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Avatar f tn After looking into it, what you have is truly an allergy to cold. Refered to as 'cold urticaria'. With cold urticaria, exposure to cold temperatures causes redness, itching, swelling and hives on your skin. People with cold urticaria should avoid exposure to cold air or water as much as possible. (Source: Mayo Clinic, This completely agrees with everything you have said, and thus proves your cold allergy.
Avatar n tn Hi, From what you describe you seem to be having cold urticaria or cold hives. Are you allergic to any specific food substances or do you have allergic reactions otherwise? You should consult your doctor for a confirmed diagnosis and a proper clinical evaluation. You should try and avoid exposure to cold and also antihistamine or antiallergic medications would definitely help you. The cold allergies are known to last for variable periods of time in different individuals.
Avatar n tn No one can figure out what it is. I have taken everything from Benadryl, Xyzal, Zrytec, Singulair, Claritin, and Hydroxyzine. Nothing has worked. They have done blood work for lupus and many other blood tests. All came back negative. They have started taking me off one drug at a time, now I am only on Xyzal, Singulair and 2 Hydroxyzine HCL 25 daily. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could do or suggest what my doctor may need to test for. The only known allergy I have is fish.
Avatar f tn There is uncertainty in the disappearance of the urticaria. Some studies stated that if urticaria stays for more than 6 months there are 40% chances that it may persist for period of 10 years. In some cases it can disappear in a short period. I suggest you to consult a allergy specialist. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn But, it mostly happens when its extremely cold, windy and specially in sun. My exposed skin turns red, my lips are swollen with allergy and its itchy everywhere. I underwent an allergy test and the dermatologist told that my body has atypical response to common allergens like dust mites and pollen. I am still not satisfied , as i think its mainly due to sun. But what is it? I apply aquaphor to heal the redness and itching. Is there any way i can avoid this? Do i have sun allergy?
Avatar n tn m just looking for advice and to see if anyone else is going through what i am. I was Diagnosed with chronic Cholinergic Urticaria. I cant exercise, i cant even go outside in the winter, i break out in hives every single day and every time i do, my throat gets real scratchy, and really gets be scared. On top of that i'm also highly allergic to dust, molds, pollen, dander, and almost every other airborne allergens. So when i dont get hives from CU, i get them from the airborne allergens.
Avatar f tn They are still kind of itchy, burn, and hurt. I went to the doctor he gave me some pills called xyzal. He told me to take one a day but i been taking them for two days and i feel a little better and some has gone away but my hands and feet got very swollen and hurtful. i dont know what it is and its scaring me because I've never been the type of person that has allergic reactions?
Avatar f tn Doctor recommended XYZAL. But I went to Pharmacy and the price is HUGE. Pharmacist said that Claranix and ZERTEC are in the same family. I got a shot of dermacort (Prednisone) today and bought Claranix . Waiting for allergy Doc. appointment. Last time I went to allergist, I succumbed to getting allergy drops (like shots, only drops under the tongue). I did that for 2 years. Didn't help. Didn't help stress, heat, chemicals, etc.
Avatar f tn I know the names cold urticaria and cold sore are similar by coincidence and that the cold sores could have originally been caused by the stress of the sudden cold urticaria, but is there any other possible connections between cold sores and cold urticaria or something that could cause both of these? Thank you!
Avatar n tn I've been on Xyzal tablets for 5 years. was given these tablets because I suffered from itchy and runny nose. when I do not take the tablet for more than a day i experience itchiness all over my body especially on the arms and legs. please can you advise whether this is a withdrawal symptom?
Avatar m tn Hi. I have hives(urticaria) almost everyday for 12 weeks or so. I've seen 2 dermatologists. I've been on xyzal,doxepine and hydroxyzine with little or any real benefit. The hives are red and itch. They come and go. Other than that I have no other problems. My doc said they usually never find a reason and most go away over time. No blood tests ordered. Anyone have any suggestions? It's annoying.
Avatar f tn 22wks and 5 days preggo and i have a cold is there anything i can take ladies?? Thanks..
1653132 tn?1301852306 Hello, Chronic urticaria is defined as urticaria that persists for longer than 6 weeks. In most of the cases of chronic urticaria, the underlying pathology is idiopathic i.e. it is not linked to any cause. It is essential to rule out the presence of serious illnesses of which recurring hives can be a symptom. Examples are hepatitis, hyperthyroidism, lymphomas, collagen vascular diseases etc. The most potent antihistamine for urticaria is probably the anti-depressant doxepin.
Avatar n tn Or could this be a food allergy? I take a wonderful antihistamine called xyzal. It works really well but when it wears off I'm in trouble. I'm getting an allergy test soon but have to be off the antihistamine for 5 days and I'm scared about that. I get so uncomfortable. Has anyone out there ever experienced this similiar problem?
Avatar n tn Got bumped up to a cream called Flucinonide. It works better than the Triamcinolone for sure, but still only about 6-8 hours and I have to re-apply. However, the spots that were getting bigger have disappeard, but im sure that the intensity of the itch has increased greatly, because when the Flucinonide wears off, its INTENSE and fast! Also, started waking up at the same exact time each morning itching primarily my inner thighs (which have always been the worst), and the back of my ankles.
Avatar n tn // Cholinergic Urticaria can be from an increase to your body temp, or a nervous system stimuli - There is also something called thermal allodynia, which is pain from mild temp changes. Have you seen a doctor about it?
Avatar f tn For the past couple of months I've noted my finger and feet are always cold. Lately, I've noticed that when it gets really bad (when they're very cold) I develop hives on my ankles. I have cold urticaria, which is an allergy to the cold, but i'm pretty sure it's only external stimuli, not internal. Could this be a blood circulation problem or something else? Thank you.
Avatar n tn Hello, These symptoms can be due to cold urticaria. Diagnosis can be made by an ice-cube test. Place an ice cube on your forearm for 4 minutes and observe the area for 10 minutes afterwards. If you have cold urticaria, the area will become itchy and then swell approximately 2 minutes after removing the ice cube. Treatment is avoiding exposure to cold stimuli, including swimming or bathing in cold water. You can take antihistaminics like zyrtec or tegamet.
Avatar f tn But the past few days, some hives have started to come back. I have been taking benadryl along with the xyzal as needed. I was wondering if I could take 2 xyzal a day instead o 1. The only other medication that I am on is ortho cyclin birth control. Would I be okay if I took a 5 mg of xyzal early in the morning and then another in the late afternoon? Thanks in advance!
Avatar n tn For the past year, I have been suffering from Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria. At first, the hives were quite sporadic, occurring once or twice a month, but since December 09, they've been occurring daily. They appear at different areas on my body (including my palms), but rarely on my face, and usually last 2-3 hours. I've been tested for allergies, both food and environmental, and the only positives were certain molds, trees, and grasses.
Avatar m tn There is a thing called cold urticaria, as well as heat urticaria. Some people get hives in response to too much heat or too much cold, or sometimes other triggers (my grandfather apparently gets it from water--my grandmother jokes he's the only boy allergic to soap and water). I don't think it's at all dangerous, just annoying, and the only thing I know of to do is avoid the trigger.