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Cold zucchini noodle salad

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8069122 tn?1407171566 25 weeks. Due January 1st with a boy. He's a Zucchini!
Avatar f tn That sounds good, I wanna try the zucchini pasta, I love zucchini so I'm gonna buy the thing to make it
Avatar n tn Red enchiladas rice charro beans and small salad lettuce tomato avacado and sour cream
Avatar f tn im asian and i loove noodle esp for dinner. this apps said i only can eat 630 cal perday. can i eat noodle for dinner still. and i dont mind skip breakfast coz im not really morning person. then how?
Avatar n tn Ground turkey and zucchini lasagna OMG!!!
Avatar f tn Seasoned chicken and potatoes with zucchini, along side a Caesar salad . And a ice cold coke!!
Avatar f tn I'm eating a salad with grilled chicken with extra extra ranch.
Avatar f tn Just ate... yuuuuum!! Im full! Hahahaha! That rice was delicious! My baby is happy!
8227972 tn?1414913484 My baby is a zucchini :) I'm 25 weeks and having a baby girl, ftm! Due December 18th!!
Avatar f tn Leftovers from my wedding yesterday... pulled pork (made by my brand new hubby) and bacon-loaded potato salad (made by me) and broccoli-bacon pasta salad (made by my mama). Livin' large. No cake tonight though. Too much.
Avatar f tn I'm roasting a whole chicken in the oven with roasted zucchini, yellow squash & potatoes & honey butter biscuits.
Avatar f tn Oh man. Shepards pie sounds real good right now lol. I've been having a cold for the last few days and haven't been feeling real good to my stomach so I made myself homemade beef and noodles in the slow cooker. And I made my hubby egg salad sandwiches cuz he picky. He didn't want beef noodles lol.
356518 tn?1322263642 OMG!! My mouth is watering right now!!! That salad sounds sooooo good! I'm going to the grocery store tomorrow (we don't have winn Dixie around here though), so will definitely look for it. I usually make my own salads also - sometimes the dressings too, but not always on those (but I do prefer my own over bottled). I usually tend to make salads out of whatever I may have available and not go by any particular "typical" salad type.
4540912 tn?1379630447 It's Sunday evening and I usually cook a nice Sunday evening meal. But tonight, since my husband and i went grocery shopping and just got back from a hotel, I'm going to make PRE COOKED egg rolls and ceaser salad :D I love salad! Which is probably good for me anyways lol. Then we're going to have ice cream sundaes for dessert :) so what's for dinner ladies?
Avatar f tn I'm having bbq chicken, corn on the cob, macaroni salad, and mixed fruit. Best thing about this dinner is hubbys in charge of the grill, i just get to sit back at relax!
8654668 tn?1412565128 25 weeks my lil girl is a zucchini!
Avatar n tn Oh, I didn't realize that. That's for the info!