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Avatar f tn Important: COFFEE TO PREVENT COLON CANCER- 4 to 6 cups a day to live LONGER! Capsaicin KILLS IS PROVEN TO KILL prostate cancer so I figure it can do a number on colon cancer! Papaya enzyme or Bromelain effective with IBD are great for IBD-google. Good Luck!
Avatar n tn Can you describe the pain you feel? Abdominal pain is rare in colon cancer. Cancer of the colon and rectum can exhibit itself in several ways such as: bleeding from your rectum or blood mixed with your stool; fatigue and pale skin; abdominal distension; abdominal pain; persistent nausea or vomiting; unexplained weight loss; change in frequency or character of stool; sensation of incomplete evacuation after a bowel movement or rectal pain. The duration of symptoms usually takes 14 weeks.
Avatar m tn I guess my question is, if it was something more serious, like colon cancer, would the pain be more persistant and get worse over time? I'm planning on making an appointment with a GI but should I worry? I know the fact that I've had anxiety over this doesn't help either......
Avatar m tn m no forum doctor or nurse on here, but am an LPN. Coln cancer will tend to cause one to have stomach pain, bloody or black stools, loss of appetite, nausea & vomiting. If u still worry, u could get a checkup from your primary care doctor. Good luck!
Avatar m tn No one in my family has had colon cancer. Three months ago I was diagnosed with mono, which really brought down my whole immune system. I then had walking pneumonia. I had sinus infections in between too, which caused me to take many antibiotics. I have a severely sensitive stomach and the antibiotics ruined my stomach. Ever since than, I have been very nauseous, no energy at all, loss of appetite, and some pain in my left lower abdomen.
Avatar n tn Then they did a scope in her stomach that showed cancer. So they determined the cancer started in her stomach and was a rare fast growing agressive cancer already in stage 4. She had heavy rounds of Chemotherapy for a few months and they did another CAT and MRI ( idk why since they couldn't see her type of cancer and tumors from the MRI and CAT previously) they did not see any tumors in these scans after chemo but she was getting worse and vomiting 7 or more times daily.
Avatar f tn Hi I dont want to sound like im a hypercondriac but the abdomial pain that women experince with ovarian cancer is it lower or upper pain. I have upper stomach pain for over a yr now. It comes and goes its really high like right under the v part the ribs and top of stomach. I had a scope down the throat and and stomach they said there is redness and iritation there and had colonosopy also both done in june.
Avatar m tn Gas pains are relieved by passing gas and there is usually a sound or a feeling of movement along with it. Colon cancer stomach pains are usually in the later stages of colon cancer. At your age with your symptoms colon cancer shouldn't even be considered as a possibility.
Avatar m tn ve had two colonscopies since age 50, my first colonoscopy found a pre-cancerous polyp (had a more dangerous figure, I was told) along with other benign polyps that was which was removed (had no side effects after) I did a follow up colonscopy the year after and another pre-cancerous polyp (except to a lesser degree) was found and removed along with other benign polyps around the same area, the 2nd colonoscopy from a different surgeon I had a lot of stomach pain after.
Avatar m tn i have colon cancer and had radiation and chemo.
Avatar m tn It all started on Wednesday when i woke up with a stomach pain. The stomach pain is almost gone now, but the flatulence scares me a lot... I tried to find the reasons for the flatulence and what i have read is that it can be symptom of colon cancer... The stool for now is OK. I really want to know the first sign of colon cancer. What I've also read is that all this can be stress related and I've been under stress for a long time almost falling into depression... Please help!
Avatar n tn My husband had colon cancer in 2000, he had surgery and his large intestine removed. He then had several more surgeries due to ecoli, abdominal abscess, hernia and body rejected the mesh (all do to colon perforation during colonoscopy where cancer was found) In 2007 he had surgery number 7 for small bowell obstruction from what was used to repair the hernia in 2004 adhered to colon and wall of stomach.
Avatar m tn Im still having diahrrea, with some slight dull pain in the lower left side of my stomach. What are the chances that it could be stage IV colon cancer? I have experienced no blood in my stool yet and i havent been losing much weight.
Avatar f tn It is difficult to comment without examining. Frank blood is usually not a sign of colon cancer. However since you bleed and itch around anus I feel they could be hemorrhoids that have got infected or twisted. These could also be anal skin tags or even warts. “Medical treatment of hemorrhoids is aimed initially at relieving symptoms.
Avatar n tn can colon cancer cause back pain? I have lower back pain , have had skinny riibboned shaped #2. now have to strain and seems less and less is happening!
Avatar f tn I started experiencing basically the same symptoms back in March. Shortly after losing a loved one, I started having lots of stomach issues - pain and stomach growling, changes in bowel habits, etc. I had blood work which was all normal, had an ultrasound which showed my gallbladder was clear of stones. My liver did have a cyst on it but they didn't associate that with my symptoms. I had a HIDA scan which indicated that my gallbladder was functioning at 32%.
Avatar m tn I only think it could be colon cancer because of the stomach pains and prolonged diarrhea, neither of which have been a problem for me before this year. Also my grandpa died from colon cancer if that means anything significant. I don't know if I'm having any "anal bleeding" or blood in my stools because i don't exactly look to check for it.
Avatar f tn I also have been having severe stress related anxiety over colon and cancer symptoms as well. Also had a unprotected oral sex encounter 10 weeks ago and that's really bothering me too. I've tested negative to all stds. It's still bothering me though. Do you think these stomach issues are anxiety related or have something to do with an std?
717581 tn?1230070230 For the past 2 days I've had anal bleeding when I go to the restroom. I've had stomach bloating, and cramps. I've been having trouble sitting down, I've been getting a pain on a bone between my lower back and my but. Could I maybe have colon cancer??
Avatar m tn Whats the chance of me getting colon and anal cancer??I will be 30 September 20th 2011.Dont have any cancer in my family from what my mom says.I dont smoke.I drink rarley now.I workout once in a blue moon.
Avatar f tn Okay my question is for about 6 months now ive had alot of issues and im thinking it could be cancer I went to my primary care docter who ran blood test but hasnt really done anything else more it came back i have hypothyroidism which fluctuates so i dont think i actually have it but oh this is embarrassing but i feel like i have colon or anus cancer and im scared because im 24 woman with 2 kids my symptoms are low back pain,hip pain,upper stomach pain.
Avatar f tn t really have the usual symptoms of colon cancer and until I can narrow it down, I can not afford to be tested.I have NEVER had any stomach problems in my life..not even the flu. Does anyone know of a few diagnoses I can zero-in on so I can narrow down the tests I should take. Since I have no insurance, medical care givers are reluctant to give me a battery of tests. I hope someone has some ideas for me.