean, 2 liver lesions that are said to be metastatic colon cancer, contain minimal focal areas increased density likely calcifications?
Avatar f tn My husband has been treated for colon cancer with liver mets since 10/2006. He just had his yearly colonoscopy a little over 2 weeks ago which was very good. No polyps, completely clear. Last week he had his cea. When it was checked 2 months ago it was 2.7. This time it is 27. I am wondering if the colonoscopy could have caused enough irritation/inflamation that it raised his cea. The cea level was taken about 2 1/2 weeks post colonoscopy.
Avatar n tn She has had surgery chemo and rads. In January she had her first tumor markers. The 27.29 and the CEA were both normal. The CA 15-3 was at 30. Retested it after 3 weeks and it was at 34. Please let me know how you would interpret this. Are there specific items that provide a false positive result. She has had bilateral mast. and hysterectomy. She is on Paxil and Herceptin.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with colon cancer 8 years ago and they removed 19 inches of my colon at that time. Now, I had a PET scan done a few weeks ago and a spot (size of a lima) bean was found. I was sent to an orthopaedic doctor and he has discussed the scans with 4 radiologist and they will not commit 100% it is not cancer. So, now they ahve requested a CT/biopsy after a consultation with an Interventional radiologist next week. Do you feel this could be cancer?