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Avatar n tn reduce pain and swelling you can used an ice pack wrapped in a towel, and take Tyleno, Advil or Motrin for the pain.
Avatar f tn Try hand expression to soften your breast enough to latch baby. After nursing or pumping a cold compress or ice pack will help reduce swelling. Good luck.
Avatar n tn t red is for a while after I do the hot compresses, why is this? What can I do to keep them like this besides doing warm compresses every 30 minutes? I have seen specialists and opthmal.
5584541 tn?1371137015 Some tips ill mention; cold compress, hot compress, going back.n forth to hot and cold. Yoga, meditation to keep bp low, put your feet in hot water and put a cold rag on your head, rub vapor rub on the places on your temples (this helped for me but it was temp), a cup of coffee, benadryl and tynenol, very hot shower with water running directly on your face. I hope any of these típs help, My headaches have gotten worse as My pregnancy goes along but its different for everybody.
Avatar f tn I heard that your face tends to break out due to hormonal changes. My face was very blocthy looking. I would suggest drinking ice cold water and putting a cold compress on your face.
5661790 tn?1395604800 I don't want to take any meditation, and I've tried a cold compress to the back of my head. I work in a call center so all the noise and different conversions aggravates it. I'm 35+4 weeks. It hurts so bad the tops of my hears are burning.
Avatar m tn You could try hot/cold/hot/cold/hot compress treatment each for 5 minutes to see if this provides any relief. Can you take ibuprofen as it helps with any inflammation?
Avatar f tn Best thing I have found is put your feet in warm to hot water and a cold compress on your neck. It redirects blood flow from your head and relieves pressure. You never want to put heat on or around your head when feeling a headache coming on.
Avatar n tn a hot compress on your head helps relieve a head ache. Like the kind with the little gel balls that you can pop into the microwave and you're allowed to take robutussin.
7975661 tn?1403095318 org/diseases-conditions/sciatica/basics/definition/con-20026478 Heres a link about sciatica which may be what you are experiencingand its totally normal. Hot and cold compress helps i like to alternate hot to cold a few times and stretching helps me alot. The link should give u all the info ur looking for. hope that helps!
Avatar f tn One time leads to little irritation (itchiness), but warm compress and cold compress get it over in a couple of day. In 2014, she woke up with a swollen eyelid (eye infection on eyelid)! Is the hormone at puberty a factor as she is producing more oil? How to prevent that from happening? Should I have her use diluted baby soap to wash her eyelids daily? Or some OTC eyelid wipes? Or warm compress twice a day?
7827642 tn?1396958758 Try cold compress then couple days later hot compress, back n forth. Headaches seems to never go away for me even before and after pregnancy. Could be sign of high blood pressure. My ob doctor give me meds for my head that help a little .
Avatar n tn Apply cold compress on and off during the day. Splash a lot of cold water (not freezing cold but cool) on face on and off. See if this helps. Otherwise, consult your PCP for primary examination followed by proper referral. Take care!
Avatar f tn Put a hot towel over you face or cold. I use hot but some people say cold. I wet a wash cloth out it in the microwave for 35 seconds or so and lay it on my face and it's instant releif.
Avatar f tn Use a compress. Apply a warm compress (such as a hot towel) to your face, eyes and temples — or try a cold compress on the back of your neck. Try massage. Ask someone to massage your shoulders and neck to relieve tension. You might rub your temples, too.
Avatar f tn It could be from the infection subsiding. I had an infected cyst on my thigh and I had all those same symptoms. But it never hurts to get it checked out for peace of mind.
Avatar f tn My doctor said to also use a cold compress on the lump aswell as hot it helped allot! Keep feeding I was told NOT to pump but to massage the breast to reduce engorgement. My flu like symptoms lasted for a week it was hell! Try to nurse every 2 hrs even of you have to wake your baby to do so! I hope it goes soon because I just felt lousy! Try to sleep during the day if you can I always felt better after a nap!
Avatar n tn its been more than a month now and the swelling is not going away. i even tried hot and cold compress but there was no change. what should i do??
Avatar n tn i tryed to put a cold conpress on it and that did nothing to help really and then just now i put a hot compress on to see if it would help but that just made it hard and i think mabye even more sensitive