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Avatar f tn 2nd aunt had cancer of the vulvar and colon cancer 2 years later; 3rd aunt with breast ovarian and cancer of the colon. both aunts have colostomies. My father died at the age of 41 from lung cancer. Should I be concerned?
Avatar n tn and he stated he could see a mass in my anus we did a cat scan and I am scheduled for a barium enema in about 10 days, Could this be colon or rectal cancer
987089 tn?1248965883 I remember when my Siamese had to be put to sleep because of colon cancer. She was suffering. I hated to part with the sweet little kitty, but I knew it was the right thing to do.
Avatar f tn My mother-in-law is 64 and has had colon cancer for 4 years. She is in the final stages of it and is currently in a considerable amount of pain. She has a permanent illiostomy because there are so many tumors in her colon it will not function any longer. I don't wish this disease on anyone! It's terrible to see the radical surgeries, chemo treatments and pain she's been going through for something that is totally preventable.
Avatar n tn is this going to reveal colon cancer when i have the colonoscopy? will this turn into colon cancer? even the 2nd doctor i saw today was mad at me for even wanting to get a colonoscopy....she only reffered me to get one to put my mind at ease. she kept asking me why i was worrying about something i did not have. i have looked online about pancolonic diverticulosis and i find nothing. my life is now miserable. i lost my motherto lung cancer last year.. now here we go again...
Avatar n tn Hi I am a 46 years old male, I am healthy, I never smoked, I drink moderately. I have recently had a wide local excision and a sentinel nodes biopsy. I had a 2.5mm black spot on my back that was removed. the result was no problem with the skin on the back (2cm per side were taken) and 2 out of the 3 lymphnodes were ok while one had something (not sure how much). Then went for CT SCAN and I had a surgery scheduled to remove some more lymphnodes (chest area).
Avatar f tn You are right to seek a consultation with your doctor since rectal bleeding is never normal.. At 22 years old it is very unlikely that you have colon cancer since this usually occurs at age 40+. Unless your doctor can 100% reassure you that the cause of the bleeding is one of the more minor reasons (eg anal fissure, haemorrhoids etc) I suggest that you ask for a colonoscopy as the test that should provide the maximum reassurance.
Avatar m tn I wouldnt worry about colon cancer. From what you are saying it doesnt seem likely. My initial thought is that you have developed a food allergy. I suggest going to an allergy specialist and have them run a test. Until then, try keeping a food journal of everything you eat and drink, as well as how you feel and bowel movements. See if you notice feeling bad after you eat certain types of foods.
Avatar n tn Can you describe the pain you feel? Abdominal pain is rare in colon cancer. Cancer of the colon and rectum can exhibit itself in several ways such as: bleeding from your rectum or blood mixed with your stool; fatigue and pale skin; abdominal distension; abdominal pain; persistent nausea or vomiting; unexplained weight loss; change in frequency or character of stool; sensation of incomplete evacuation after a bowel movement or rectal pain. The duration of symptoms usually takes 14 weeks.
Avatar m tn My husband's 1st wife had colon cancer. It was discovered too late, & she passed away at the age of 24 saddly. Your symptoms don't sound like what my husband told me she had. She started having symptoms in her late teens... chronic constipation, stomach pain, etc. One day while she was away at college, she started throwing up really hard & thought she had a virus. She was staying really tired & just couldn't shake it.
Avatar m tn He died from colon and liver cancer. He had not had anything wrong with his chest at all. I do not remember that happening with my father when he passed with cancer a few years back. Also a few days before he passed he lost the use of his hands. He held them up to his chest in a ball. He was not cramping in his arms or hands. Again this was not explained to me. It keeps weighing on my mind, and would like to try to find out what may have happened. Thank you so much for your help. .
Avatar f tn does coughing and wheezing more {as asmatic anyway} have any bearings on colon cancer
Avatar n tn Paula Yes he goes to the Va and is considered a 100% disabeled, It sounds like you are going threw alot too - I feel for you - My husband doesnt have A apotite at all he has some diminsha- never wants to eat -plus he is incontinite- the doctor did a strip on him and the poop came back normal - then he had the xray and cat scan done - we do have a aid that comes in 3 times a week for 2 hours each time because i never could get him in shower and with her she never has a problem with him and if i
Avatar m tn Thank you Doctor for the advise, its greatly appreciated. One final question, I am concerned about colon cancer, should I be based on what I have shared with you. I am because of the lower right side pain I have expereinced for 3-4 years now. I assume if colon cancer I would have had a number of other symptoms by now. I worry as I dont think there is much else on the lower right side that would cause the soreness?
Avatar f tn Colon cancer can be extremely hereditary! My mother-in-law has 4th stage colon cancer and it was recommended to my husband and his sister to have a colonoscopy at 40 years old. He did and they found 1 small (3mm) sized tumor that was found to be pre-cancerous. His sister's result was clear. So, that's 50% chance right there. I agree with quinroxanne, be very vigilant! Good luck.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with colon cancer 8 years ago and they removed 19 inches of my colon at that time. Now, I had a PET scan done a few weeks ago and a spot (size of a lima) bean was found. I was sent to an orthopaedic doctor and he has discussed the scans with 4 radiologist and they will not commit 100% it is not cancer. So, now they ahve requested a CT/biopsy after a consultation with an Interventional radiologist next week. Do you feel this could be cancer?
Avatar m tn I have basically reviewed the important points about current guidelines for screening for colon cancer. I should remind you that these are just guidelines, and that the final decision should be jointly taken by the doctor and the patient after considering the clinical scenario. You are unlikely to have colon cancer based on your current symptoms. If you need additional information about endoscopy ("camera inside your bowels"), pl feel free to write to me again. Good Luck!