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Avatar f tn It is very surprising for a spider bite to present so long after the bite. I would advise a biopsy of the effected skin or culture of the fluid from the blisters to be done. During pregnancy most of the medications are contraindicated and hence diagnosis needs to be confirmed first before any line of treatment is decided. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar m tn About a week ago, I noticed two little spots on my penis, not at the base and not under or on the head - but in the middle, on the underside. They were super close together, and with this time of year the bugs are getting bad - so I thought maybe a spider bite. However, a couple more have popped up in the past couple of days around the penis - again, in the middle but not clustered.
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Avatar m tn Both of my eyes have looked like i have black eyes from how bad the redness is underneath of both of them ever since the 6th grade. Then about a year after that i started to develop really noticeable spider veins underneath them as well (along with redness getting slightly worse).
Avatar f tn For a couple of days my 79 year old mother has been have spider-web like feelings on the right side of her neck and face with a slight headached. She is a diabetic and has tremors but has not been diagnosed with parkinison.
Avatar n tn Could she have been bitten by a spider, bee or other insect (depending on how cold it is where you are located? A spider bite could cause an area of pronounced inflammation and a spider bite can occur year round, in all climates. If it is a spider bite it would require antihistamines, steroids, and possibly antibiotics as well as supportive therapy if necessary. It doesn't sound as if it is necessary in her case, thank goodness.
Avatar f tn Thanks so much MedHelp. Now I can actually track what is going on and print it out so it gives them a view of the quality of my life.
Avatar f tn when cold weather rolls around every year i develop patches of deep purple on thighs that don't itch or burn just very weird looking.
Avatar f tn Ice packs relieve the pain. I had herpes of the right eye about 25 years ago, and used to get many cold sores. I also experienced an outbreak of genital herpes, although now the only place I get any rash at all is on the hip area. My question - My doctors in the past never diagnosed any of this as either type 1 or type 2 herpes. When I asked a few years back, I was the hip outbreak was just a manifestation of the virus in the nerve on the right side of my body.
Avatar f tn I just wanted to check if I should be concerned about the bite? I was looking at spider bites online and it resembles a brown recluse spider bite, but I was asleep when it happened so I never saw it.
Avatar f tn I was concered because of it were the spider I believe it to be, the steriods wouldnt do much to stop it from spreading? At this time it haa not increased in size so im hoping it will clear on its own.
Avatar n tn Now im not saying its brown recluse because i just been reading about it and some of the symptoms match. But also the pics of that spider look alot bigger. The spider i smashed tonight was brown though wtih a white backside about the size of my pinky nail. The bite is a cluster of about 4-5 blisters with a center and white ring and red wing around that. The surrounding area is lighter red. Im sure im just paranoid wiht the brown recluse thing but any ideas on what this is and how to treat is.
Avatar m tn It is the major cause of liver cancer and the number one reason for liver transplant. Since the awareness of the virus and testing blood for donation the infection rate has definitely slowed. But people are still getting the disease, and if they are not treated they can spread it. There have been instances THIS YEAR of infected blood still being given in transfusion.
Avatar m tn The varicocele has presented little to no problems over the last few years however in the last 6 months or so I am started to get a combination of red and purplish superficial veins on the shaft of my penis. The largest one is near the base, stretching from the base to about mid-shaft, and is purple or blue in color. They don't bulge out at all and are very thin. They are way more noticeable when erect, and when flaccid, if I stretch the penis they present very clearly.
907968 tn?1292622204 Is their a help button of any sort to report problems with the trackers?
1470814 tn?1286732614 For example; I was getting a slight cold and the sniffles turned into a major lung problem. I finally treated myself with penicillin and was ok after about 4 weeks. Any idea what could've bitten me?
Avatar f tn I took a picture and zoomed it and it just a bunch of tiny bright red veins. Is there anyway to get rid of it or help change the color? I forget its there most of the time it doesn't cause any discomfort.
Avatar f tn On the second day it turned into a hard painful bump with a small bit of red around it. Now today its a white pimple with red around it, hurts to the touch, being very tender and has a itchy burning sensation when im not touching it. The first day I was at track practice during the day, idk if I could have gotten it then or not.
Avatar n tn the black widow spider and the brown recluse spider. The symptoms of these spider bites are usually chills, fever, nausea, severe abdominal pain or fluid-filled blister that leads to ulcer formation. Over-the-counter antihistamine medications may help with the itching. But if the symptoms persists, it would be best to have this evaluated further by your doctor for proper management. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn Finally my Dr agreed something might be going on, sent me for Mri, thought I had Mastoiditis, ruled out by ENT Ent did Balance testing, still waiting for results (done last week) Hands, feet and nose get very cold while my face feels hot, but not hot to touch. Hands, feet and nose are cold to the touch.
Avatar n tn I know this drug and it can get you addicted but your liver is getting the worst of it. Too much tylenol for the liver can shut it down.
Avatar m tn my checking account was emtpy and I had thoughts of either pawning some of my golf or stealing from my parents...those thoughts scared the bell out of me ...I ended having a panic attack at work the next day ....the following day I checked myself into rehab...a week long outpatient taught me so much...I have been clean for 53 days and I'm never looking back...I'm going to at least 1meeting a week and reading this forum everyday...I never though I could make it this far.....
5986700 tn?1380791380 Hey Spider, it's All Good =0) I was on Vicodin from 1993 - 1999 at the back end of my addiction/dependency I was taking anywhere from 60 - 80 pills a day I am in the medical field and working as a Cardiac - Rehab specialist so I worked for three different Physicians at the time and the meds were very easy for me to get "not good" anyway in June of 1999 I administered myself into a hospital for detox I was upfront about my addiction.
368461 tn?1291515587 Ha! ALMOST bought the PB Kids Ladybug but it was $69 - so I found a spider instead -- it is HILARIOUS and she loved it. So spider it is - she has a fleece spider hat with google eyes and the "body" of the costume has three legs on each side (plus her arms) -- it is so funny. She loves itsy bitsy spider so I guess it is sort of her idol right now. haha.