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1959722 tn?1338778115 Actually on zune not netflix lol if anyone knows what time it comes on zune let me know :) im watching old ones again while I wait haha
1207048 tn?1282174304 I have a Coldplay obsession happening lately. Drives my son potty. We have Metallica happening at one end of the house and Coldplay at the other. Talk about a clash of cultures. I LOVE their live versions. Although I think Chris Martin looks like a lunatic sometimes the way his nose almost touches his piano. Though as my daughter points out, if you are a multi-millionaire talented musician married to Gwynth Paltrow you can do whatever you blummin well like...!
Avatar m tn Quitting drinking wasn't that hard but I was at best a social drinker to begin with. I tell people the truth: My friends knows it's HepB. Others I tell that I can't drink because I'm taking some meds. Here's a trick: Charge your friends $5 a head for being the designated driver...LOL Zelly, go with the Zune. I'm anti-I-anything...
Avatar f tn Till Kingdom Come by Coldplay makes me cry cuz I'm going to sing it to my baby but basically anything about my baby being born makes me cry cuz I'm so happy :p
344846 tn?1267550107 i just won tickets tonite to see coldplay on saturday. i have never won anything on the radio and even though i was hoping to win daughtry tickets (who i absolutely love) but they are free and even though i really cant name any songs off the top of my head i do like them when i hear them on the radio. so it should be fun.bobby and i need a good date nite since we have been not likeing each other lately.
Avatar m tn I had a breakup three weeks ago, and I'm confused ever day. Her reason behind breakup is that she didn't felt anything love & emotional to me and so we decided to break up. The last thing I said to her was that she loves me, deep down, and that the best chance she will ever have will now go away. Then...complete silence.
Avatar f tn Omg have anybody here seen the xmas preggo women kmart commercial!! ? Ahaha I find it so funny im like are they really preggoz? I like this commercial made my day!!
Avatar f tn anybody else LOVE that Kmart joe boxer commercial with the pregnant ladies hahaha it makes me laugh every time!
Avatar f tn i'm watching law and order while the kiddos take their morning nap and the kia soul commercial comes on. you know the one with the hamsters. lol isn't it just the funniest CUTEST commercial?? i can't help but just laugh. i think it's so cute. especially when they're sitting at the red light looking at the other hamsters. lolol. where do some of these companies get their ideas????
2035404 tn?1455169983 Is it just me or does every commercial seem to be taking about heart stuff.. Do scary and I was reading on here and some lady said her sister died of a heart tumor and had every heart test and ended up dying because they never caught the heart tumor. This really scared me, because I've been having chest pressure and pain for the last 2 months.
Avatar f tn My sister let this guy borrow her car ( SHE IS BEING STUPID) he returns come to find out he said he gave his brother a ride and his brother stole her Ipod an Zune out of the car.....Friday my sister left to goto out of town taking him with her 9 hours later he is in the ER complaining about his foot 20 pills given.
Avatar f tn how many Mommas thinks they'll be like that LUVS commercial where it's like first time mom and she's taking all these precautions then with the second kid she's all laid back? Omg I can't help but laugh because I can just see myself being that very protective mom disinfecting every little thing lol!
Avatar f tn is anyone else completely disgusted by the commercial (i can't remember her name. i know i know it but can't remember it) where the spokes person is talking with her mouth full? i don't know who the genius was that came up with that but it does NOT make me want to run out and buy healthy choice. if anything it makes me never want to see the package or food. it's so gross!
Avatar f tn A friend of mine heard a Hep C commercial this morning that directed people to this website. I haven't read the entire site yet but it appears to have very useful information. http://www.bettertoknowc.
1491755 tn?1333201362 I heard a HCV awareness commercial while listenening to "iheart" radio today. Not sure if it was a regional commercieal from the station I was listening to or if they sell ads themselves. Pretty cool, as it's the first I've ever heard.
Avatar f tn What is the commercial for?
1746242 tn?1318209702 I finally saw the commercial by Gilead. Some never understood what I was talking about. Hope it makes some get tested. Because asking them isn't working!
Avatar m tn I had chicken pox as a kid. There's a commercial that says I might get shingles. What are my chances? Anything I can do to prevent it?
Avatar f tn s (well not those specific items but silly stuff like that) and at the end someone would whisper save at target it always made me laugh. The commercial that erks me is the tampon commercial where she is wearing yes a white bikini and talking upside down while diving into the water.
1232362 tn?1333135406 Has anyone else caught Pancho the cat on the toilet paper commercial? It's about which way the roll should go and the man says under so his cats won't play with it and it flashes to him in the bathroom saying "Pancho! No!" and all the tp's on the floor and the cat is expressionless (and you who have cats know darn well they have expressions!) This cracks me up everytime!!
Avatar f tn If i have to hear the new triscuit commercial one more time i will scream!!! Might be my hormones but that commercial pisses me off!
246139 tn?1424371973 It was probably the commercial for the walk for Conquer Chiari. I looked on the Web Site and there are actually 3 walks scheduled in WV! I'm amazed!
Avatar f tn Ok, so there is a State Farm Insurance Co. commercial. Were this woman gets a singing telegram from ? anyway, this really scary looking guy w/band starts singing the song Roseanna.......Is that the real Group? Nobody is really sure sounds like the guy, and we can't remember the name of the band that sang the song either. I would think it would have to be them, but this guy.......looks old and scary? just one of those little nagging things.
Avatar f tn I keep hearing this...........I want to be your satisfaction, I wanna be the do dodododo do do dododododo, I think it may be Dolly Parton singing this,song, I may be wrong, but one thing's for sure, IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!!!And what were they advertising?
Avatar f tn Target us pregos. Lol I just saw a commercial for peanutbutter poptarts.
415867 tn?1323365503 oh my goodness there are so many...I don't know how religious you are but there's a country song called "I saw God today" about a man waiting for his daughter to be born...and the end is "got my face pressed up against the nursery glass...she's sleeping like a rock, my name on her wrist wearing tiny pick socks. she's got my nose she's got her momma's brand new baby girl...she's a miracle...I saw God today.