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Avatar n tn I was Dx w/HCV geno 1a after being hospitalized from variceal bleed. I survived a bout with colon cancer and subsequent chemo Tx in 2002 and had always associated the HCV symptoms with the chemo. Between the variceal bleed, PT (14.8), ALT(147), AST (145) etc. test results, the liver damage assesment was not good. I was denied Tx from one Dr due to contraindication, convinced other doc potential benefit outweighed risk.
Avatar n tn I am really concerned now about being on antibiotics, mainly because my mother almost died with a case of C-diff. I'd just like to find some natural cures instead of the antibiotics. How do I know if it's diverticulitis? What's the risk of me getting Diverticulitis again? I have so much diahrrhea, it's hard to know whether I'm "normal" or not. Normal's pretty much out the window. I feel like I should take stock in Immodium. Could the abdominal pain be scar tissue?
Avatar n tn I have a strange story so I hope you all don't mind listening. I was recently diagnosed with colon cancer. I went through surgery on 7-5-00, only to have serious internal bleeding on 7-9-00 that required another hospital trip and included me having grand mal seizures from the 11th until the 18th. I just went back in the hospital again for the 3rd time due to an infection in the incision and 104 fever.
Avatar f tn He gives natural cures and according to his writing, many people who were sent home to die - LIVED !! Please get it - it's worth the read. It's easy reading and it's a guide to gentle, NON-TOXIC healing. It does not agree with conventional methods - chemo and radiation. I've been taking the supplements recommended . . . . . . Please go to this website and order the book. Copy this link into your browser.
Avatar n tn I also talked to one of its independent distributor and she said her dad had prostate cancer and this product reduced his PSA level to below normal which I think is great.My dad is recently diagnosed with Colon cancer and I already have ordered it. The distributor's name is Alexine and you can visit her website at and her contact number is 856-764-0319. I guess if you can request her she can ship the product to Australia.
Avatar n tn Research the natural cancer cures, it sounds that you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain if they help. Do not give up hope, and prayer also is a great help. I do not have cancer, but my daughter does, and we are a family fighting for answers to cures. God Bless you for caring enough to seek out help for your Mother.
757137 tn?1347200053 Colon cancer is a DIRECT result of the inflamation there in the colon.......I read a research paper several years ago about how high colon cancer incidence was in people with IBD. It was a big percentage getting colon cancer so START drinking decaf coffee, Taking large amounts of vitamin K2 and consider tocotrienols.....just google these 3 things individually and cancer to be amazed.
Avatar n tn Today, it is estimated that approximately 30,000 women each year die from colon cancer, the third most common cancer among women in the United States. Health care costs are soaring, yet there are no "cures." I am sharing my story with you in the hope that more and more patients and clinicians will seek out systemic truths and open their eyes and ears to the tenets of Natural Hygiene in determining both the cause of disease and and principles of healing.
Avatar n tn There are natural cures such as change in diet for awhile. Try eating foods without spices/acidic, no coffee, tea, soda, only water 1/2 hour before you eat and 2 hrs after. Licorice root helped settle my stomach. Try the chewable kind called Dgl. Dgl is better than pure licorice because it takes out the ingredient that affects blood pressure. It's all natural. Ginger I heard works too, but I haven't tried it. Antacids and proton inhibitors are very bad for you and may make it worse over time.
Avatar f tn I'm an advocate of herbs/supplements and organic foods and for the past 35 years ingested quite a few myself. One should know that the herb/supplement business is still unregulated and there are lots of "miracle, natural remedies" phony cures out there. If I was you I would question your source for references. See if you can talk with people who underwent this treatment and especially ask about any adverse reactions.
541657 tn?1239212530 Hi all, Some of you may know that I am interested in alternative and immune system supportive therapies for ovarian cancer. Yesterday I had a very interesting conversation with a doctor from the Oasis of Hope clinic in Mexico. They use extensive immune support therapies along with chemo to treat ovarian cancer. Some of these include vitamin C therapy, oxygen therapy, possibly hydrogen peroxide therapy along with a vegan diet, psychological support, etc to heal the 'whole' patient.
Avatar n tn I have tried everything to get rid of this parasite I have changed my diet, I am a very clean person also and have lately been stressing myself to be even more clean with everything in and around where I live, sleep and eat. I have tried all kinds of natural cures, and parasite or colon cleanses and nothing is working. If anyone can tell me what I am dealing with or can suggest what I can do it would be helpful.
Avatar m tn One thing I’ve learned is that the meds and the surgeries don’t work. I’ve all the steroids and painkillers, which only cause dependency and don’t actually heal. If anything, they masked the underlying problem by prompting superficial stimulation. My colon muscles weren’t getting stronger, and all of the painful and annoying symptoms would continue. I would be able to eliminate, but never solidly or with any consistency in texture or timing.
Avatar n tn One gram a day of ginger root powder may calm your tummy but it will not touch the cancer. We are only coming to realize lately that the cancer can be beat if high somewhat unpleasant doses of ginger are used. At the high doses it appears quite effective, but must be used with caution.
865902 tn?1239312521 ” When it is, your liver and kidneys are designed to handle those “toxins” and will do so far better than anything someone tries to sell you. 2. Diets only work when they restrict calories. 3. Your colon is fine and does not deserve to be regularly “cleansed.” Colonics have been around since the early 1900’s (maybe earlier) and the fact that they are still being used is only evidence of the gullibility of humans. 4. Never trust something that claims to “strengthen the immune system.
12773 tn?1328916786 After telling the mother that she had colon and blood cancer and the daughter that she had breast cancer, Rettmann allegedly advised both to have treatments with a Rife Frequency Generator, a special diet, dietary supplements, a regimen of baths, and foot zoning (a type of foot massage claimed to break up accumulated deposits at the end of foot nerve endings in order to help heal the body).
Avatar m tn No more Cancer. And best of all she still plays like a puppy. I know alternative cures work, because I'm living with the proof. I know we have to be careful about what to buy because there are a lot of unscrupulous people out there trading on misery, but there are some bona-fide things that do work. We just need to remember to research them as much as possible, and make sure the source you are getting them from has a good reputation . I wish you the very best for a total cure!
Avatar n tn I 1st noticed my problem when i was only going #2 once a week, and got an xray years back, the ER docter had said my intestines were full of waste. One doctor says that a part of my colon cld be dead and maybe need to be removed. But The GI would have noticed that during the colonostophy right? I still only go #2 once every 6-7 days, ive resulted in taking laxitive pills if it gets over 5 days and not going.
213398 tn?1202674074 I am also sorry for sounding so harsh and angry towards you. I shouldn't have written my post the way I did; it was a kind of a knee-jerk reaction. But I do stand by the essence of what I said (just not how I said it).
1028452 tn?1398781730 Doing a search on Medline shows positive research results on various forms of cancer from oral to colon and breast cancers. Ayurvedic uses widely range from anemia, arthritis, blood purification, digestive disorders, skin disorders and inflammatory conditions. Scientists at The Hospital for Sick Children (Sick Kids) and Yale University School of Medicine have found that a compound in the spice turmeric corrects the cystic fibrosis defect in mice.
Avatar f tn My now 4 year old daughter was diagnosed at 18 months with Lymphonodular Hyperplasia, Failure To Thrive, Eosinophilia, Chronic Gastritis, 7 Focal Ulcers in her Stomach, Duodenum, Ascending Colon, Transcending Colon, Transverse Colon, and Sigmoid Colon. Her Terminal Ileum was perfectly healthy and normal. Because of the Failure To Thrive, she underwent Bone-Age tests, and the physicians explained to me that her bone age was 9 months behind.
Avatar f tn Also try ginger; ginger root tea, a little candied ginger, etc. I’m not personally a big fan of natural cures when Rx strength meds are available, but ginger does seem to help, and is very unlikely to hurt you. I have a friend right now with very aggressive recurrent colon cancer, and is on his second round of chemo. He feels ginger has really helped him persevere through it.
523728 tn?1264625121 Menses started at age 9, one child born when I was 34, dad died of colon cancer at age 47. I've had 5 colonscopies but gyn just does a Pap and an pelvic exam and sends you on your way.
931217 tn?1283484935 Today's popular press often extols the supposed virtues of more "natural" ways of living, and approaching illness. There are a wide variety of theories and modalities, that together make up the broad category known as "complementary and alternative medicine (and veterinary medicine)." These approaches to health and disease are not monolithic and therefore their merits or lack thereof cannot be discussed as a category. Each must be examined alone.
Avatar m tn Below is my 08/20/08 treatment diary, one of the beginning days of my trying this other treatment: woke up, drank 600ml water, breakfast drank 600ml fish and beef soup, ate a half whole grain steamed bread, 2 slices of black bread, 1 potato, in the morning drank 1000ml appetizing soup, drank 300 ml fish and beef soup before lunch, lunch ate egg white, 1 yam, 1 potato, 1 carrot, 苦瓜 (a Chinese vegetable), in the afternoon drank 300 ml appetizing soup, 300 ml fish and beef soup, at 4:30PM drank bl
1462810 tn?1327364049 I'm so tired of prescribed meds causing more problems than they cure - one prescription leading to side-effects that lead to another prescription and on and on. Not only will doctors fail to tell you that their medications are going to destroy your system, if there is a natural way of treating the problem, one that works BETTER than a prescription, they won't tell you.
Avatar f tn The stool softener, like Md says pulls water back into stool ( waste products) so it is easier to pass throught colon and out rectum. There is also a stool-softener with stimulant (laxative) that usually results in bowel movement in 6-12 hours. Again, as MD suggests, see your doc and they can refer you to a spec. if not your local hosp can usually refer or suggest specialist, depending on where you live. The baby powder will hold the moisture and may help promote yeast infection.
Avatar f tn They follow a set pattern of stategy but mainly stick to this agenda. Out of 12 years or more of their training, they receive 5 HOURS of natural cures, etc!! AMAZING huh? But very true. Pharma companies train their Reps to reel in the Drs...and give them kickbacks for using their meds. This is even true for TESTS performed. Most people don't know it but they even get kickbacks for opting tests on patients. WITH THAT BEING SAID... I did't learn this until after 4 surgeries in less than 2 yrs.
Avatar m tn These have been shown to be a main factor in the causation of cancer. Therefore, antifungal therapy has also major benefits in cancer treatment.
Avatar n tn However, I started taking HRT at 57 (they were saying that it was the best thing to do - better memory, better for the heart, prevented colon cancer etc etc). I stopped the HRT last March and guess what? In no time I had the same symptons than you. I was simply devastated. I have started to take fish oil and and a supplement from Life Extension (herbs and glucosamine). Also Tumeric in a capsule form. And I must say that I feel better. Did your knucckles also got bigger?