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Avatar f tn Last year (November) he was diagnosed with colon cancer. He has had all the checks to see if it has spread and so far it seems to be contained in colon. No signs of it in liver, stomach, bladder or kidneys etc. But doctor has still not staged it. He says staging can only take place during the operation for a definite staging. We are all very concerned about this and his operation is due in 2 weeks time. My question is is this sort of cancer a slow-progressing one?
1118884 tn?1338592850 t understand, but it appears one can have colon or anal cancer and have a surgery which does not leave you with a bag. Any comments?
Avatar n tn She has now developed colon cancer and is being told she should have her whole colon removed. Could she not just have the tumour removed, her colon resected and not have to have either an ileostomy bag or a "J" pouch (Ileum sewn down to the rectum, with multi bowel movements each day?
Avatar f tn 5mg, not sure if this also contributes to hair loss, but mainly need to hear from someone who has had this operation. I do not have cancer, nor do I have a bag. I had Diverticulitis with bleeding episodes and now I think I would rather have taken my chances on bleeding to death. I do not reccommend this surgery unless it is an emergency or cancer. Please help.
107366 tn?1305680375 I am an ovarian cancer patient, and am very careful to screen yearly for colon/anal cancer with a colonoscopy. I'm not sure of the familial relationship ovarian and anal cancers may have, but is there something else I should be doing to screen?
447161 tn?1262923084 Surgery is also a possible treatment for colon cancer and this is supposed to be effective as long as the cancer has not spread. I underwent a total colectomy almost five years ago - not for colon cancer - but for torrential diverticular bleeding. I described it to another Medhelp patient who was interested. Log on to:- I think that you should ask your specialist whether surgery is an option.
Avatar n tn Then they did a scope in her stomach that showed cancer. So they determined the cancer started in her stomach and was a rare fast growing agressive cancer already in stage 4. She had heavy rounds of Chemotherapy for a few months and they did another CAT and MRI ( idk why since they couldn't see her type of cancer and tumors from the MRI and CAT previously) they did not see any tumors in these scans after chemo but she was getting worse and vomiting 7 or more times daily.
Avatar m tn When using the laxative (during the bowel preparation) i had diarreah but no blood anymore. No weight loss, a LOT of appetite. My grandfather had colon cancer at the age of 85, but was treated with surgery and he died at the age of 96, from unrelated pathology. The problem is that the report from the CT colonoscopy will be available next week. I questioned the operator and he said there was nothing bad but i cannot rest..
Avatar n tn t be sure from your post why you had colon surgery - for cancer or not - and did you end up having the ostomy? I had colon surgery and an ileostomy (temporary). The first surgery followed 8 weeks of chemotherapy and radiation. They gave me a lot of dilaudid (hydromorphone) for pain, both during chemo and at the time of surgery. In the weeks after surgery I was a mess, dealing with the bag, more chemotherapy, and healing from the previous treatment and surgery.
Avatar n tn I saw an ad on television a few years ago, and also a magazine ad, and I took an interest because colon cancer is in our family. Some cancer hospital, I think, was advocating it, but I just cannot recall who was promoting this. But it was a way to have wastes kept inside the body instead of a bag, or something like that.
Avatar f tn My mother-in-law (64 yrs old) has had 4th Stage Colon Cancer for 4 years. She has had 2 separate colon and liver resections and has recently had surgery for a fistula and blockages in the colon resulting in a permanent ileostomy. The cancer has spread to 3 spots on her liver, 1 on her lung and is scattered through her pelvic region.
Avatar f tn The surgeon wanted to remove part of my colon and give me a colostomy bag. But I refused. I was scared. The cancer in my test results were never told to me. The doctor never told me. I saw the results online in the patient portal. I am suspicious of the doctors and want a different one.
Avatar n tn The cancer caused a stricture on her Colon and she needed a Colonoscopy Bag..and there were little cancer cells EVERYWHERE..both intestines, liver, pancrease, stomach, entire abdomenal wall. Her doctor said she should do Carboplatin..but Pallative said she has had no quality of life and with our without it she has 6 months. Her oncologist will not discuss her live expectancy. Do not know what to do. She has been so sick I just want to see her in no pain. Can low dose Chemo do anything?
Avatar f tn 9th. She was told that she has colon cancer and was scheduled for surgery to remove part of her colon, on Monday, Aug. 16th. During her recovery at the hospital, she experienced extreme nausea and a continuous fever. She began throwing up black nasty liquid on Wednesday, Aug. 18th and again green nasty liquid on Thursday, Aug. 19th. Her stomach was so large it looked like she was nine months pregnant.
Avatar m tn I have completed 6 mo. of Chemo infusion therapy for colon cancer. I had an operation in the middle of the therapy to remove the colon cancer. From the beginning of the therapy I had 3 finger tips go numb. As the therapy progressed the numbness spread to all the finger tips in my hands. I had a month break in the therapy before the operation. Five weeks after the operation and before resuming therapy I woke up to the outside of my right foot and the 2 small toes went numb. During the last 3mo.
Avatar f tn t know if my symptoms are consistent with ovarian or colon cancer or if there is a less scary explanation for all of this.
Avatar f tn I am a 35 year old female with a temporary ileostomy. Was diagnosed with colon cancer due to HNPCC syndrome. I had complete hysterectomy and colorectomy. Unfortunately I developed a leak and peritonitis and ended up with the ostomy. I am getting ready to have it reversed and was wondering if leaks develop from the reversal of ostomies. If anyone knows or has experience with this situation I would appreciate any info.
Avatar f tn I am a 32 yr old male. I had colon cancer when I was 18 yrs old... had my hole colon removed. and had a j-pouch made. I had it reversed 7 yrs later, then ran into complications and last year ended up with another ostomy. What I do know is that if you drink alcohol, coffee, anything with caffeene, or smoke you will have very loose stools. drinking alot of water, or gatorade will help out alot they will still be loose but not as bad. The other thing is your diet is going to have to change.
Avatar f tn Are you having a colon resection? I had a colon resection in 2004 and carried a temp bag for 3 months and it took me at least 1.5 months to get used to it. You should not have much difficulty other than you are not able to control your bowel movements or farts. Not trying to sound gross but that is just the fact. Dont eat cabbage as it will stain your bag. I wore loose fitting clothing and it did cover my bag fairly well. Good luck.
3189977 tn?1344898538 I just new i had to live with the bag for the rest of my life , so I dident dwell on it, once i found a comfortable bag ,it made life easier. So 2 years went by and i still had the same urgencies that i had before surgury. yea even without a colon. MY rectum and annis kept getting inflamed and i still had urgecies, blood and mucus would come out. I finally had another surgery and had my annis and rectum removed.
Avatar f tn does coughing and wheezing more {as asmatic anyway} have any bearings on colon cancer
Avatar n tn It is possible to be IBS, But with your history of cancer I would be checked for colon cancer as well if you have not already. It is very hard to tell the cause without tests to rule out other causes.
149816 tn?1212683341 Hi, I've had my ileostomy since October 2007 following extensive abdominal surgery for appendix cancer and psuedomyxoma peritonei. I saw my surgeon last week who said I can have the reversal, how soon is up to me - I'm leaving it until the end of the year as I've had so much time off work and want some time without feeling rough after surgery.
Avatar f tn I am 55 years old had recttal cancer removed 4/o8, and luckly no bag and no treatment. I have dense breast with micro calcification. Had a biopsy of right breast 2 years ago and was fine. Went for mamo and sono this past Monday and they saw microcalcification that they say is suspicious. So next friday I go to the hospital for yet anothet biopsy. My question is, for my surgery in april for the rectal cancer I had a chest cat scan and a full body pet scan. Both came up good.
Avatar f tn this time last year I had a emergency operation-I had colon cancer-a few days later I got sepsis-another surgery & was put on life support for 4 days-I was full of drugs and sick-I was in icu for a month--now I have a colosotomy bag-no fun--go home long recovery-cant walk-started chemo-did one round was deadly sick-I stopped-hair fell out&skin off my feel came off(chemo was optional 3% towards the 75% to survive)then a few months later I get colostomy bag removed(great)-well I just don&#
1097812 tn?1258292704 I have a family history of cancer, on both sides I have gone for my scope 3 yrs, straight the first yr. I had 30 pre-cancerous polyps, next yr. I had 12, next yr I had 8, 2 of them turned out to be High grade dysplasha.So for the last 4 months I have gone back every month, first month I had 5 more, next month,6 more, next month 4 more plus a lot of inflamation, The Dr. called me and said he thinks I will end up having part of my colon removed.