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Avatar f tn My Mother is 78 years old suffering from depression, dementia, failure to thrive since losing her husband two years ago. She had colon cancer in 1995 and they removed a foot of her colon and surrounding lymph nodes without any other cancer treatment needed. She had a follow up colonoscopy in August 2001 and this is the only one she has had. She is refusing any diagnostic testing including labs as she has stated she is just wanting to die naturally.
Avatar n tn hytrin/day for benign enlarged prostate (last year's annual checkup had negative blood test for prostate cancer(would this have shown colon cancer if present?). I have a colonoscopy scheduled for next week (after last week's bloodwork showed nothing), but other than the diarrhea, I am healthy in every respect.
Avatar n tn I mean, usually we know where certain odors 'come from' or where they originate (for example, an under-arm odor from lack of deodorant, or a foot odor). Where on earth is this odor you have coming from? For some reason, I assumed from your question that it was maybe coming through your pores, but this probably isn't correct, is it? I'm not understanding where it's coming from and why it can't be 'washed' off?
Avatar f tn My mother is 79 years old, She had colon cancer in 2000 and when they removed the tumer and part of her colon they also had to take most of her bladder because the tumer had invaded the bladder they also took her overies. She was left with a bladder the size of a quarter.
Avatar n tn Not really. Your hemorrhoids probably caused your bleeding, and your weight loss was probably due to the virus. The odor and rash I have no idea about, but I know those aren't colon cancer symptoms. If you're forty or over and are still worried you might want to see about having a colonoscopy.
Avatar n tn I am a member of a body odor support group any many of them say the also suffer from aniexty, because of the body odor. So I can't remember which came first the odor or the aniexty. Ps I sometime take two bathes aday.
Avatar f tn It was raw sewage smell or strange ammonia odor(not women's odor, pure ammonia smell), sometimes dirty clothe smell sometimes just undescribable something. but time passes by I realized it was me. Because it followed me and when I bent down I could smell it coming from my body. Then I thought I had rectal problem so intestinal gas leaking, but it was not.
Avatar n tn I am very worried about this, especially since my Mother just died of colon cancer. My doctor's office do not seem like they are interested in this problem, or concerned. I asked if they could make an appointment for me to have a colonoscopy, but this was also ignored. I guess I should mention that in the UK, ignoring the patient is common practice. I am American, andI can hardly wait for my husband to retire so I can return home and get some decent health care ...if i live that long!
Avatar m tn Fecal odor from the anus is driving me crazy! I have tried everything to resolve the situation to no avail and feel as though it's to the point of nearly destroying my life. I'm so very very embarrassed by it that I'm practically a social recluse and avoid everything. I am meticulous about personal hygiene and I dread being at work or college because its so very embarrassing.
322973 tn?1239908038 The present and future role of bisphosphonates in the management of patients with breast cancer. Breast Cancer Res 2002, 4:24-29 __________________________________________________________________________________________ Cochrane Review Background Bone is the most common site of metastatic disease associated with breast cancer (BC). Bisphosphonates inhibit osteoclast-mediated bone resorption.
662103 tn?1237999917 Hi! I am posting in regrads to my mother-in-law. She is 64 yrs old and recent nausea for the past month brought her in to see her pcp. First, they suspected gallbladder and sent her home on Protonix(with no relief). He ordered an ultrasound which was negative but showed possible liver abnormality. Her bloodwork showed normal pancreatic and liver enzymes. On Friday, she had a CT of the abdomen which revealed excessive abdominal fluid(i am guessing ascites)- her liver was fine.
Avatar n tn I am not in any pain, although I do suffer from the same discomfort of constipation my Mother suffered from, and whom recently died of colon cancer. I do not wish to frighten anyone into thinking you may have cancer, because that may be far from the truth. I only want to show why this is a real concern for me personally as both my parents died of cancer. I had thought that there was hope with this new doctor, but it looks like he is just as neglectful as my previous doctors.
Avatar n tn The tumor was malignant, but superficial, so I don't think it could have spread. With a history of Ulcerative Colitis, could it possible be Colon cancer? What are the signs of that? Thank you in advance for any help you give me!
Avatar n tn He is at very high risk of colon cancer. He continues to have very loose stools, would anyone consider seeing another MD even though all previous testing was normal?
Avatar f tn hemorrhoids anal fissures colon polyps or colon cancer diverticular bleeding inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) A common source of bright red blood in the stool or on toilet paper is hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are enlarged veins in the rectal area that may burst and bleed. Hemorrhoids are not usually serious, and can often be treated effectively with over the counter medications. Troublesome hemorrhoids that won't heal may need the attention of a physician or prescription medication.
Avatar n tn I agree with the comments below - a colonoscopy would be the most reasonable next step. Colon cancer is one of the cancers that is curable if detected at an early stage. Any change of bowel habits or stool shape may be a manifestation of cancer and this should be ruled out. If the colonoscopy is negative, you may also want to consider tests for malabsorption - which can increase gas. Tests for fecal fat malabsorption or celiac disease can be considered.
Avatar n tn Can colon cancer be detected via ultrasounds and thorough blood work? The reason why I ask this is because during one of the two ultrasounds I did, where they discovered the stones in my gallbladder, the doctor asked me if I need to evacuate, and I said no, to which he replied that I had a lot of bowel on the right side of my abdomen. Could he have mistaken the bowels for polyps, lumps, cancer? Again, terribly sorry if this is a silly question, but I've just been extra-worried lately. Thanks!
1798776 tn?1315747545 It has a fishy kinda odor to it but also some other odor. Just not good. It's bad enough that my periods have been unpredictable for years, now this! I had only an overnight period in July. In August it was very heavy and lasted a week! I usually have a 2 - 3 day period and it's not usually very heavy. I have had very light and very heavy periods for a couple years now. My period comes when it wants to - there is no set schedule.
Avatar f tn Now In March 2011 he had surgery again because they found cancer again in a colonoscopy exam he had. So this time he had cancer in the colon and rectal area so they had to remove all that now he has a permanent colostomy. He never was able to poop in the bag he ate day 2 and 3, 4 after surgery. Then started to trow up bile. He had to go into a second surgery beacuse after two weeks since the first surgery the trowing up did not stop.
Avatar f tn I'm a bit worried, but my family is MORE worried, and I can't find any information on this on any web sighst about colon/rectum cancer...thanks for your help..
757137 tn?1347200053 Colon cancer is a DIRECT result of the inflamation there in the colon.......I read a research paper several years ago about how high colon cancer incidence was in people with IBD. It was a big percentage getting colon cancer so START drinking decaf coffee, Taking large amounts of vitamin K2 and consider tocotrienols.....just google these 3 things individually and cancer to be amazed.
Avatar n tn I am concerned as I have had a close relative pass away due to colon cancer.
Avatar f tn Odor controlled garlic 500 mg from swansonvitamins for SULFUR to help control the inflammation........Humira molecule is all sulfur just go to wikipedia and see it! I think some 6 or more of these capsules will help you-just give them time. 1000 mg Vitamin c. Time-release from swanson or some other company.
Avatar f tn They found I had a moderate sized hiatal hernia and and incompetant valve. At the same time they found 2 polyps in my small and one larger that was premalignant. I had a nissen surgery about 3 weeks ago and am now required to have a colonoscopy every 2 years as the polyp was an aggressive or fast growing...or something like that. Anyway, I also have a spot on my vulva that I am currently treating with a testosterone cream, but was told it could possibly be a vulva cancer.
1387175 tn?1326404597 CAN THIS BE COLON CANCER
Avatar f tn Welcome to the gastroenterology community! I would recommend you ask the colon cancer community about this, as they have a lot more knowledge about colostomy appliances.
Avatar n tn I am a 31 year-old male who had stage 1 colon cancer 3 years ago. I had an open section colectomy, which removed my ascending colon. Since I was released from the hospital, I have had issues with inflammation, pain, discomfort, and blood at my rectum. I have been checked by my family doctor and GI doctor. Neither observed anything other than some redness and irritation--hemorrhoids have been ruled out.
695160 tn?1227762810 I later found out, that because of my very strong family history of colon cancer on both sides of my family, that I should've had a colonoscopy even before the age of 35. My last colonoscopy about 1 1/2 years ago showed no active disease, and for the most part, except for episodes which I do feel are more IBS rather than IBD, I've been doing okay. Now, for the past couple of weeks, I have suddenly started passing a lot of gas, diarrhea, bright red blood, and a LOT of mucus.
Avatar n tn It is very runny diarrhea, I have to wear depends underwear all the time and sometimes that doesn't even help. The odor of the diarrhea is very bad, and almost like the smell of acid are something. It has become a handicap to me. The next day I will be so weak, I just lay around, and try to get my strength back. The next day the cycle will start again. I had radiation treatment in 2005 in the rectal area, for cervical cancer. This was only for a precaution.