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Avatar f tn It can be a tricky business removing polyps in the ascending colon. There is no reason to panic. Colon cancer is very slow growing. In my opinion another colonoscopy in three months won't reveal much. Perhaps biopsies can be taken, but that still leaves unanswered questions. The one sure solution is surgery, and I wouldn't settle for anything less than the most experienced specialist in your area.
1193817 tn?1264935040 Hi I was 32 when diagnosed with serous borderline ovarian cancer in 2002. This type of tumor looks like cancer but doesn't act like cancer. Because borderline pathology is tricky my doctor recommended a second opinion on the pathology just to make sure. At the time I had my diagnosis they recommended a total hysterectomy as well. Which I had a year and half later. Nowadays, once the diagnosis is confirmed to be borderline, they tend to not recommend hysterectomies anymore.
Avatar f tn peritoneal seedling throughout its mength.loops of small intestines ,ascending colon,transverce colon and part of decending colon are involved and inseperable.(frozen abdomen and pelvis).now tell me in this situation,what are the chances of chemotherapy?will it works? or how much time she had left coz she had completely blocked her intestines.she is not eating since 20 dayz.she is discharge from hospital and her first chemotherapy is done rightnow. i dun know about chemo drugs details.....
Avatar f tn My husband has just been diagnosed with Colon cancer on Wednesday, his surgeon wanted to admit him right away but stated he needed more testing before surgery. Is having a chest xray and CT scan normal testing before the surgery or should I prepare for news that the cancer has spread. I need to know because I don't want to be too upset when we meet the surgeon again this Wednesday. Any help I would greatly appreciate. Thank you in advance.
203342 tn?1328737207 My dad died from colon cancer when I was 8. When I was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer at age 46, I did some detective work and discovered that I am the 4th generation of my family to have this disease. (My father, grandmother and great-grandfather all died from colon cancer!) I should have been screened for colon cancer from an early age.
Avatar f tn First of all, whenever you get a path report indicating cancer, ALWAYS ask your doctor to send the glass slides to a major cancer center with good pathology department for a second opinion. It looks like your tumor is in situ and slow growing one (well differentiated and no lymphovascular invasion are a good thing, but again, these findings need to be confirmed by a second opinion). You did not mention what the path report says about your other 4 polyps. Are they also precancerous?
Avatar f tn CA 125 has been elevated since march. It was 125 in march and 205 in september. I have lynch syndrome which caused my colon cancer. I have frequent checkups for that and uterine cancer as I have a high risk of uterine cancer. The cyst was discovered on my routine annual checkup. I opted for the full hysterectomy because my risk of uterine cancer is nearly 70% and I knew I would need one anyway someday and I wanted this to be my last surgery.
Avatar m tn If you have the mutated gene, you will get the cancer!!! Plus, it's not just colon cancer, it is brain, and pancreatic cancer as well. Locating the gene is to protect your children and if they have it, it must be taken very seriosuly! I've lost so many to FAP, do not take this lightly!! vineyardK......get regular colonoscopies, if they don't find any polyps at your age you can wait five years between scopes.
Avatar f tn My 77 year old mom recently had emergency surgery to remove part of her colon on the right side that had died. At the ER they did a CT scan. The radiologist thought she had colon cancer and also noted she had duodenumitis. The surgeon did not think it was cancer but maybe diverticulitis because of her severe pain. Thankfully it was not cancer. The pathology report said it was ischemic colitis.
Avatar m tn When using the laxative (during the bowel preparation) i had diarreah but no blood anymore. No weight loss, a LOT of appetite. My grandfather had colon cancer at the age of 85, but was treated with surgery and he died at the age of 96, from unrelated pathology. The problem is that the report from the CT colonoscopy will be available next week. I questioned the operator and he said there was nothing bad but i cannot rest..
408448 tn?1286883821 I will be starting the folfox chemo since the mucinous tumors to the ovaries are acting like colon cancer and may be of GI origin. If surgery is done to remove the area of the colon and giving me an ostomy opening I may be given Avastin. Does this sound like the way to go? My own onc wanted to try carbo & taxotere, but the 2nd opinion was the folfox. I appreciate your advice.
Avatar n tn m only 42 but my grandmother, who I never had the pleasure of meeting, died of colon cancer at an early age.. During the procedure the Dr removed 4 polyps but he said they were small and said not to worry, they didn't seem cancerous.. How accurate are these Dr's typically??
Avatar n tn My father was diagnosed with colon cancer 16 months ago, had laparoscopic surgery to remove tumor and part of his colon and was diagnosed last week with metastasis to his liver. There doesn't appear to be cancer anywhere else, after his pet and mri scans but they'll know more when they operate. I just want to know what is the goal here-to buy him as much time as possible and if so, how much are we talking about or could this even potentially be cured? Thank you.
Avatar f tn It means that the doctor visualized leisions that do not appear to be malignant, however he/she took tissue samples from those leisions for examination in the pathology lab. Sounds to m like your doctor is taking every precaution to be sure he/she gets complete information about the condition of your colon. They should get back to you soon with the results of the lab exam. Best of luck. Please post again when you get the results from the lab.
Avatar m tn should i be overly concern about a polyp or colon cancer or is it more like doctor says not to worry but i do...would colon cancer have different shapes of bowel movements?...thanks a lot....
Avatar f tn My father had colon cancer and died of pancreatic cancer. Is there any connection between these cancers and breast cancer? When I was in my 30's they removed a large and a small colon polyp, that they indicated were pre-cancerous. I have continued to have colonoscopies regularly and only 2 other times did they find poyps, however they were small and not pre-cancerous. I have also read on the internet about the stereotactic biopsy, so I understand what is involved.
Avatar f tn Is the prophylactic bilateral mastectomy a reasonable option for a pathology report of ADH, LCIS, papilomatosis and a strong immediate family history of breast cancer, colon cancer and ovarian cancer?
Avatar f tn My sister had surgery yesterday. They said it's colon cancer. They removed the tumor and took out 10 inches of her large intestines attached the large to the small intestines. They said it's in her liver just a couple of spots. Her pathology report comes back in Monday. Some assistant told my brother in-law she thought it was stage 4 how can this be with only a couple of spots and the removed the rest and apparently it hasn't spread anywhere else.
Avatar f tn The doctor will let you know after the pathology reports come back how you will handle getting colonoscopies done in the future(How often,etc) But the great news is, is that your on top of it, so even if you have to go in once every five years and have a polyp removed, you will remain cancer free. Colon cancer can be 100% preventable if you are getting colonoscopies regular, so stay on top of this as your GI recommends and you'll be fine.
Avatar n tn My 49 year old SIL has ovarian cancer. She had early stage breast cancer last year, tested + for BRCA 2 and they found the ovarian cancer during a routine PET scan. She's had a full hysterectomy and has just started 2 types of chemo. I know that one is through a port in her chest and the other will be through her stomach and she'll be hospitalized for that one. Her CA-125 was 3748 at the time of surgery.
Avatar f tn If you have any other 1st (mother, sister) or 2nd degree (grandmother, 1st cousin) female relatives with breast, ovarian, colon or pancreatic cancer, your need to be tested becomes urgent.
Avatar f tn His 3rd colonoscopy is scheduled for next month. He is being watched for colon cancer (FAP or GS) and has been already diagnosed with childhood polyposis. Polyps removed at the age of 4 years. I am very lusky to have the opthamologist we do, so we know what is ahead of us. Not a good thing knowing your son will have colon cancer, but at least we have a jump on it - thanks to the recommendation of our opthamologist!
Avatar f tn Stomach issues and my periods are lasting seven to ten days and im having them every two weeks sometimes even less time than that inbetween. My father passed from colon cancer and cancer is just extremely common on both sides of my family. Im scared i might have another cyst and im scared it might be cancer. i was just wondering how common it is to have another cyst show up on the ovary and what are the chances that it can show up the second time around being cancerous.
Avatar n tn As we age, the chances of us developing colon polyps increases, and that's why we are encouraged to have regular colonoscopies beginning at the age of 50. Once a polyp(s) is found, you have a higher chance of developing more, so they want to scope you every 2 years to watch for these. This way they can catch it before it becomes malignant. You have prevented yourself from developing colon cancer by getting scoped and having the polyps removed.
Avatar f tn You can still request that your slides be read by another Pathology Lab. If you aren't seeing a Breast Specialist I suggest that you do so and this might help clear things up for you. I'm sure you are more than aggravated at how things have gone in the past. I'm not sure why the ADH wouldn't show up on Excisional Biopsy unless the area was so small that it was removed by the previous needle procedure/ OR/ the Excisional Biopsy did not include the area of ADH.
Avatar f tn My mom had colon cancer, then breast cancer and finally lung cancer. None of these were related to each other. Cancer has taken most of my family on my mom's side, so I'm scared.
Avatar m tn One thing I would do is to get a second opinion on the pathology of the tumors....just to be certain. Ovarian cancer pathology is a tricky pathology as there are many many types. Just in case a second opinion on the pathology might be a good idea.
Avatar n tn Which sounded good to me but my surgeon said they were all bad, and some would have developed into cancer sooner or later and being 41 he would assume colon cancer by age 50 was inevitable and to have my children all screened as though they had a first degree relative with colon cancer. I also have an Aunt who had colon cancer and a cousin. Puts my sister in the same boat as my children since she has Celiac and that alone increases the chance for intestinal cancers. It is all so confusing.