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Avatar n tn Yes it could be possible. If you find a lump in your abdomen and have blood in your excrement, Its not a good thing thats for sure. It would be a very good idea for you to set up an apointment to get that checked out. They have the stuff to check you out and answer your question 100%.
Avatar n tn my dr. found a lump in my colon in a ct scan. what causes them besides cancer ? i have no symptoms.
Avatar f tn I had a colonoscopy yesterday and the doctor wants me to have an ultrasound of vagina and kidneys because she said there was a lump pressing into my colon wall from that region. Has this ever happened to anyone else? I have been having shorter periods, but still regular as far as days apart. I haven't really been having any urinary symptoms that i can pinpoint. I am worried.
Avatar m tn Colon cancer at your age without family history is rare. What you described is consistent with IBS. The mass you felt could be constipated stool. The bleeding likely is from straining and hemorrhoid. The stress from worrying about whether you have colon cancer will in and of itself make IBS symptoms worse. Constipation can cause fatigue.
Avatar n tn I put it down to hemorrhoids or an anal fissure in the hope it would go away but I think over the last few years it has worsened. This obviously sent alarm bells ringing in relation to colon cancer, mainly because my symptoms seem similar for that illness. I have the blood in the stool, irregular bowl movements, constipation regularly, tiredness.
Avatar n tn 2 weeks ago i found an anal lump, and have noticed other symptoms of colon cancer such as thin stools and i feel like i have to go when i dont actually have to. A week after that(one week ago) i felt very anxious for a few days and then it all built up into a panic attack. Afterwards i had aftershock effects in which i kept having very small and stretched out panic attacks for days(I still have them now).
Avatar m tn I am 23, slim, eat too much meat and too little vegetables then I should, have bowel problems on my mom's side and an unknown history on my biological father's side of the family. Due to my age colon cancer would be very unlikely, but not impossible. I'd like some insight on what you all think of my situation. Also, I noticed Friday night that I have small, reddish lump under my armpit. It has a little yellow spot on it and seems to leak some type of fluid when pressed.
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Avatar n tn stage 3 is usually divided a bit more but really it's when the cancer starts to move- so it might be in the tissues near the breast (for example my grandma had stage 3 colon cancer and the tumor was on part of her bladder and vaginal cavity); and stage 4 which means that metastasized. This means it traveled from where it originated, in my grandmother's case her colon, to another part of the body.
Avatar f tn Haemorrhoids is rare in descending colon but possible. At your age colon cancer is very unlikely. Get investigated as advised by your doctor. Keep me posted. Best wishes and regards!
Avatar m tn As you are getting blood on your stool then it clearly shows the symptoms of colon cancer. There are some test you can do at home, such as fecal occult blood tests (FOBTs) and other tests, such as a colonoscopy which can be done in clinic or hospital.
Avatar m tn I have not been given a diagnosis, and as this hip pain is persisting, along with all the other issues, I am extremely worried I have a serious health issue such as cancer of the colon. Under duress my GP has agreed to send me for a testicular ultrasound, and has referred me to the gastro consultant. However, she has said she is sure these will only prove I don't have any serious health issues. OK, so I'd really like to hear what people think?
Avatar n tn I'm an 18 year old male. I don't think colon cancer runs in the family. About a year and a half ago I notice bright red blood in the toilet and on the toilet paper after a bowel movement that I had felt slightly constipated during. After that, on and off I noticed blood in my stool. Everntually the bleeding stopped and I also noticed mucus on the toilet paper that smelled foul.
Avatar m tn still suffer tiredness and aches Last 6 weeks have dull to sharp pain, sometimes pulsating, around sigmoid colon area (left, below naval, very specifically located). Muscle pain also around left hip area. Rumbling stomach. Often thin stools, no blood, some occasional diarrhea. Blood work normal. Ultrasound showed nothing unusual. I'm having a CT scan this week. What are the likely causes of this? I have no history of colon cancer in my family.
Avatar n tn My husband is 47 and was recently diagnosed with colon cancer. He is undergoing chemotherapy and will be finished with his treatments after this next week. He had a restructure of his colon and it fortunately did not require a coloscopy. He had 1 lymph node out of 14 that was infected. My question regards a small, hard moveable lump that was found on his penis.
Avatar n tn I had a colonoscopy in Oct 2007 due to family history of Colon Cancer. I had no polyps, some small internal hemrrhoids. One to three times of year these hemrrhoids bother me, some itching and some pain, sometimes some streaks of blood. I have felt the anal opening before when these flare up and can feel a "bulginess"---but never a specific lump. Anyway, I use some internal ointment, goes away in a few days. I also seem to get a small flare up right at menstruation.
Avatar n tn Hello, Vulvar cancer presents in form of a lump or ulceration, often associated with itching, irritation, sometimes local bleeding and discharge. Also dysuria, dyspareunia and pain may be noted. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.
Avatar m tn I went to the emergency room after a couple days, was admitted to the hospital, and was diagnosed with sigmoiditis with a perforation (lower left colon), which I was told sealed itself off. I went home after a few days and was on Flagyl and Cipro for several more. Now when I eat, even if I feel very hungry at first, I will sometimes become full after eating fairly little. And when I feel too full, I feel horrible and woozy.
Avatar n tn HRT may also help prevent or delay the development of Osteoporosis, Alzheimer's disease, colon cancer, macular degeneration, urinary incontinence and skin aging. However, HRT has many short-term and long-term side effects. But sometimes, changing the dosage or the way it is administered can help control side effects. It is important to weigh all of the potential benefits and risks, as well as your preferences and needs before beginning HRT with your doctor.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know if a lump that is painful on my left side that sometimes disappears and sometimes I can feel, at my waist, it is more noticeable if i bend with arms up and to my right, I have constipation, take a colon cleanse and get diarrhea, it is formed normal sometime & thin sometime, my stress level is at the max & I am on medication, I've lost my whole family in the last few yrs, I guess it scared me it sad but you expect your parent to get sick but my sister was younger &
Avatar n tn Im really worries after googling and reading posts on here that it could be anal or colon cancer. I've never knowingly had pile or heamorroids before and theres no blood. I cant seem to feel it today and the stingling has gone but I'm still worried sick. I cant think of anything else. I do suffer a lot about health anxiety and dont want to run off to my doctor every time as they must be getting sick of me. Its very embarrassing.
Avatar n tn I went to take a mammogram test and the nurse there said that I HAVE to go to a doctor to cut my breast off since there is breast cancer. I always knew that symptoms of breast cancer are lumps under arm or on the colon, red breast, warmth, pains, etc. Is this true, that a mammogram test can give the verdict that my breast has to be cut off? Is it recommended that I continue test on this matter?
Avatar n tn My father's mother had breast cancer. My brother was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer at age 41. I guess my question is what could this be? Google has produced numerous hits on inflammatory breast cancer even though I do not have all the symptoms. I was scheduled for my annual mamogram today and they wouldn't do it because of my symptoms. They have me scheduled for a diagnostic exam at the end of this month. I am worried.
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