Cold zucchini casserole recipe

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172023 tn?1334672284 Versatility is a plus! Quinoa can be substituted for almost any grain in almost any recipe, from salads to soups to pilafs. Ok, Peek, you might be saying. Sold! But where in the heck can I find it? Good question. It can be hard to find. It is often found in the bulk bins, with the other weird and strange grains, in stores that carry more naturally oriented foods. It is also marketed by a company called Ancient Harvest, and can be found with some of the vegetarian foods.
Avatar f tn Seasoned chicken and potatoes with zucchini, along side a Caesar salad . And a ice cold coke!!
Avatar f tn Ohh and my fave snack is FRIED ZUCCHINI! idk if u like it but zucchini ia cheap and i just need an egg and flour with a bit of salt pepper. Fry and dip in ranch :) maybe $4 and just keep ur zicchini fresh in the fridge.
Avatar f tn I'm roasting a whole chicken in the oven with roasted zucchini, yellow squash & potatoes & honey butter biscuits.
303824 tn?1294871401 veggie kaboba on the grill, marinate in cal olive oil and vinager with many herbs, i make chicken ones too for the kids, w chicken and veggies, you can buy the kabob sticks at butcher shop, I use purple onions, tomatoes, zucchini, bell peppers usually green and red, you can use what ever you like, potaotes dont stay on well, most use mushrooms I just dont like them.
Avatar f tn Also there are a lot of great healthy casserole recipes that require cooked chicken. I will put the chicken in the crockpot with my preferred seasonings before work, and by the time I get home, all I have to do is assemble the casserole and put it in the oven! That chicken also tastes good on a homemade salad if you start to feel too lazy for a casserole :) I hope th is helps!
483733 tn?1326798446 It's cold, wet and dreary here tonight. I needed comfort food so pulled out my old family recipe. Since I need to watch my cholesterol, am trying to lose weight, and am on a one month gluten free diet, I am going to include the original, low fat and gluten free options you can use. Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups uncooked elbow macaroni (rice based if GF) 10 slices peameal bacon (this is what real Canadian bacon is) 1/2 cup chopped onion 3 tbsp. butter (or low cholesterol margarine) 3 tbsp.
304653 tn?1217001302 and want to share ...the recipe. you know like a special hash brown casarole recipe you just loved and it freezes well.. I would be more likely to take your word then just out of a book or on the net. heee heee love the idea of the secret is to add more liquid type of thing and to under cook the pasta.. thanks..Ill keep that in mind.
7458937 tn?1391882099 Yesterday I made the baked beans, two different pasta salads, potato salad, broccoli rice, a new corn casserole recipe, Deviled eggs, sweet and Un sweet tea and pink lemonade. Needless To say, I'm tired. Hope everyone is having a great day and even if you don't celebrate Easter, whats for dinner?
230262 tn?1316645934 Okay, share the recipe on the stew, it is cold today! Trouble, I like your post! Real good for someone ona the atkins diet too! Oh by the way guys, the abuse forum is open again, for anyone who does not already know.
199177 tn?1490498534 another one of my favorites for homemade Mac N Cheese casserole. I always double this recipe though and make enough to have leftovers with. So if you want more be sure to double everything.
Avatar f tn I am having Turkey of course but am looking for recipes (yep the fattening and good tasting ones) that are held special in the family backgrounds or handed down thru the generations. I will be providing my recipe for 7up Salad a little later, but how bout sharing some of your favorites. Some of us are always looking for good ideas and tips!
640548 tn?1340553355 I am a terrible cook. I need a recipe for pineapple chicken. If I google it I can spend all day reading recipes that might not be any good. Does anybody have a recipe that they've tried and liked?
535822 tn?1443976780 s come on here will know we celebrate Thanksgiving soon, any years I do the cooking I have bought a packet mix of stuffing, would any know a good recipe from ingredients, I have books but I have found its great to get friends input on family recipes, makes it more interesting .,also any veg you make for Thanksgiving Dinner .
Avatar f tn While i was pregnant, i ate a lot of salads with diced chicken, apples with peanut butter, granola bars, rice/chicken/corn, tuna casserole, rice cakes, oatmeal with bananas, cucumbers and ranch, yogurt with granola, carrots with ranch, scrambled eggs with bacon and diced onions, grilled chicken tacos.
649848 tn?1534633700 Calling For Healthy Holiday Recipes! The Holiday season is just about upon us and if you are like most people, one of the best things about the season is all the yummy goodies our family, friends or co-workers contribute to parties or gatherings! Then we suffer the "aftermath" when we step on the scale after New Years. The good thing is that we don't have to gain weight during the holiday season...we can focus, instead, on maintaining.
304970 tn?1331425994 I decided to follow a box recipe from the Mac & cheese box so I mixed the mac & cheese with salsa and ground turkey tastes pretty good but I'm getting kinda grossed out by it. Anyway I made enough for a soup kitchen so that'll be my lunch everyday this week. Glad you are back Laura!
620923 tn?1452915648 Calling All Healthy Holiday Recipes! So how do you do that? Simple! Send us your recipes! Your recipes that are delicious, yet feature healthier choices. You know you have them! Appetizers? Entrees? Desserts? MedHelp wants them all!
Avatar f tn Sprinkle box of stuffing over the casserole. (uncooked) Sprinkle remaining cheese on top of casserole. Bake at 350 approx 30 minutes or until golden brown. My kids LOVE this meal & it is super easy.
356518 tn?1322263642 funny as i was typing that up, my neighbor lady just came over and asked me for this very recipe because i made it when she was over on the 4th of July weekend and she loved it. I was honroed that she wanted any recipe from me because she is super cook, way better than me!
Avatar f tn So I have been trying crock pot meals now so that I have a recipe list for when baby comes. One crock pot will feed both hubby and I for at least 3 days of dinners and it's so easy! Plus it will be winter and we will have nice hot meals. WELL I thought I was all smart because I found a breakfast recipe! I was excited because I have been having boring oatmeal everyday. This was an cheese, bacon, egg and hash brown casserole. I made it all day yesterday, had some for dinner (yum!