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Avatar m tn Specific populations that do benefit would be patients who have a primary liver cancer, or patients with secondary liver cancer in colon cancer. For the former, things are obvious as this is primary disease, for the latter – this particular group is fairly common that a consideration of surgery has become standard of care.
Avatar f tn In 2013 I had diverticulitis which sent me to er and how the cancer was first found and metastasis. Scans have been clear since whipple. Have had many problems with stomach past few months with pain and bowel habits changing. Any help is appreciated!
Avatar n tn My father will have surgery next week to remove two tumors from his liver. My question-will this be curative or palliative. His docter was vague. My father was diagnosed with colon cancer 16 months ago, had laparoscopic surgery to remove tumor and part of his colon and was diagnosed last week with metastasis to his liver. There doesn't appear to be cancer anywhere else, after his pet and mri scans but they'll know more when they operate.
Avatar m tn Worldwide studies of tens of thousands of people have demonstrated, as is true of me, that increased CEA can be associated with diabetes or other metabolic syndrome. But it's not always, so I am not saying that everyone with diabetes will have a false positive CEA. The reality is that, if one's CEA is elevated, I believe one needs to be checked for cancer in general, and colon cancer in particular.
549511 tn?1271775930 Does anyone know about primary colon cancer that has spread to to the liver,lungs and abdomen? Tumor has been remmoved from the colon and one third of the bowel .
610654 tn?1270480027 am 58years old female brain tumor was discovered 3 months ago,i undergo surgery,i took radiation and chemotherapy and everything has gone fine before 3 days red rash started to appear on my body they feel itchy they began as small spots then they started to come together as clusters i started taking steroids and antihistamine but no improvement what does that mean some people told me that it could be metastasis into the liver and i worried about that too much especially that i feel that i have f
Avatar f tn Jessica, I was diagnoses with colon cancer with metastasis on the liver in 2001. After an initial emergency surgery, to remove a tumor in my colon I had 12 sessions of chemo, then in 2002 the first surgery to remove two lesions on my liver, then more chemo. Three more lesions reappeared early 2003. I have another liver surgery two remove 2 lesions on one of the lobes and a ratio frequency oblation to remove a third lesion on the other lobe.
557265 tn?1215636975 We do have a family history of pancreatic and colon cancer of which both of those areas were normal. Thanks so very much for your time and expertise!
Avatar n tn Going by the case history, I think that perhaps pleural cancer has resulted as a result of metastasis from the bladder cancer or from colon cancer. Metastasis means the spread of cancer. Cancer cells can break away from a primary tumor and enter the bloodstream or lymphatic system. That is how cancer cells spread to other parts of the body. Metastatic cancers may be found before or at the same time as the primary tumor, or months or years later.
Avatar n tn This pertains to liver transplant patients; they must not take aspirin or nonsteroidal inti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) at any time due to the risk of kidney damage. Common NSAIDS to avoid are Motrin, Ibuprofen, Advil, Aleve, and Naprosyn. Any cold medication or decongestants containing pseudoephedrine or other decongestants should be avoided unless your doctor has given permission. Tylenol for headache or pain - not for fever - can be taken not to exceed 1800mg in 24 hrs.
Avatar f tn are the lung masses likely to be metastases? I know that colon cancer usually spreads to the liver via the portal system, then to the lungs. The liver was clear in the last CT 6 weeks ago when the lung masses were detected. Could the vasculature be diverting the metastases to the lung due to the prior surgery and herniation in the abdominal cavity? How likely is it that there are two metastatic masses in the lung, both already 8cm, when the colon tumor hasn't grown a lot?
Avatar m tn I have been in remission and no evidence of cancer recurrence or metastasis. I should be coming for a liver transplant any time soon. As this transplant is looming, my anxiety is building up. I feel great and healthy, lab results and imaging studies are both normal. Should I go for the transplant. My Dr. Think I should or else... I am 61 and feel I could live healthily for many years without going through the liver transplant.
Avatar n tn What is the status of the breast cancer and the liver metastasis? If the liver metastasis had a complete response to treatment, you may benefit from having a mastectomy done. However, if there is progressive disease in the liver metastasis, the benefit of having a mastectomy done will not be as good. You can respond to hormonal treatment with tamoxifen or any of the aromatase inhibitors available and achieve either stable disease or complete response.
Avatar m tn my mom had colon cancer they did surgery she also had it in 9 of her lymphnodes.the dr said 6 months to a year but as far as we no the cancer is on stand still she is also 72 yts old what do you think her life span might be?
Avatar n tn My mother in law is 52 and has metastatic liver cancer. Prior finding out just recently about the cancer in the liver, she had breast, lung, and bone. The breast and lung disappeared with treatments, but she has cancer in almost every bone. She does not ask the doctors any questions and does not listen to what they tell her about her disease. Our family thinks that her living unaware of the disease helps her by not thinking about it all of the time.
Avatar n tn Ultrasound shows that your father has tumor that has spread to involve the liver. These liver metastasis can cause nausea and vomiting. Vomiting can sometimes be a symptom of brain metastasis. Does your father have headaches? A CT or an MRI scan of the brain may be helpful. Sometimes, when lung cancer spreads to the bone, calcium metabolism gets perturned, and the resulting high blood calcium levels can lead to vomiting. Your oncologist can check for these and other causes of vomiting.
426937 tn?1203591927 The chemotherapy is focused for a colon cancer, and the drugs that are used do not confer protection for lung cancer. Colon cancer tends to produce small clusters of metastasis - it is atypical Hence, the biopsy was explored. The biopsy would of course involve a needle. Local anesthesia to the area to be punctured is usually given. I'm uncertain whether your previous biopsy for the prostate would make you less anxious or more so. Stay positive.
557265 tn?1215636975 We do have a family history of pancreatic and colon cancer of which both of those areas were normal. Thanks so very much for your time and expertise!
Avatar m tn You're right about the HbA1c, in part. It's a better screening test but the GTT is more specific. Also, not that many people (happily) have this prob...but few docs know that an elevated CEA (indicator of colon cancer) can be caused by diabetes and/or metabolic syndrome. A few years ago, I had just had a "good" PET scan, i.e., no cancer detected.
Avatar m tn My mother had colon cancer 1 year ago, had surgery and chemo. The cancer is back and is stage 4 and in the peritoneal cavity. She is 76 years old. The doctors are not giving us much hope for treatment relative to quality of life. We are seeking a second opinion with our doctors blessing. I have been searching the internet also. I feel that we are quickly loosing her.
Avatar f tn Breast cancer is basically cancerous cells in breast tissue. So this is when mammo tissues start dividing wrong. Sometimes a person can have some mammo tissues reaching towards their arm pit area and this can be breast cancer. Also if there is cancerous cells on the nipples this would also be considered breast cancer. So yes, in a way breast cancer can grow out of where one would normally think of as the breast.
Avatar n tn My brother 2 years after prostate cancer treatment has had metastasis in the lungs. Can it be treated and what is the life expectancy?
Avatar f tn Hi, The chemotherapy could improve symptoms and may extend survival. In general, the one year survival rate would be increased by about 10% or so. What is a bit crucial is what does less than healthy mean? As cancer advances, it affects daily more and more. How much the cancer is affecting daily living are among the things considered when planning the treatment.
466607 tn?1206986145 My mom had breast cancer and both breasts removed. She was cancer free after that for 5 years. Then in December of 2005 it showed up on one of her tests in her bones. She was treated with hormone therapy for the 1st year. However, it kept spreading through the bones so a few different hormone therapies were tried. They finally decided to switch to chemo and at the start of it the cancer had spread 3 lesions on the liver & 2 nodules in the lung.