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Avatar m tn Well here i go again my 1st day of c/t am really scared but have to do this like the last time for my family and my wife of 25 years kim i must win this war against my demon my wife kim is in hospital and has been for quite a while a love kim and i must win for my family this drug is the hardest thing i have ever tried to beat i thought i had beat heroin the last time but it does not let you go easily i have tried noumourus times before and i have always failed if i dont beat heroin it will kill
Avatar m tn Before I get blasted from those who say syphilis is a risk, syphilis is very uncommon in developed countries, and is really only transmitted by kissing in theory. Given that, I say none.
Avatar f tn the causes leading up to the war are best studied when the enemy has been defeated rather than distract and dishearten during the battle. That's my opinion.
Avatar f tn I play this game on my phone, its a game where you join an alliance and you build cities, attack people for resources. My alliance is at war with alliance. I've been attacked 8 times. I'm crying Ium so upset which is not like me, but not hardly anyone's being attacked but me. I can't even play I'm being attacked so much. Meanwhile I'm trying to tell all these men I'm prego and sensitive so leave me alone. Ugg I think I'm officially crazy.
Avatar f tn What is your favorite quote from a Nintendo Video Game? Why is it your favorite?
632033 tn?1222423034 What sort of testing have you been thru so far? This is oral herpes/cold sores you are refering to?
675718 tn?1530033033 Tell me something about the game and whether or not it's free please.
148588 tn?1465778809 It seems he wants to exacerbate those conflicts into a new world war. As a believer in Strauss and Howe’s theory of history, Bannon fantasizes that he can use that cataclysm to forge a completely new order. He is now in a position to make that a reality.
Avatar n tn He told us they were playing the game while his mother was asleep. This game is rated M for mature, to be played by people ages 17 and up, and it contains extreme violence, gore, and foul language. My stepson lives with his father and me and has regular visitations with his mother. We have no control over what his mother allows him to do when he is visiting her. My stepson told me that the most recent drawing was "Daddy getting his head blown off".
Avatar f tn Townsend fired the latest shot in the war on women via Facebook last week, in response to a commenter named Tom. When is Tommy boy going to weigh in on all the Lilly Ledbetter hypocrites who claim to be fighting the War on Women? Let’s hurl some acid at those female democratic Senators who won’t abide the mandates they want to impose on the private sector. Dozens of outraged constituents immediately attacked Townsend’s comments.
9231091 tn?1405493965 So i notice every time i drink something cold my baby boy messiah goes crazy lol does this happen to you when u drink something cold
Avatar m tn That is some story - once again our vets may be leading the way. But this time they may be helping to find the cause of MS. The environmental case looks pretty strong when you consider this population and the significant incidence rate of MS patients. Thanks for posting this link.
Avatar f tn Well, I don't really play games, but my husband has an Xbox 360. The images are pretty cool. He loves his 'Gears of War' game. But when I sit and watch, it makes me dizzy...
Avatar m tn Another bias account? pfft. I found this, which seems to me to be much more neutral. Definition: Trickle-down economics does exactly what it says -- the benefits of economic policies that help the wealthy trickle down to everyone else. For the most part, these policies mean tax cuts. Trickle-down economics assumes that the real drivers of economic growth are those who are successful in society -- business owners, investors, and savers.
1748995 tn?1427334864 Sure, it's just another fun game, and who doesn't like to play it!
Avatar f tn lol The War Profiteers Card Deck exposes some of the real war criminals in the US’s endless War of Terror. This is no Sunday bridge club. These are individuals and institutions that stack the deck against democracy in the rigged game of global power. Exposing their place in the house of cards illuminates the links among corporations, institutions, and government officials that profit from endless war. The US War of Terror is not about liberation, democracy, or UN resolutions.
Avatar m tn Thu Jun 12, 2014 at 09:41 AM PDT McCain Longing for U.S. Forces in Iraq: When you're wrong, you're wrong! John McCain, an old fashioned militarist, is on the floor of the Senate condemning Obama for abandoning Iraq. What else is new? What is happening? The Fall of Mosul and Tikrit, and the Likely Siege of Baghdad Tikrit, Iraq — hometown of Saddam Hussein — fell today. The Islamic State of Iraq (ISIS), a Sunni creation, took the city by force, just a day after they took over Mosul.
Avatar m tn You are asking a theory question and to answer a theory question, the longer the exposure the higher the likelihood of infection. It's the same thing as walking around in a thunderstorm. The longer you're in the storm, the more likely you are to be hit by lightning. But in practice, you cannot say. A brief 1 min exposure can infect and a 1 hr exposure may not.
Avatar n tn Is there literature supporting this theory ?? If so can you direct me to this literature or give me your Medical opinion.
Avatar f tn This is my best theory so far. Let me know what you think. I posted a few posts before on this pay attention to me topic about a year ago but i have undergone some significant dimension shifts within my mind and body through achieving drug-induced psychosis, all which changed my theories.
Avatar f tn But it was enough to get me high. Thank u for your answers. The sooner I war back the more reassured I will feel quitting.
Avatar f tn Here is a game for Music Lovers: The first person would post the name of a singer or a band, and the next person would have to list some songs that they made. After listing at least two songs, they would then post the next singer or band. The game would then continue so forth. Let's have fun with this!!! I hope you will enjoy this game!!!!
Avatar m tn His theory is not in the mainstream media that I follow and is based solely on his statistical inference from other countries, so it's all analysis of a novel disease in a few countries. Could be coincidental, so we shall see how accurate his model is if states start ending lock downs soon.